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littlewriterr Oct 2020
i’m the woman who enjoys intellectual, philosophical debates, discussions with likeminded people
the one who sits in a corner doing nothing except reading
i’m the woman who finds old things
who collects them
who thrives in them
the colour of my soul
i’m the woman who carries tea bags around, in every bag
who laughs when her friend says, “people would expect condoms”
i’m the woman who has a bucket full of advice, strong opinions, hard truths
i’m the woman who smiles warmly with a slight frown when she’s called an old woman
a granny
i own it though
wear it like a crown

i am also a girl who gets frenzied at the sight of skittles
the one who hypes her friends on the dance floor
i’m the girl filled with mischievous ideas
adventure dancing in my skin
the colour of my heart
my best qualities

i am the woman
i am the girl
who’s been called ****** so many times
it has become my middle name
i own it
my best quality
i wear it like a crown

— The End —