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Libby Sep 2023
we slept it off
waited two more days
needed the bed to myself
but now we play

how did you know
where to go
when we hardly ever
talked about this

my hands trace your skin
can i feel every inch?
Libby Apr 2020
I am here
In a dimly lit room
Playing pool with you

I am followed
By a past so dark
My pupils overflow

I know you see it
You set up camp in my chest
And turned the light on

I allow a smile
To creep from my mouth
As you gaze at my lips

I don’t care
For the struggles ahead
The nights I felt inferior

I am here right now
Touching your skin
To keep warm

And you have started
This fire in me
Everyone else put out
Libby Jun 2019
I fall so hard each time
and wonder why there are scars
on my kneecaps

Back in the day
light as a feather meant so much more
than it does now

Light as a feather
but riddled with two little weights that
unapologetically hang from my shoulders

Light as a feather
but watching another fall just a little bit
faster into the small of your palm

Light as a feather
but stiff as a board

Watching your pupils dilate
the way I’ve been dying to
Libby Jun 2019
She’s a cup of tea
and I’m a dash of coffee creamer

Both good,
but maybe not together

There’s something out there
that will complement us better
Libby May 2019
begin again
look for the lipstick
look for the cuffed sleeves
look for my sanity

fall back
missing you comes in waves
i can’t tell exactly when it
first knocked me off my feet

a familiar pain

it’s okay if you’ve got nothing to say
cause i said what i needed to
it’s okay if you run away
cause i know where to find you
Libby Sep 2018
Listen to her heartbeat
when you’re sitting, talking slow

Pay attention to how her lips feel
when they’re sliding down your throat

Watch her make you breakfast
she’s saying, “You have to eat before you go”
Libby Feb 2018
Another night for the books
stumbling down an empty street
at midnight with our hands around each other

Your eyes did the thing
where they’re traveling to my mouth
instead of listening

Crossing state lines
saying goodbye as the bridge
is burning in the rearview

Forever, we screamed
I remember as I grabbed the poison
from your fingers and took a hit
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