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Mar 2022 · 200
Dec 2019 · 241
The Our of reckoning.
Kiprotich vinny Dec 2019
Naanyu you are just a scam,
An hypocrite,
A pretender.
Nov 2019 · 266
Kiprotich vinny Nov 2019
Aninyon sikipurtuan,
Achamin eeeeh,  eee.
Nov 2019 · 231
Shas Naett
Kiprotich vinny Nov 2019
I am A matyred soul,
Inclined to your *******,
And nailed  to your lap in dreams.
Shas my Naett
Achamin princess.

Am waiting......
Aug 2019 · 376
Priscah princess
Kiprotich vinny Aug 2019
I have to say continues,
Chapter two loading our hearts embedded in unison,
And chapter three in the kitchen
Everything Cooking in The infamous  Maa,

Surmounting the insurmountable
The die is cast
Together we belong, the promised land we shall sajourn some day,
Soon or later,
But be assured we shall get there

The armageddon is  in our soles.
The deal has been made,
Made by the burning blood of I love you,
Anyone coming between,
A bitter cross they will carry,
Their blood shall be the prize,
That is the only detergent of my anger.
Jul 2019 · 189
I have to say
Kiprotich vinny Jul 2019
My heart sings your name
I love yu to the moon n back,
In you is the definition of true love

You carry beauty, you posses beauty,
You an epitome of beauty,
I gonna make you my Queen,
In my heart you are an Angel,

For real princess I heart you,
And none shall replace,
I have to say,
my love, I love you.
Jul 2019 · 124
The end of the cane.
Kiprotich vinny Jul 2019
Laughter a times a cover of evil
The discord is cascading in daily life,
No  'good' man is happy with prosperity,
Smiles runs our heart but brethren i tell you none is genuine in this era of  insincere gentiles.
Deep inside us is a burning fugitive ready to devour.

Just but  the need of the juice in the  cane,
That sugar in a sweet sugarcane overcomes  taste ,
Overcomes the desire.
The infamous end of the cane.

End this chapter starts another
Be aware brethren,
The current world has a shortage of good Samaritans.
These gentiles - *** fugitives are serpents in fish's version.
The end of the cane gonna be chaotic.
May 2019 · 378
Prudent herbs
Kiprotich vinny May 2019
In the slumber of thoughts,
I all alone cry my being out.
A coined message that will tell of this desire to paint your visage,
Of this fear,
Of never setting my black eyes on you
Of this indefinable ill that aches me up.
A feeling of rejection overwhelms my sole,

May the spirits of dreams enslave you in nightmares,
May I appear in dazzling black clothes,
May you never fall out but always sings my melodies,
May you understand the need n purpose of my life in ewe.

But the pointers are heavy,
A titanic downstream is on the table,
The general is no More,
Casting a lonenly image in the dropping falls,

But oh  my, I understand why
It is in your hands now, I say thank you.
You not caged in me any longer,
You can traverse the world on own volition.
Remember the world is full of healing herbs that a prudent man should never ignore.
Mar 2019 · 598
Ngamia one
Kiprotich vinny Mar 2019
Generals don't die they fade away. I was not baptized senior for nothing. I walk the talk.

Calling of names or perhaps the highest extend of insults, He a bankrupt of vocabulary was able to ooze a well paraphrased insult  " A lunatic hoof around the institution yet he has no business in mmust anymore". A comrade *** lunatic is quite ironical but why am I underestimating this scenario ? For your pretty information this is Kenya not some place in the state of Delaware. Perhaps what baffles me the most is the exodus of the phrase "a lunatic hoof". I know this other fellow who failed to pay back the money I loaned him to travel his ****** *** to see her concubine though as Iam writing his so called wife to be kicked his ***** out of him he is now a woman who shares bed stories with her own biological mother.

