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Sep 2011 · 2.8k
Lilly Bug Sep 2011
It's like stepping up to a golf ball.  A white glove grips my left hand and an 8 iron dangles in my right. I slowly ***** my tee into the moist ground. I place the white ball upon it. I think of the possibilities of what could go wrong when I strike the ball. I aim. I breathe. I think: back straight, arm straight, mind straight. I exhale. I swing. Then watch and wait, like hearing that sharp drone and waiting for the flat line to waver so I don't have to say, "I'm sorry, but there were complications."
Sep 2011 · 1.1k
Grains of Gold
Lilly Bug Sep 2011
A loaf alone is a tray of possibilities,
Yeast rises into form,
And then into slices.
An end piece would suffice,
But it is only one-sided.
So I choose a slice from the center.
I feel the spongy pores
within a soft yet formed crust.
I drop it,
And it cuts through the air,
Landing in the slot, surrounded
By coils about to fire.
I adjust the dial,
And lower the lever
Until it sticks.
The spread is ready,
But I am not... tick ching.
The lever races up and locks back,
And for a moment
golden brown perfection
Is suspended in the air.
May 2011 · 2.4k
Forget Me Not
Lilly Bug May 2011
I wish you were here on this park bench
Together listening to stuttering bird beaks clench
Hand in hand our feelings spawning
Together we’ll sit as the night is dawning

A smile that steals a million hearts
Stole mine from the very start
That one kiss causes me to wonder
thinking back to the night our hearts made thunder

Was it real or just a flinch
Please someone give me a pinch
Your beauty takes my breath away
Please come back and stay a day

Pull me to you and press your lips
Against my back are your finger tips
You search for luck in four leaf clovers
I now do the same as hopeless banter

Abrupt it was but now I must wait
I anxiously plan out your visiting date
Where to go and what to say
Forget me not while you’re away
May 2011 · 578
Sir Elliot
Lilly Bug May 2011
In reverie you sit so quiet so eloquent
I ponder in silence but am so hesitant

Ink flows freely easily creating
I look over your shoulder quietly debating

Whether to ask you for explanation
Wishing only to smile and give exultation

Young Sir Elliot has taken throne
But to so many he remains unknown

I've seen your passion and your desire
And with your smile they'll take you higher

Until then stay calm and soft spoken
For tranquility is the golden token
Apr 2011 · 791
Lilly Bug Apr 2011
Ever lost your heart
In a boundless world
Free from havoc
Free to fly
Unshackled by awe
Lost to the endless
Perpetual mysticism
Free from glaring gazes
And ruffled brows
Contained yet unaware
In what is deemed love
Mar 2011 · 661
A Lovely Destiny
Lilly Bug Mar 2011
I wish that I could fly away
From cloud to cloud to a new day
Forget the world and never fall
But if I do, to you I’ll crawl

It’s you I wish the world could see
Eyes opening to sweet harmony
Hate and anger soon would fall
Love and peace would conquer all

Blue and handsome are your eyes
I never worry you speak no lies
All hear truth in your voice
I am with you and it’s my choice

If you should ever need a break
I’ll take you to the sacred lake
It’s there you’ll see the beauty I see
We’ll sit and ponder sweet destiny  

Look to see what the future holds
You build a nightmare and it unfolds
You were my rock and my foundation
But all I want now is retaliation
Mar 2011 · 949
Hey God
Lilly Bug Mar 2011
I am sad that I am always alone.
Please God, won’t you throw me a bone.
I always smile and wave to those I know,
but inside, my heart is going cold like snow.

I am trying being me, doing what I was always told.
You always say, don’t give up yourself. Be bold.
Now I am bold with a smile that brightens any day,
But all I want is for you to remold my heart like clay.

God, help me to walk and be like you.
Send me a sign and that’s what I'll do.
Let me use my gifts, and my smile,
to walk along your road for hundreds of miles.
Mar 2011 · 728
Lilly Bug Mar 2011
Humans manipulate
And in turn destroy ruin dictate.
In the name of progression
All is lost to simple regression.
Lilly Bug Feb 2011
Dear Andy, Thank you and Goodbye.


A deep tiresome passion has been building up inside me,
And it’s been two months and six days since I last saw you.
At the beach is where I’ll find you and is where I soon will be.
We’ll see each other and I’ll recover because you’ll be next to me.

Soft and smooth are your curly brown locks,
And sweet and luscious are your round small lips.
The scent of you with all your letters in my little green box,
Now I see your green eyes and feel your warm finger tips.

Slow and seductive are the long whispers I keep,
And it’s your voice I hear daily with little hope.
In my dreams is where I’ll find you as I fall into sleep,
And in the sunset we do paddle in the swan love boat.


The sand is in between the keyboard keys and caked onto my knees,
With a glass of wine at ten thirty in the morning I sit only broken hearted
A night together on the beach I had planned for two months, but you lied to me
All a lie, you scammed me how could I have been out smarted.

Lying together all day, and drinking late into night,
Only to crawl to the twin bed in the early hours of the morning.
You’d caress me as I sleep and hold me until awoken by sunlight.
Soon you must leave to go home, but I will visit soon and bring you loving.

Two months have passed and most days we’ve spoken,
But it seems now another girl found her way into the picture.
Without a word you have lured me here only to leave me broken.
You praise her and I watch just like a permanent wall fixture.

Thanks for the lies, and all the wasted time.
This is the end of the all the extra feelings.
My life is taking a rapid U-turn without you in line.
Please enjoy her company while I stand here dying.  


