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I Wish
How I wish
I had wings of a dove
To flee away
From feelings
That wet my eyes

How I wish
I had a heart of stone
To remain unmoved
By your words
Of love

How I wish
I had the strength
Of an ox
To rise above
My aching heart

Kusum Rajapakse
Why cry
This is what
The world
Has become .

We are worse
Than animals
Who **** for hunger
Or for love .

The killer
Showed his
Baseless ego
Never thinking
How he would feel
If baited and killed .

A majestic creature
More powerful
Than man
Without a weapon
Laid to rest
Brutally .

Assasins ****
For money ,
Religion or politics .
Why **** Cecil
Free of all this .

Bow your heads
In shame .
We have reached
The ultimate
Of degeneration .

                                              Collection of Ms Kusum Rajapakse , Colombo
My mind says
To release you
Of my tentacles ,
But my heart says
To draw you
Even closer
And suffocate
T o death  !

                               From the collection of Ms Kusum Rajapakse ,Colombo
Disconnect in Emotions
Across  oceans wide ,
Through vineyards
And orchards
To the call of the flamenco

You will go
With your heart aflame
Looking for the perfect one
To love , to adore .

Beware of the blindness
which strikes you often
To ignore your hearts call
And the quest begins
Again !

                              From the collection of Ms Kusum Rajapakse  Colombo.

Yesterday's happening
Is memory today
Tomorrow it will be
the forgotten past
Oh! nay, not for me
Who dwells in the tomb
Of the past

Dear Past
Haunt not near thy corpse
Come unto me and embrace
to free alone one's anguish
From thy fiendish Ghost

— The End —