The circle of events has earned me a couple of names. A rebel, a kigeugeu just to mentioned a few, the reason being I don't hang around some parasitic mongrels for long, but in the spirit of comradeship let me ask you this. what do we do to fellows suffering from contagious diseases? Just assume everything is alright and move on, no you got to do something brethren. I am one man who do not prevaricate and I always tell everyone who comes to me that my performance has never been in doubt and for real l mean all that I say n say all that I mean.

I can not turn to be a lunatic when you have siphoned a part of me, my muscles aren't strong I am on my deathbed, Ready to face the red earth. I hear you are now rejoicing about my insincere downfall but tomorrow you never know. Some John the baptist is busy preparing for my u turn. You once asked if I could ever settle down at some huduma... Hahaha today I am sitting pretty enjoying my madness. As you mentioned that I am a kigeugeu, that is what I was made to be I can't be you and you can't be me. You know I don't cry like you do comrade a traditionalists indeed.

Mr as you move around with your one time ingredient of talks and now newly found woman in man's attire ******* the character officer everyone who once assisted ewe adding salts and mercury to sugar  remember we fought for you someday. We saved you from the jaws of an angry crocodile. That alone should make you at least  grateful.

A self proclaimed custodian of culture and norms crying just because ....hahaha the devil is a liar for real, A man asking his one time girlfriend for a refund of money you gave out on your on volition is childish. Walking around gossiping my friend like know your best friend at home. To your best friend remind him that ten shilling is for sweets.
Mar 2019 · 215
Diamond and Gold
Kiprotich vinny Mar 2019
Just like moses the promised land is never a given, sometimes those good dreams get to the grave untimely n there yu realized yu never belong to that kingdom of innuendos.
Then you realize the Serpent has devour the heart of a real man...the lights are no longer seen, what awaits is the burial of a great poor man...but resurrection ....yu never know....
Jan 2019 · 139
Spirits not to blame
Kiprotich vinny Jan 2019
The tide against what one used to call 'unbwogable' is growing by the day.
The coilership is on trial,
I am no longer the baptized General
Me have a new name,
a rumour monger.
To the compact majority that comprises of fools okayed this perhaps for me to pay for my ***** sins
Indeed spirits not to blame.

Hatred has been borne
In my heart love has evaporated,
Will be lying if I don't speak my filthy mind.
Rapport died two years after its birth,
Paves way and now the birth of Hatred.
Shall sink alone in this not even the so called bad spirits are to blame.
I blame my  naive heart.
Which has always been swayed easily.
Hurt like never before.
Dec 2018 · 140
Kiprotich vinny Dec 2018
As the year gets to the mouth of its grave,
let me tell you something,  
perhaps what yu dont know
to everyone who has helped me or wished me well n all my readers
i love u over n over again.
Nov 2018 · 298
Scammer ft hypocrite.
Kiprotich vinny Nov 2018
Perhaps  my judgement was wrong,
Besides my thoughts were moved by a scammer.
But I need say what is in my heart,
Maybe just  by the say,
Expression of a dead opinion anyway.

Heaven is not like  attending class,
There are no cats, I mean papers,
There are not rats too to nagate scam,
Imagine kneeling down on the church auditorium taking the sacraments.
In the full glare of other hypocrites, gods are not to blame anyway,

True  Christians need feel ashamed,
And for once do the right thing.
Just for the love of God, and avoid burdening imaginary gods.
Let's be fair for once.... You scammer fit hypocrite
Nov 2018 · 139
Canditates of death.
Kiprotich vinny Nov 2018
Sojourners from the mama's womb,
Travellers from the papa's testicles,
Candidates of birth and eventually death,
Death is sweet as encrypted in the euology,

Death must come  any day or some day,
Don't rush to the grave just because yu have no more light, or perhaps your heart has been broken by a cheat,
Cheats and death are not relatives.
They have different genotypes,

At tymes darkness accompanies light,
And sometimes darkness persist,
You loose what you have nurtured,
You feel the world has been turned upside down.

