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harry singh Dec 2015
The night jars
Last mating hoot
Turned the levers of
The monstrous underbelleys
Of the flying dragons
To unleash diabolic fire
Enough to suffocate  & destroy ,
Just as the
Last twinkling stars
Faded  into the oblivion . . .

At that very moment
Behold the rising sun
Spreading joy & warmth
In the eastern sky
To the music of the brooks
And the beauty of mustard flowers . . .
My heart goes out to our brethern struggling & fighting to survive amidst diabolic /nefarious games being played by powerful outside forces in their countries . These brothers & sisters are caught in crossfire  
for none of their fault . Here east refers to the hope in eastern philosophy & spiritually which lays greatest emphasis on love , non violence & trust in  mans innate ability to rise upto the challanges  to emerge victorious
harry singh Sep 2015
The fine lines
Etching my
Once admired smile
Are  a tribute to
Sorrow and pain
I have borne .

The feigned exuberance
Of the smile
Is just for you ,
M y beloved !

                           From the collection of Ms Kusum Rajapakse, Colombo
harry singh Sep 2015
I f you cannot afford to forget
Better do not forget------
But forget you will one day .

If you do not want to forget
Better do not forget-------
But a part of the whole is
forgotten one day .

While the forgetting heart
Gets charred repeatedly
In the burning flame
Of forgetfulness .

What you do ?
The question remains.........

                                      From the collection of Mr Gazi Sadeq, Dhaka
harry singh Sep 2015
Wish to have a taste
Of my love ?
Touch a burning flame .

Get to match the size
Of my love ?
Only the deepest oceans can
Claim .

Like to see the color
Of my love ?
Look at the sunset .

Wish to assess the depth
Of my love ?
Go deep into your heart--
Can you forget ?

                             From the collection of Mr Gazi  Sadeq , Dhaka
harry singh Sep 2015
Flicker of candlelight ,
A gently gliding boat ,
The world bathed in tranquility ,
The air filled with prayer ,
The riverbank
Teeming with humanity-
An artists palette
Of myraid hues .

A fireball appears
Suddenly from nowhere
Breaking the dawn ,
Painting the world
Orange , yellow and pink .
The heavens  complete !

How lucky are we-
You and i
To share this heaven
For a while !
                              From the collection of Ms Kusum Rajapakse , Colombo
The river Ganges is holiest of holy rivers of India. An early morn boatride , before the crack of dawn is truly magical experience  to realise how teeming millions revere this sacred life giver
harry singh Aug 2015
How flippant
Can i be
Hugging myself
To keep my heart
From flying
Word to word
Fighting to the end ,
Killing this yearning
Bursting through
The vitals
Of my being .

                            From the collection of Ms Kusum Rajapakse , Colombo
harry singh Aug 2015
Kissing the feet
Of umpteen lovers
Listening to whispers
Of everlasting love.

It is the magic
Of the purple plains
Which made them
And bare their souls .

Do not be jealous
Of such closeness.
It is only
A mirage
Woven by man .

You are lucky ,
My Binara blossom
Swaying alone
In a world of beauty ,
Until your breath
Leaves you in a song ,

                               From the collection of Ms Kusum Rajapakse ,Colombo
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