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Kylie Wallen May 2014
Baby stay away from my heart,
I don't want to be in love.
Baby stay away from my body,
I don't want to lust for you.
Kylie Wallen Mar 2014
I think it's so ******* funny when I try my hardest to keep someone in my life and they completely ******* off. I sit there and fight for you and I think about us constantly. I think about the fact that I actually said I love you to you. Then I think about how dumb I was. You told me you cared and obviously you didn't.
I've always hated acting like I was fine when I wasn't  but I did it for you because I honestly thought I loved you.
You made me feel so much better about myself then you basically ripped my heart out. Like no, I would have liked it a lot better if we just stayed friends the first time and you didn't let me keep falling for you.
I've given up so many friendships and relationships because I thought you were my forever. You SAID you were my forever but guess what! I was nothing to you. You never cared.
You've hurt me to the point of no return.
I hate everything you are and everything you were.
Your love was fake, your fake.
Your nothing to me.. And you will never be..
My forever..
Just a little ramble.. He broke me down worse than anyone. This my friends is why I think love is fake and that it's just another word.
Kylie Wallen Mar 2014
I thought I had it..
For once I thought I found the one person that actually loved me..
I should have known it was too good to be true.
I shouldn't have even said yes to home after he left me the first time..
We all make mistakes.. Mine just so happened to cost me my best friend..
Kylie Wallen Feb 2014
Let's pretend no one else exists
Kylie Wallen Feb 2014
I'm tired of always being the problem..
Kylie Wallen Jan 2014
We'll have that young love

Even when we're old
Kylie Wallen Jan 2014
Your worthless.
No one likes you.
Don't even look at that dress. You'll look like a whale in it.
Why are you looking at him? He thinks your ugly.
Stop trying. They think your stupid.
Cry because your not worth it.
He meant that. He wasn't kidding.
Go cut because your not worth it.
Cry because your so pathetic.
Don't look at that pizza. Starve because your so fat.
Get in front of the car. They won't care if your gone.
Your mom doesn't deserve to have a kid as ugly as you.
Stop smiling.
Hang up the phone. He hates you.
Stop laughing. Your smile is ugly.
He hates you.
He thinks your ugly.
Your not good enough.
Your such a fat ***.
Your pathetic. Go cut.
They don't love you. They want you to cut. They want you to **** yourself.
He knows your lying. He knows your pathetic and miserable.
Don't try explaining. He doesn't care. He wants you gone.
Look at your wrist. Not at him.
Stop smiling.
Your not fine. Don't listen to him.
You deserve this.
No she doesn't. No one loves you
When your gone. He's gonna be happier.
He would leave you for her just like everyone else.
No ones gonna save you.
You'll never be good enough.
Your wasting your life.
You **** at drawing just go cut.
Why would he save you? Your worthless and he's perfect
Delete that picture. You look ugly.
He doesn't care that you wanna give up. He wants you to.
He wants us here. He wants you to hurt. He wants you to cry. He wants you to **** yourself cause he hates your existence.
No your not.
No your not.
No your not!!!
He hates you.
He's lying. All you have is flaws.
He will never love you.  
He'll never love you.
I told you he would go for the pretty girl.
Don't go to the dance. They'll think your ugly and tell you to leave.
Don't look at him. He won't like you.
Don't eat the pizza.
She's lying. She doesn't miss you.
He doesn't love you.
He wants you gone.
He wants you to leave and never come back.
Your just the fat girl he pity dated.
Say goodbye for the last time.
He wants you to keep them. Cut darling cut.
Don't smile. Your not worth it.
See he doesn't care.
Go. They won't cAre.
They won't care unless you were pretty or dying. Your neither.
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