As I saw the blood leave my body
It reminded me of you.
You slowly sucked the life out of me too.

I look forward to wonderful journeys

Writers write (duh)
There is verbal form of any language and a physical form of any language, and writing is the physical form of any given language.
And in some ways, writing is extremely beneficial to society. It expands vocabulary and ability to process things, it makes a better form of passing on things and keeping things as permanent as possible.
But, sometimes, writing is horrible, and even language in and of itself can horrible at times.
When one loves another, words, eventually, don't suffice to describe the overwhelming flood of emotion you have towards the other person.
In this age of technology and talking over it, texting or calling or face-calling, words sometimes do not suffice, those three words said all the time, over and over again.
Sometimes it’s a deep, passionate kiss on the lips. Sometimes a small peck to the tip of one’s nose. Sometimes a slow, gentle kiss to a forehead. Sometimes a small squeeze of the arms when cuddling. Sometimes a nuzzle to a neck or cheek.
To truly be a writer, one must submit to the fact that there can simply be no words. And it’s okay, it’s fine to not have the right words sometimes.
If anything, it can make your writing a little better.
So, go for it. Be wordless. Be in awe and blown away.
Be a ponderer. Because, in the end, that’s what all us writers are.
Ponderers, who attempt to describe their observances.

The world is not divided between good and evil
The world is full of good people who do bad things and bad people who do good things
The officer who sells drugs and murders people under the power of his badge
The criminal who has a family of four back home and does his hardest to provide for his wife and children
But the world isn't divided between power and those too weak to seek it.
There are those who seek power who shouldn’t be in power
And there are those who should be in power but wouldn't seek it
So what does divide the world?
I'm not sure either…
What if there is no division?
What if it’s just blending?
I swear, those Taoists were up to something with that yin and yang symbol, the taijitu…

We are not curious about what lies in the light
For it is clearly seen.
We are curious about what lurks in the darkness
For it is unknown.

I don't really believe in the concept and ideas of soul mates anymore.
I suppose I'm not entirely sure when I stopped believing in it, but I just did at some point or another. I just don't think there are two people made perfectly for each other the instant they meet each other, or beforehand.
No, I think it’s that you’re made to be made for each other.
Humans, as created, were created to be able to rub off on each other. That’s how we adapt to different situations in our lives and all. It’s the same reason that you can become such a different person over years of time, because other people and ideas and such rub off on you.
And that’s where I think soulmates come from.
The two of you don't start out as soulmates, but y’all become soulmates. You're made to be made for each other, since humans rub off on humans. After spending so much time with them, y’all seem, like, perfect together, but at first it can be so awkward, can't it? It was sure was with us, at first.
And now, I’m more comfortable with you than I am with my own self.
I was made to be made for her, and she was made to be made for me.
And now we’re at the stage where we’re made for each other.
She wasn't my other half until she became my other half.

Time flies.
And yet, I am walking.

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