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kira Apr 2020
i want to bake a strawberry pie. i want to blend sugar in the sunlight. i want to craft stories out of my imagination. i want to waltz under stars and tango through the heat of the beach. i want to read. i want to learn. i want to grow. i want to wake up early in the morning and watch the sunrise from my roof. i want to go to bed with clean sheets and watching Netflix with you. i want to bake a strawberry pie. i want to stroll down a boardwalk. i want to smile at the sun. i want to run. i want to swim in the ocean. i want to tan on sand and cleanse myself in outdoor showers and eat icepops before dinner. i want to go back to the city. i want to bake a strawberry pie.
kira Nov 2019
you may be my number two
but I still can't believe you wanted me to be one
of your lucky girls. It was barely three
days before
you said you'd wanted me for five
months. Now in four
days I have to leave you three
thousand miles away. Is it too
soon for you to be my one?
kira Nov 2019
I prefer sunrise
I prefer running to walking
where running is allowed
I prefer walking to driving
where walking is reasonable
I prefer daydreams
I prefer dogs
I prefer black coffee
I prefer bagels
I prefer not having breakfast at all
I prefer believing humans
are fascinating creatures
I prefer belief in the unknown
I prefer not knowing
I prefer learning
I prefer reading
I prefer books with tea
I prefer food as a passage to
knowing someone's heart
I prefer knowing people deeply
I prefer to think of people complexly
I prefer paintings
I prefer watercolors
I prefer presents made by hand
I prefer the idea that curiosity
helped the cat
I prefer keychains
I prefer watching idiosyncratic
things that make you unique
I prefer that the universe
is vast
I prefer believing in minute
I prefer finding joy in the day-to-day
care we take of one another
I prefer the unthinkable can be thought
kira Nov 2019
my mother told me
love is simply: terrified
they could go away
kira Nov 2019
i want to capture
certain vocabulary
in the shape of you
kira Nov 2019
most of her works are
serenades to miracles
that occur daily
kira Nov 2019
i want to create
beautiful rhythms of joy;
like i read in class
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