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Lilly Bug Sep 2011
It's like stepping up to a golf ball.  A white glove grips my left hand and an 8 iron dangles in my right. I slowly ***** my tee into the moist ground. I place the white ball upon it. I think of the possibilities of what could go wrong when I strike the ball. I aim. I breathe. I think: back straight, arm straight, mind straight. I exhale. I swing. Then watch and wait, like hearing that sharp drone and waiting for the flat line to waver so I don't have to say, "I'm sorry, but there were complications."
Lilly Bug Sep 2011
A loaf alone is a tray of possibilities,
Yeast rises into form,
And then into slices.
An end piece would suffice,
But it is only one-sided.
So I choose a slice from the center.
I feel the spongy pores
within a soft yet formed crust.
I drop it,
And it cuts through the air,
Landing in the slot, surrounded
By coils about to fire.
I adjust the dial,
And lower the lever
Until it sticks.
The spread is ready,
But I am not... tick ching.
The lever races up and locks back,
And for a moment
golden brown perfection
Is suspended in the air.
Lilly Bug May 2011
I wish you were here on this park bench
Together listening to stuttering bird beaks clench
Hand in hand our feelings spawning
Together we’ll sit as the night is dawning

A smile that steals a million hearts
Stole mine from the very start
That one kiss causes me to wonder
thinking back to the night our hearts made thunder

Was it real or just a flinch
Please someone give me a pinch
Your beauty takes my breath away
Please come back and stay a day

Pull me to you and press your lips
Against my back are your finger tips
You search for luck in four leaf clovers
I now do the same as hopeless banter

Abrupt it was but now I must wait
I anxiously plan out your visiting date
Where to go and what to say
Forget me not while you’re away
Lilly Bug May 2011
In reverie you sit so quiet so eloquent
I ponder in silence but am so hesitant

Ink flows freely easily creating
I look over your shoulder quietly debating

Whether to ask you for explanation
Wishing only to smile and give exultation

Young Sir Elliot has taken throne
But to so many he remains unknown

I've seen your passion and your desire
And with your smile they'll take you higher

Until then stay calm and soft spoken
For tranquility is the golden token
Lilly Bug Apr 2011
Ever lost your heart
In a boundless world
Free from havoc
Free to fly
Unshackled by awe
Lost to the endless
Perpetual mysticism
Free from glaring gazes
And ruffled brows
Contained yet unaware
In what is deemed love
Lilly Bug Mar 2011
I wish that I could fly away
From cloud to cloud to a new day
Forget the world and never fall
But if I do, to you I’ll crawl

It’s you I wish the world could see
Eyes opening to sweet harmony
Hate and anger soon would fall
Love and peace would conquer all

Blue and handsome are your eyes
I never worry you speak no lies
All hear truth in your voice
I am with you and it’s my choice

If you should ever need a break
I’ll take you to the sacred lake
It’s there you’ll see the beauty I see
We’ll sit and ponder sweet destiny  

Look to see what the future holds
You build a nightmare and it unfolds
You were my rock and my foundation
But all I want now is retaliation
Lilly Bug Mar 2011
I am sad that I am always alone.
Please God, won’t you throw me a bone.
I always smile and wave to those I know,
but inside, my heart is going cold like snow.

I am trying being me, doing what I was always told.
You always say, don’t give up yourself. Be bold.
Now I am bold with a smile that brightens any day,
But all I want is for you to remold my heart like clay.

God, help me to walk and be like you.
Send me a sign and that’s what I'll do.
Let me use my gifts, and my smile,
to walk along your road for hundreds of miles.
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