But before you take the step of pronouncing yourself no more,
Think about this, we are all candidates of death,
Wait and pause after all we are destined to die.
Be careful, be sensible, in kiswahili we say kujipanga my fren.
Kiprotich vinny Oct 2018
When in a wrong turn and in depression
I turn to your snap,
In your visage i sought refuge,And its like am taking a nap,
A heart's drink that gives me hope,
In my dreams you fight for me, you pray for me

When stressed up I think of the smile that kissed us good night,
Almost every night at the hospital bedside,
You passed by our room to at least wish us well,
At the behest of your love we came out life and sound
You are love and I love you, the source of my mind's happiness,
Since then I think of nothing but you,
In you I have been to the mountain top,

I have seen the promise land,
Though i may not get there with you
But in may sole we shall get there as won,
I mean every bit of this....
Sep 2018 · 160
No more!
Kiprotich vinny Sep 2018
The enemy is death
Self proclaimed savior is no more
Left to wallow in happiness!
Aug 2018 · 2.4k
Kiprotich vinny Aug 2018
What a name! what a joy! To have her called by Mrs yours,
What a beauty! to load over a a man,
Nayanoi is the name, brought up by a mother who is embedded to tradition,
It carries all fame and this is not a game but another ingredient  to tame monstrous heart union.

There is indeed  touching  love after perennial failures,
Rejection over rejections builts emotion-shielded heart,
It kills dangerous emotions,it destroys

Such is life, don't you know,
Nayanoi demonstrated the saying,
Marrying a man not for money but love,
I have came to admire the Maa community,
They don't fake around they are what they are.

Unlike ******* who are really cheap indoors,
But fear displaying it in full glare of  our cameras
Nayanoi won my heart, As a true African woman,
She is the wife of my kinsman.

Am not lusting for her, she deserve all the earthly praises,
A woman sired and raised perfectly,
She wears all the smiles in her face,
Knowing she is a beauty queen and not a braggart.
Aug 2018 · 187
Kiprotich vinny Aug 2018
All men are created equal
        You only need
Be careful for what you wish...
We all pledge allegiance to one awesome God.
Jul 2018 · 266
In Crime
Kiprotich vinny Jul 2018
I am always in the other side of law,
Crime is part of me,
I don't care even a bit,
I was born in the slums, where crime is a daily chore,
Perhaps that is why I am who I am

My thoughts are all about pushing someone to the wall,
All because I am a victim of destiny
I wonna get there 'dead' or alive,
Destiny which has been tempered with,

In crime hypocrites masterminds my downfall,
I know them pretty well,
Involved in almost every kind of sin, I have learned a thing
Though in crime, change is another hard story
My performance in it's inner sanctum has never been in doubt,
Jul 2018 · 168
Love is war
Kiprotich vinny Jul 2018
Love is war
Fought in emotions,
Sometimes wasting your precious time shouting
O gal love you love you to my heart and soul,
When it turns good on your side you smile and enjoy,
When it turns worse, you feel the goddess of beauty never created one for you
That is purposeful reason love is war
     And for real
Love is a sort of war, vanity and besides sorrow
Fought in the battle field called heart
Where casualties sweat real blood
To colour its nature,
Whose impact can either be positive or negative...
O gal I love you love you to my heart and soul
Jun 2018 · 161
Just think of this.
Kiprotich vinny Jun 2018
Connected by the spirits
Forces that pull our hearths close
Forces of the unknown power
Power of obsession
Obsession that belongs to hearts.
Without each other means hurting
Hurting for no reason
Of reason but confusing
Unknown reason in fact.

Twice to say, tear to pour
When no energy to  wake,
Full of energy to kiss
When no energy to smile,
Full of energy to laugh together,
When no appetite to eat, full of appetite to drink together.