Sofi Lilly
Feb 2011 · 630
Endless Quest
Lilly Bug Feb 2011
I am alive
Breathing, blinking, being
I am a force that moves
Bringing with me light and peace
Setting things back into a perpetual groove
Eternally flourishing and green
Living, being, alive
An endless splendor is our home
Wilderness--Oh, the beauty in the sweet unknown
I will go out in a search
For I am alive
Who knows what I'll find
out in the wilderness
out in the great beyond
Feb 2011 · 508
With Four Pints
Lilly Bug Feb 2011
I can’t see.
My eyes are drying out.
My heart is torn, without a doubt,
From the pain you’ve caused me.

Ripped to shreds
Like my book of dreams
Burnt in flames of dread
My heart is fraying at the seems

In my sea of raging tears
I scream into my goose down pillow
Now it’s time for a few more beers
Four more pints and I won’t weep like a willow
Feb 2011 · 584
No Longer Human
Lilly Bug Feb 2011
What is this?
Enclosed, surrounded, but not trapped
in this valley
unaware of the beauty
that surrounds us.

What is this?
Changing, destroying, and killing
the natural world,
the only real living world
that surrounds us.

This is what we have become:
careless, destructive, and un-natural.

What is this?
Damaged, demolished, but not created
are these mountains;
everything we touch
is now vile.

Who are we?
Look at the problems.
What are we?

No, we are monsters.
Monster wrecking the only
real and beautiful things
left in this world.
we are monsters.

What we have become
is no longer human.
Feb 2011 · 541
Sun Love
Lilly Bug Feb 2011
I ride on my side of the street
Speeding by as fast as my legs will take me
Trying to get out of this big dark place
This place called civilization

I run on my path as fast as I can
The path of life, it seems so fast
I slow down, and my heart skips a beat
For it was you across the street

Life with you in it, oh phenomenal
Not riding and running at top speed
Living and not sprinting through life
You are the reason for the happiness

As the clouds return
Your warmth disappears
The days become cold
The wait begins again
For the season of the sun
Will soon be back again
Feb 2011 · 423
But a Memory
Lilly Bug Feb 2011
I don’t say sorry,
regret isn’t real.
You make me feel alive
I’m not sorry for how I feel.

Like boiling water the heat was rising.
Intertwined, engrossed, and alive
That moment our lips touched,
I wouldn’t have thought it was good bye.

Now I see you and break apart.
Until forever you will be so far.
But think of me and smile,
save all regrets till your millionth mile.

Don’t regret it
Let the memory live
Don’t say sorry
You can’t take what you give.
Lilly Bug Feb 2011
All I can think about
Is the rumbling.
The alarming roars
Warning me of
What is coming.

A zebra would be
wonderfully delicious
baked, roasted, or barbequed.
The savory smells stimulate salivation,
I can hardly stomach this frustration.

The roars are overtaking
my thoughts. The growling
will not stop. I try to comfort
my beast with a soft caress,
soothingly rubbing my abdomen.

Hungrily I look up and see it,
The feast of feasts.
Along the path on which I walk a Clydesdale treads along.
Tall, hefty, and robust.
My poor stomach is full of lust.

Yes, a horse is what I want.
No, a horse is what I need.
My stomach is shriveling
as we speak, but have no fear
for tonight I’ll dine as king.  

Pepper stuffed hooves
And a pickled horse eye,
oh what a fine delight.
My stomach seemed so empty,
but now you see horse is such a fine delicacy.
Feb 2011 · 1.1k
Splish, splash, flush
Lilly Bug Feb 2011
Fly like a bird and sting like a bee.
I find it glorious to sit and ***.
Joy is in me soon you’ll see.
Why is it that I love to ***?
Rushing, roaring, as I release
the trickling sounds just bring me peace.
The john on which I rest my ****
stands tall, white, and strong.
By the time the flow has gone
the peaceful trickle will have greened the lawn.
Now you see how free it is too ***,
but don’t forget about ***’s friend poo.
The yellow Niagara that from me
once flowed has run dry,
but soon enough I will be out of this rut,
with a gift for John from my moon white ****.
Feb 2011 · 676
A Breath of Fresh Air
Lilly Bug Feb 2011
My eyes are opened
I can see this strange new place
A world of thoughts, dreams, and scenes
Scenes of my existence
Beauty shocks me
My electrified heart has reopened
I don’t know if what I feel is real
Tragic grips of longing, mourning, and yearning
Are silenced and at ease
Jolts of colors, sounds, and beauty
Jolts that have healed my soul
I feel no pain, no pain, no pain
My yin has found her yang
My soul has been refilled.
Feb 2011 · 409
She Will
Lilly Bug Feb 2011
It is that time of day
Light is falling behind the horizon
The moon is dawning to see her love.
His eyes are gleaming green the moonlight.
She looks at him while they dance away the night.
Dancing in the cosmos.

But nothing ever lasts; the door will always close
She can never stay, she must always go,
Her eyes carry tears
Her sadness overwhelms her
But she must always go

The starry sky is vanishing away once more
The sky is filled with sun’s light.
While hidden in the light of day
She sees him all alone
turning towards the darkness.

She knows he wants her,
But she can’t ever stay.
When the darkness reigns
He will see her rise again
But when the sunlight comes
again she will go away.

She can never stay, she must always go,
Her eyes, they carry tears,
Her sadness overwhelms her.
She must always go
She can never stay
She will always go.
Feb 2011 · 735
The Day
Lilly Bug Feb 2011
Let the bird sing
The natural world is awakening
In the morning light

Things are ever changing
No one knows where to stop

Let the earth be
The frost is cold on the ground
In the morning light

Things are ever changing
No one knows where to stop

Let the crickets chirp
The night is young
In the moon light

All to start again
In the morning

— The End —