Lestatmalfoy Sep 2012
Oh sweet, sweet coffee,
the gentle nectar of life and beauty.
Sonnets should be written in your name,
though if I were to pen them
I would need a couple more cups of you.
Lestatmalfoy Sep 2012
I just want to know you're there
To know your skin is still in sight
The way you rest your head in hand
and the way you smile goodnight

I need to see you happy
To breathe and know you're gone
The morning brings your droopy eyes
and I know you're not alone

You speak in riddles and secret grins
Your hair is just a mess
I see you in my dreams some nights
Though I hope for nothing less

Our whispered words have faded
Wounds all healed to scars
Though my life is just a little better
for once knowing everything was ours
Lestatmalfoy Sep 2012
Too much whiskey makes me miss you
and I’m trying to forget you,
but the way you look is tearing me apart.

This empty house is all I’m facing
and the drinks won’t keep me waiting,
but I miss you when the day is getting dark
Your love was never mine to borrow
and I’m sinking in my sorrows
I love you when the glass is in my hand

Too much whiskey makes me miss you
and I’m trying to forget you
but the way you left is tearing me apart
My only friends are in these bottles
and I’m not thinkin’ ‘bout tomorrow
cause too much whiskey keeps your memory alive

This broken life is all I’m facing
and the tears won’t be wasted
but I miss you while I’m alone in bed
Your time was never mine to borrow
and I’m drowning in my sorrows
I love you when the whiskey’s on my breath

Too much whiskey makes me miss you
and I’m trying to forget you
but this emptiness is tearing me apart
And now I’m too drunk to stand
but the phone is in my hand
It’s time to make a call that I will regret

Too much whiskey makes me miss you
and in the morning I’ll forget you
So why are you still tearing me apart?
a song I wrote for my cousin's country band.
Lestatmalfoy Aug 2011
Turn it off,
the lies you weave
You've become the bot,
who spits out streams
Consciousness is not with me
Turn off this narrative
and let me be
Lestatmalfoy Jul 2011
My little box of empty dreams is filling up too fast
The more I put away for later
the less this feeling lasts

My story is but naught at all
from the world so swift
I collapse into the fall
searching for that upper-lift

I wish I knew the color-scheme for a tale of gold
You think the answer wouldn’t be
quite so very bold

My eye will twitch as I swallow down
the pills that stifle me
I don’t make a sound
but I’ve yet to be let free
Lestatmalfoy Jul 2011
******* make me cry
I feel dead inside

Nothing can touch me or make me shine
The light blows out before my cry
The buzz of pleasure only lasts so long
to leave me wanting that haunted warmth

The build up reminds me
of the days I used to sneeze
The excitement more amusing
than that final release

The first was still the best
none can match it's height
I'm left with shortened bursts
that don't last nearly all night

I'll rock my hips and shudder still
but tears will pour down
as I lift my head to yell
Your name on my lips
yet there's no one around

My lonely bought of endless searching
is led by my thrusts and nervous laughing
And ends when I crash the shoreline
to finally die
that little death
each ****** promises
Lestatmalfoy Jul 2011
Chug in and wash it down
Don't choke
Just get it right

He'll only love you
if you're a bird

Don't let him down
You need to get ahead
of all the other swallows
perched atop his bed
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