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Jul 2013
Take me to where the streets have no name, darling. Take me away, from tears, from joy, from hell, from being under raised. Take me away, take me away. Take me very far away.
You might even go until you find someone else. You might even go until you find yourself. It's the trip that's important, not the fault of being away. It's the trip that make you stay, it's the trip that make you who you are today.
You might wanna tell the world what problem's you noticed around. You might wanna tell me what I'm supposed to to while you're gone.

This is just jibbish, this is stupid, this is futile.
This is not good at all.
This is just frank and ernie on a trip to dubai.
This is kent and barbie together in a vault.
This is dragons and donkeys making babies in the dark.
This is drinks and cigarettes proposing to girls.
This is the moon and the sun forgetting the world.
This is life, this is death, this is all that we are.
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