And in time of  love a force  bring us together,
And we realizes,we are complete together,
and with no other,
Without each other just  a shattered life,
Just think,
I am also thinking
Jun 2018 · 156
Twisted life
Kiprotich vinny Jun 2018
Though I always strive to perfection,
I do find myself backward a times
Kiprotich is human you know,
He is not  a robot, I have feelings,
He isn't a saint either, unless you think so,
But a sinner trying,

Born a critic,
Was told my great grand, whose name I carry was a fierce won,
My Brain easily  succumb to pressure,
When anger mounts on it,
I can squeeze water out of a dry rock,

You call yourself a winner, which is true in Romeo,
You are always in the winning side, and there is no contestation,
All those does not give you any power over me,
I am my own man,
Remember I stood for you, when you were in tears,
Don't trample   over my weakened muscles

Your  storm is over,
Mine has just started, twisted life
What if I had despised you then,
How would you have felt,
You criticize every move that I take,
Am taking a new twist, in search of the antidote.
Jun 2018 · 319
Business unusual
Kiprotich vinny Jun 2018
Gone are the days when manna and quails fall,
Tonight I precipitate this message,
A true liquor of life,
We are all bestowed to carry our own cross,
Jesus died for us all, but man dies for himself,
Brother you can call me names, my shoulders are broad enough,
I  shall carry the cross anyway,

In life struggle no pain is better,
Do onto others what  you gonna enjoy when inflicted upon your skin,
No one is special,
Am shocked but not surprised,
Though i had seen this coming
it's motif is now clear,
For your consumption  business is unusual,
There is a real change of tact, am
prepared to pay the ultimate price,

And by the way haven't you absconded responsibility,
Haven't you one day failed to performed your duty,
Stop this holier-than- thou attitude,
Always be pragmatic in the little things we do,
Man is to error they say,
I know I need your help like we when friendship was our boss
but if you are not willing......
Feb 2018 · 227
Kiprotich vinny Feb 2018
The godfather of aluk
Here are my humble submission in a book,
Life is serpentine somehow
You ask the question why and how,

The struggle is so sweet like bitter lemon,
The challenge is deadly like serpent's venom,
But my promise is to  get there ,
No matter what I am here,
Feb 2018 · 439
Kiprotich vinny Feb 2018
Bad as the sight of hell,
Possessing Lucifer's piercing horns and smell,
The abadacabra's of life,
Putting into pieces like the sharp edges of a knife,

Sincere hopes of the mother getting shattered,
The winner is the devil,
Such instances are evil
Ritualist a times sacrifice their unborn children through miscarriage ,

The struggle of getting a perfect companion in my tender life is like playing against Millwall ,
It has always hit a stubborn wall,
Results are always futile,no marriage ,
From time to time there has been a miscarriage,

I am now on a personal recess and relegation,
As I watch the movie of a successful delegation,
Want to know where I went wrong, through revelation,
Though certain it will take long, another miscarriage.
Feb 2018 · 195
Kiprotich vinny Feb 2018
Reflecting the past a times shape the upcoming,
Its shadows build our heart's resilience,
It motivates us and sometimes discourage us,
But all this depends with situations ,

Flashback of pleasant scenarios  
Is as good as living in the house of the Holly Molly where suffering is unknown forever,
Bad scenes are as bad as Lucifer,

Nonetheless  both events are as important as one of the passage rites,
Without them life is a baseless entity,
History generate better narration,
The Holy Books breeds sincere children of God,
Nov 2017 · 170
Night shift
Kiprotich vinny Nov 2017
The Oracle of change is roaring,
A new page is opening
Indeed I am in war with myself
Fighting my instincts to pave way
A shift in life and perhaps lifestyle
Call it night shift.

