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 Oct 2012 Lilith Charles
Pen Lux
forced to wake up
do things for others that I don't want to
not obliged to, feel condemned to.
another persons mistake and I'm pushed to my knees
with a hand slapping at my face trying to get me to eat
out of the other one:
dog food.

of course I can always leave
not that the important ones will chase after me
they'll lay on rooftops to get closer to the stars
enjoy the silence,
the freedom, they had not to shake themselves
it's not an earthquake of a morning
it's slower than a sunrise
perhaps no sleep has been.
night's enchantment has caressed you
ideas curl around your restless mind,
eyes piercing morning's pallet
with all it has to bare before it's been sought out by others.

I am
lost in thought
a parallel universe of myself
this is where beautiful thoughts bury themselves
so as to later reveal what I need
to say or to do next
I am

a force
grows stronger when impatient
insistent and intrusive
my love
my love
my love
my love reaches to the tips of your fingers
which scream for embrace
and release.
you want to write
you write
I want to read
I read
no such thing!
procrastination has the gravitational force of an addiction
I'm breeding consequence through my actions
focused on expression
feeling, it's all I can
empathy shocks me
until the lightning rays melt my heart
and my mind becomes somewhat of a battle ground for healing
one hole repaired is another dug
a filling is digested to a semi-satisfactory state
a poison is a temporary cure
continue to feed me
the poison
I'd rather feast on my own self
than grovel for what
evil offers.

my love is blind
my love is torture
my love is peace
if I let it be
my love is curious
my love is hiding
my love is wishful
my love is you
my love is the moon
my love is wondering
and wonderful
wants attention.
I want to give my love

my love is loved.
take it,
you can keep it for as long as you want.

— The End —