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Today I told your story,
In all of it's glory,
And great awe,
the listener, did find.

We had started talking,
And then we began walking,
So I asked her then
if she would mind.

If I told her a story,
That was a little gory,
But nonetheless a story,
of mine.

She said go ahead,
That's fine.
Try me now,

So that's when I told her,
Of when I wasn't older,
Of when I met a girl oh so blue.

Yeah she was bad one,
A sweet little mad one,
Yeah that girl, was you.

I told her of the play,
On the very first day,
That kiss in the dark,
The quick sneaking away,

Everything down to
the looking away,
When I watched you go,
On the very last day.

When we said goodbye,
To all of the lies,
When we carried on,
Our own separate lives.
Each time it gets better,
Only to get worse,
Each time I write a letter,
It's like I seal a curse

But I'm still here.
Somehow I'm still breathing.
But somewhere on the way.
My heart stopped beating.

Now I don't know what it is,
I feel in my chest,
But if you can't handle my worst,
Why should you get my best?

You put a silence to my vibrance,
A stop in my groove,
Squeezed out all the color,
And dimmed my mood.

I wanted a little help.
Something to get by,
It's kinda hard to do,
When you can't get high

High enough to contain,
All the rage and the pain,
It's never seemed to matter,
But I'll try and explain

I want a little warmth,
Something not cold,
Maybe something real,
True, strong, and bold.

You could show me a world,
That I have never seen,
A seldom experience,
Far and inbetween

Take me to a place,
Where I'm not all wrong.
Where I can just sit,
And sing you my song

Free of any judgement,
Away from prying ears.
I'll tell you all my secrets,
And each of my fears.

And you can wipe away,
All these old tears,
Scrape off the rust,
From these past years,

You're always so close,
But yet so far.
I always wanna tell you,
When we're in the car.

But I never do,
I just keep moving.
I wish you the best,
whatever your doing.

It's not your fault,
That you touched my heart.
You had no idea,
What three words could start.
This one means a lot.
I'm feeling kinda hollow,
It's a little hard to swallow.
Still Im in the lead,
So everybody follows.

Hate it all you want though,
There's no time to wallow.  
tell me what you need,
You just found that ****,

I don't even buy blow.
I just ****** snort it,
Gatta cop it from the *****,
That always seem to hoard it.
know they can't afford it.
I Wonder how they scored it.
Then I took four hits,
Got drunk and stole a forklift.
I don't give a horse ****.
I just want some more ****.

Got weird for a
few days,
Brain fried till my
eyes glazed
Smoked a little
more haze,
Screamed **** the pigs ,
Got tazed
strapped on my rollerblades,
And streaked out,
the VMA's

I don't give a ****,
Like a ******* Atheist
don't believe in luck,
Call me the ******* catalyst.
Some of my favorite ****. It's fun to go out of the box.
Every day,
I get the notion,
To drink myself,
A poison potion.

So if you see,
I'm doing well.
Know it won't be long,
Till I'm in hell.

And if you have,
Nothing good to say,
Then why don't you,
Just go away?
Oh Lately,
I've been blatently.
Holding on quite patiently,
Waiting so complacently,
Sitting just adjacently,
Smiling back at you.

I can't figure out,
Just what to do.
I don't know how
I can to say to you,

That I wish for you,
To come my way,
And if you do,
I bet you'll stay,

Because you're a girl,
Who loves her play,
And that's my life,
Almost every day

An adventure is,
Just a word away,
I can show you how,
If you can say,


Then together
we could forget about,
I'm more
strung out on pictures,
Than she's ever been,
And she's the one
shooting up,

So I'm not surprised,
I can't let you in.

Yeah, I think this is fine.
I don't want to,
Call you mine.

Still In my eyes,
You can do no wrong.
And for every smile,
I could write a song.

Then when you fell asleep,
Right in my arms,
It was like the world,
Could do us no harm.


It was all a dream,
For a little while,
I just hope you know,
That It made me,

The Telievision
Tells you things,
Lets you know,
Just what to think.

You can never stare too long,
The news tells you
what's right from wrong.

Go on out and,
buy these things,
diet pills will,
Make you shrink

You've got life,
made up all wrong,
Just compare it
to the songs.  

Your life isn't MTV,
So you must try,
And be just like me.
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