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krysys Apr 2014
Starlight on a dark and moonless night
Let’s me see you in the empty dark
The wind howls and cries for us to hear
I bring you near and hold you
Looking out at vast and endless ocean
Resembles our love for one another
The world moves at its own pace
We will take our time
This is our moment in forever
Not seen by anyone but us
Locked away in our hearts
Starlight shines and gives direction
Leads the traveler to his destination
Helping him find his way
Will bring me back to this moment
Will always bring me back to you
The warmth of your touch
The scent of your hair
The smile you give to me
Starlight billions of miles away
Reminds me of our separation
I count down the seconds within seconds
Waiting to be near you once again
Patiently waiting for your sweet kiss
Wanting you, needing you, missing you
Starlight on a dark and moonless night
Let’s me dream of you…
krysys Apr 2014
Shades of grey
Shades of white
Shades of black
These things connect
Lines are blurred
Evil is
   As Evil
                Wants to do
In the end
No one wants to be the bad guy
Disliked and hated by all
But that’s not reality
My decision makes me despised
I despise me
Am I selfish?  Am I ruthless?
I respect me
Am I wise?  Am I forgiving?
Truth being reality
                      While lies are acceptance
Has defeat
      Become my story.  
Who will believe me?
Do I believe me?
krysys Jun 2013
Love is a beautiful thing.
Love is one messed up emotion...
It’s got me not hating you
The good times were good
No bad times to be had
So many feelings, so much emptiness

Waiting for time to heal the scar...
Love just pours salt in the wound.
Pain radiates from everywhere
Shame of failure puts me nowhere

I am sick with disgust; disappointment…
Love chains me to the wall of our memories.
I hate being locked in this dungeon
So dark, so lonely, meaningless
I just want to be free of it all

I just want to heal…

Love is kind, love doesn’t dishonor others.

Telling me I did nothing wrong
Feeding me poor excuses, like it will change this pain
Driving me insane…

Keep love in your heart,*
Like I need a bullet in my head.
krysys Jun 2013
Beautiful is the word I use
Rain on a warm southern spring day
Smell of life, of growth.
The sound of cicadas harmonizing in summer
Symphony soundtrack to a beautiful sunset
The fall of autumn leaves from maple and oak
One last display of life before the cold
The vast white of frozen sky
Frozen blankets that crunch under feet
Beautiful is the word I use
A person who knows they are imperfect
Yet stands tall and carries on
Believing in themselves
A person who sees past imperfection
They can love whole heartedly
Nothing is more perfect and fulfilling
A person with dreams of things beyond
Never stopping because of fear of failure
Taking what they have earned
Beautiful is the word I use
For new love, young love, lasting love
For the joy of finding that one in a billion, trillion
For love unrequited, heartbreak, and lessons learned
Such is love, such is life
Beautiful is the word I use
What would you use?
krysys Jun 2013
Loneliness is owner of his house
He hates these walls so much
Can’t rest well, he is scared
Loneliness is sister to fear
It haunts his mind
It ushers in darkness
Loneliness has him thirsty for a drink
Liquor making him sink in quicksand
Give another to the man with the empty eyes
Loneliness devours his soul, isolation
He wanders at night
Staring at stars wondering
Feeling nothingness embrace him
He is wishing for something
Ponders his life, deals with his issues  
He closes his eyes and breathes deep
He needed this…loneliness
krysys May 2013
Faster than I would ever admit it
You loved me
Without any effort at all
You fixed me
With nothing asked for in return
You gave me everything you had
When did my life begin?
How did I make it this far?
My all
My everything
My wife
krysys May 2013
The person that I see
He hides something inside.
Ambitions of glory;
Pain of failure.

Dreams fulfilled;
Misplaced intentions
Eyes filled with pride;
A soul lacking peace.
Who is this person I see?  

Why can’t he fall?  
Why should he stand?
Trying so hard to keep moving;
Can never seem to get going.
Walking contradiction;
Painful malediction.
Taking shape;
Void of substance.

How does he stand there and look at me?
How can he look me in the eye?
Smirk on his face;
An attitude too cocky.
So smug, so arrogant, so hurt.

Turned away and yet embraced.
He stares at me with conviction,
Reminds me of redemption.
He is…
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