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Lexi Schwartz Sep 2012
you trace shapes across my skin;
shoulder blades of canvas,
          the small of my back your Starry Night--

oh yes, I overheard that
          perfect stars burn.
but it might be alright,
getting singed.
Lexi Schwartz Sep 2012
last night you let me dream you up,
and you looked me in my
black hole eyes.

with no shake in your voice,
and a sweet shake in your lips, you whispered
in the way you do:

"Let's spend all our money
on tattoos that look like

(we did)
Lexi Schwartz Aug 2012
in one blink I see--
the way you look in yellow,
the lids of your eyes.
Lexi Schwartz Aug 2012
you only snore the
first half hour after you're
asleep. I love you.
Lexi Schwartz Aug 2012
If I could stop the
stars from shooting, perhaps you
wouldn't bleed for them.
Lexi Schwartz Aug 2012
you earned your sadness,
but if only for tonight,
we live joyously.
Lexi Schwartz Aug 2012
the last drive away:
I never did mean to leave,
but I won't come back.
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