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Mar 2012
Dreams are something we know if you remember them they stick.
They stick to you like a sent would in your nose for a while one that’s not all that enjoyable or pleasant.
Similar to nail polish remover or bleach.
its powerful and lingers there leaving its stain on you for a while eventually to wear off.

What we see in our sleep is eventually brought back to us.
There are some things trigger it during the day,
words someone around you might say or an action,
someone your noticing but not really seeing does.

I make sense to myself;
although you might now start understand the way I portray the stuff that goes through my mind.
Give it a chance though usually most things are amusing;
others are extremely degrading or make me feel fragile and delicate.
Either way though.

I’m me, Your you, Were different.
bethany boy
Written by
bethany boy
   Little Wing
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