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Paige James Mar 2013
Hope swallowed after your words,
Splashing around in the ocean,
Light barely found in a few drops,
Extinguished by your water.
Each drop received is another lost,
None survive with each new thought,
Light again diminishes,
When A wave comes crashing down.
The sand will not accept,
The land will not receive,
None will want a little light,
That drowned  out in the sea.
The more listening done,
The more dim the light will be,
No word will regain a spark,
That was already dead at sea.
Paige James Dec 2012
when asked upon a foggy day
what change could make me go insane,
I dearly thought of what to say
and knew the answer would be my love.
it's never been tested, trialled, or taken,
a measurement truly immeasurable
a feeling in me that hath not been shaken,
the reason being he is the one.
he's the sunshine behind the clouds of my mind,
that never fails to come through
who's  caring, understanding, and a heart so kind
pulls me out of a place dark and blue.
two souls intertwined, no physical power could break,
hearts that beat together always in sync
the most beautiful thing the world could make,
were you and I, our hearts and minds.
those things that make us so alike,
in a scary amount of ways
will also be the things that light,
the path to our wedding day.
your humor never fails to crack a smile on my face,
no matter how bad, rude, or
derogatory, condescending towards a race
but we  make those wrongs a right and we're happy to our cores knowing not what we could ever want more.
your character makes to me a wonderful muse,
after all you inspired this poem
you will not hurt, curse or use
me for of course you're too far above.
our love could  fill an endless room,
in any of many creative ways
which is why you are my lovely groom,
and I the bride to be.
all this talk of marriage
might have some think we're carried away,
well we are just a little but nevermind that
each  of us is here to stay.
we profess our love each morning and every night,
you never leave my arms
I'll hold onto you throughout your fright
I'll calm you down with many kisses there's no need for alarm.
when together all we do is sleep,
our bodies just know to do it
and you have my soul to keep
forever and a day or as many as you'll permit.
I'll read to you our favorite Poe ,
as you cuddle up next to me,
this is how our love still grows
more immense than all the seas.
we plan to travel everywhere we can,
but home to me is only with you,
no need for a map we have our hearts that tell us the ultimate plan.
knowing him  better than he himself,
you let your true emotions show
knowing all of your thoughts and secrets
but never letting the world know.
there's not a day when I don't think of my love,
he takes care of  me through everything,
I can't keep my tongue from speaking of,
all the greatness he contains.
he is more talented than the great minds so far,
and amazes me with each new day,
I can still hear him play the guitar,
when I drift off it comes that way.
my heart is  his and his be mine
6 months so far and still so little time
unconditional through each reason or rhyme,
soon enough he will be mine
and no one will ever take my love.

youre the best thing to happen to me
with your completely unwavering love
yours mine til end of time
and forever and ever beyond

this list could continue
believe me it could
but the lone stranger
asked me if I would
save her this story
for another time
when she needed some shine
like a profession of mine
Paige James Dec 2012
enough can't possibly be  enough.
there's so much wrong that cancels right
so many tears shed in one night
enough will never be enough.
all that i do should build up
no need for thanks, no need for gruff
I'm just trying to  be enough.
tears can't be taken back
haunting in the last rack
pain seen by the criminal
begging, pleading
no words will confirm
different than I've heard
I don't do enough.
Paige James Nov 2012
It's easy to burn bridges but
Unfair to think that they can be
Rebuilt with the same ease
With which they were destroyed.
Paige James Nov 2012
These walls hold what I cannot
Houses full of empty thoughts
He creaks and groans with
The endless nights
Rage through the silent white.
Night terrors now past the screams,
Reminiscent of broken dreams.
Lonely ceilings focused in
These part will not be whole again
The windows scrap against the paint
The walls leak out, the building faint.
He given up on this vain repair
Instead he gave it up to share
Between the trees to start anew,
This time for a right, one that comes to soon.
Paige James Nov 2012
Death is waiting at my door,
To take me by the hand,
To lead me through the darkness,
To take away my fear.
He will take me home again
Where darkness is my friend.
Return me to where I was
Before this all began.
Paige James Nov 2012
I no longer exist in this world,
I've faded into a
Shade of grey.
Walking the streets alone,
Bearing all my pain,
No purpose to fulfill
And no reason to maintain.
I have my thoughts all in a row,
I walk this street as a shadow.
Nothing can be seen around the bend,
I'm slowly awaiting the end.

— The End —