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Jasmin Apr 28
I'm comparing everyone with you,
I'm trying to find similarities in them
just to be able to feel again,
but not just anything,
I want that kind of love I felt while I was with you.

It almost feels like, no one is ever gonna be good enough
or even able to get near enough to touch the wall around my heart.

maybe you were my one true love,
the kind I will never find again.
Jasmin Apr 12
someone attached to me
not leaving my side
might sound creepy as hell but...
knowing you are always there is kind of

even if I'm not able to see you all the time,
the knowing of you sticking by my side no matter what?
it gives me power and strength
and with that...
I can fully be myself
Jasmin Mar 11
she taught me that a women should be beautiful,
to look beautiful you should look like her...

I never did..

now it's done, I can't see,
I can't see the beauty of me.
Jasmin Mar 2
be strong they say,
it'll always turn out right they say,
but I'm never good enough..
I'm trying so hard
so so hard
but why?
It's never just never ******* good enough.

maybe it is time to just give up
Jasmin Feb 2
freckles on that beautiful smiling face,
the sunlight gently touching your face,
a field full of sunflowers.

a total cliche, right?

...but somehow I'm finally able to understand that vision.
Jasmin Jan 9
that stupid smile I always have on,
the urge to bite on my lip,
the heat rising to my face,
my, who thought I could look so obviously in love.
Jasmin Jan 7
you said you didn't see it,
you said you didn't mean it,
but you left me,
knowing any word from you would heal me.

saying you were a coward back then,
saying you are a better man now,
but I'm done.

cause I will never forget 'back then',
I will never be able to forget that pain,
yeah that pain..
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