Love of oneself is paramount
Can't paralyzed myself loving  a "nun"
Who knows I am not a "saint "
My heart belongs to the peasants world
Love those who love you is my rule,
Hate not those who despise you  but do not give your soul to be heartbroken,

When our creator comes for us,
For truth be told eschatology is here,
When we depart our spouses and children should give us a  decent  sendoff,
If only we had a perfect combination,
Search a perfect route,
The journey is not  easy but  I will get there.....
Nov 2017 · 229
You hold no more water
Kiprotich vinny Nov 2017
When in the struggles of life,
She  denied me access
Real access to her juice account,
Chest thumbing of her boundaries,

My boyish was burning eminently,
It was  in need of  the juice,
I pitied myself in disgrace,
But have become better with time,

Jemosi  is no longer the one you know.
You hold no more water,
In my breath you are part of my past,
You killed my love fibres, when  a teargas canister landed on my ****** expressions...
Nov 2017 · 158
Readers and poets
Kiprotich vinny Nov 2017
I love you all,
without you none could have made me be me..
Thanks so much
Nov 2017 · 410
Lost glory
Kiprotich vinny Nov 2017
Daisy you held my heart
My sole was your invisible captive
My mind was your unknown territory
The fault of me and ladies as"learns" would put it

Time has gone, the glory is lost
I ran out of cash, my age couldn't stand the wave,
I was blinded by lies but now I know better,
The league was out of my reach,

001 mastermind stole your heart  and thoughts,
Though my being is aching,
I can't belittle him, who knows?
Perhaps he is the right jemosi,
The preferred candidate.

Though am suffering from lack of focus and particularity
I accept the overwhelming defeat,
As i collapse under the weight of reality,
I pray that my current fate can change my state,

Though I think of you often
I stay confused about my feelings
It seems I will ever want what I can't have,
That's what bind us and keep us apart.

*When Mohammed refuse to go to the mountain, the mountain will gladly move to Mohammed... Bindu bichenjanga daisy,
Nov 2017 · 158
Kiprotich vinny Nov 2017
Am under siege
To compose articles
Perhaps to speak
Oct 2017 · 157
Kiprotich vinny Oct 2017
I love you all,
without you none could  make me be me..
Oct 2017 · 134
The wind
Kiprotich vinny Oct 2017
You are the wind around my skin
You make my heart feel cold
I have no weapons against
But still u blow rain bearing clouds,
far away from my kingdom..
My sole is aching
Apr 2017 · 292
If not love....
Kiprotich vinny Apr 2017
Just by the say,
I have cash to pay,
at the crack of dawn,
I feel so down,
and suddenly I made  an about turn,
my heart rejoices,
my chilly morning turn warm I realize and I go before the mirror,
To confirm my happy visage in terror,
what is the reality in it,
if not love,true love,what is it?
l realized that  for real you heart me...
Apr 2017 · 223
Iam in love
Kiprotich vinny Apr 2017
Imagine that look,
That book,
Full of love emotions,
Expressions of unsolved equation,
That is known to hearts,and that never hurts,

That burn to red,
But never destruct trend,
It construct eminently,
It stand permanently,
love that has reason,
That survives all seasons,

love that is meaningful,
Always willingly,
That endure pain,
love that qualify and enlarge emotions...
Kiprotich vinny Apr 2017
Crazy thoughts will accompany me to death,
This is real,for real,
I know 'death' has become precarious,
perhaps my thinking is porous,
I shall use the term anyway,

life is full of definition,
But none is definitive,
life is not the same,
l would have wish to interrogate Solomon on this,
He was with all wisdom,
Life is unique, I tell u,

I wonder why some things are not what they are,
In life success equals to failure,
Noting is of great value,
More so when vital parts are fatal,
Things fall apart,when what you love is gone,
when what you desired is given to another,
Apr 2017 · 257
Rest in peace..
Kiprotich vinny Apr 2017
Time is a healer they say,
its passage has done me 'tremendous'
That greedy,which never satisfy took you,
From us,
perhaps for some reason,
Which to me,to inflict pain to some,
some who cared,

I felt love in you when we were young,
You joined me when I was in trouble,
You helped me more that I did to you,
That bad reaper took you out of sight,
You suffered a great deal before the final  blow,

