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Kiprotich vinny Dec 2019
Naanyu you are just a scam,
An hypocrite,
A pretender.
Kiprotich vinny Nov 2019
Aninyon sikipurtuan,
Achamin eeeeh,  eee.
Kiprotich vinny Nov 2019
I am A matyred soul,
Inclined to your *******,
And nailed  to your lap in dreams.
Shas my Naett
Achamin princess.

Am waiting......
Kiprotich vinny Aug 2019
I have to say continues,
Chapter two loading our hearts embedded in unison,
And chapter three in the kitchen
Everything Cooking in The infamous  Maa,

Surmounting the insurmountable
The die is cast
Together we belong, the promised land we shall sajourn some day,
Soon or later,
But be assured we shall get there

The armageddon is  in our soles.
The deal has been made,
Made by the burning blood of I love you,
Anyone coming between,
A bitter cross they will carry,
Their blood shall be the prize,
That is the only detergent of my anger.
Kiprotich vinny Jul 2019
My heart sings your name
I love yu to the moon n back,
In you is the definition of true love

You carry beauty, you posses beauty,
You an epitome of beauty,
I gonna make you my Queen,
In my heart you are an Angel,

For real princess I heart you,
And none shall replace,
I have to say,
my love, I love you.
Kiprotich vinny Jul 2019
Laughter a times a cover of evil
The discord is cascading in daily life,
No  'good' man is happy with prosperity,
Smiles runs our heart but brethren i tell you none is genuine in this era of  insincere gentiles.
Deep inside us is a burning fugitive ready to devour.

Just but  the need of the juice in the  cane,
That sugar in a sweet sugarcane overcomes  taste ,
Overcomes the desire.
The infamous end of the cane.

End this chapter starts another
Be aware brethren,
The current world has a shortage of good Samaritans.
These gentiles - *** fugitives are serpents in fish's version.
The end of the cane gonna be chaotic.
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