After you depurture,
Many a controversy arose,
The truth,God knows,
For the abominators,cross they will carry,

where you are be contented,
Someday we shall join you,
For non is ever here,
Rest in peace
Apr 2017 · 163
Grain of love
Kiprotich vinny Apr 2017
Tenderness of love cheated the way into your mind,
l love you to death,was your sentiments,
But look a year has not passed,
Death hasn't come,
Or perhaps I am a spirit..

let me not talk nonsense,
My senses serve me right,
The daemon, in me impart sense and reason,
I never ate the grain you promise,

That grain of love,
Many a times I laugh,
l laugh at my stupid self,
When I told everybody about you they were eager to see you..

To them a glimpse,was enough,
I can't regret my action,
you were all I had wish,
You were such a nice darling,

I was broke,
I was running out of cash,
you needed money so dearly,
I couldn't produce any,
A bank manager came in,
I could not compete,I had never been competed down,

Daisy,money can be got,
Sell your love,
But be fully aware they need that beast in you,
That grain of love in you,
It will soon be exhausted...
Apr 2017 · 810
Parched heart
Kiprotich vinny Apr 2017
It ***** my center of life,
To really pen down this,
Nothing,but reality,
l really miss you girl,
A mature love you were.

True love,we showered each other,
little did we know then ,
Your charming looks,
Your calculated kisses,
your hot boo,I miss them all..

That man who took you away,
Away from my soul reach,
Must be creative,
When you left,my heart was parched.
I am in need of that very love,
That which,belonged to us someday

Jasmine please this is my plea,
Chebet come back to me,
All doors are open for you,
It is not that I loved you any less,
I just love to accomplish my dreams more..
Apr 2017 · 221
One night mess
Kiprotich vinny Apr 2017
I hate that music when replayed
I enjoyed when I deleted the music in my gallery,
Though It went with my always played,
I did not and still can't regret,

It was a music of hatred,
The massage was full of proud guys,
It was more than the poison of the snake...
It went against my motives,
If u have to render a  verdict, am always cynical...
Apr 2017 · 198
Magona...the teacher!
Kiprotich vinny Apr 2017
Hahaha..I laugh at my thoughts,
Thoughts of the past when I was a mere student,
A real flashback,
when I hadn't defined life...

Perhaps it was my foundation,
Words spoke louder than what I could possibly afford,
Every beginning has the darkest side,

And mine was at stake,
A teacher,who hated me for some reason took advantage of the time,
Magona,a geography teacher told me I was like a nursery kid,
There I was at the receiving end..

Those words plus made me who iam,
And still am pursuing those words,
l cherish the past that build the future,
But lam not certain of the future...
Notes (optional)
Mar 2017 · 223
Reason of love
Kiprotich vinny Mar 2017
Your face is beaming,
You say so,you are dreaming,
your visage,
unlike plain vages,
my reason of love..

like the salts of my meal,
this is great a deal,
you are the joy of my heart,
my hut..
Mar 2017 · 186
heart miller
Kiprotich vinny Mar 2017
you are a monister,
yeah a gangster,
A sole killer,
A heart miller,

you have no feelings,
like iron filings,
you massacred my plans,
iam now living in slams....
Mar 2017 · 360
mega jackpot
Kiprotich vinny Mar 2017
U are my dream,
By the venom of the beam,
Will follow you to the stream,
I will lick u like cream,
Mar 2017 · 404
Kiprotich vinny Mar 2017
U are like the heart of a lion,
Which never surrender...
Will always strain,
No matter the circumstances,
I salute u my sole
Mar 2017 · 222
Kiprotich vinny Mar 2017

In the crossroads,
I thought it was a specific road,
A road to posterity,
A road to productivity,

Many promised you heaven,
Where bread is unleavened,
A golden love deprived,
They ensured I was welcomed in hell,

Their crooked ways succeeded,
And my best plans were no more needed

— The End —