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Kiprotich vinny Jul 2019
Laughter a times a cover of evil
The discord is cascading in daily life,
No  'good' man is happy with prosperity,
Smiles runs our heart but brethren i tell you none is genuine in this era of  insincere gentiles.
Deep inside us is a burning fugitive ready to devour.

Just but  the need of the juice in the  cane,
That sugar in a sweet sugarcane overcomes  taste ,
Overcomes the desire.
The infamous end of the cane.

End this chapter starts another
Be aware brethren,
The current world has a shortage of good Samaritans.
These gentiles - *** fugitives are serpents in fish's version.
The end of the cane gonna be chaotic.
Kiprotich vinny May 2019
In the slumber of thoughts,
I all alone cry my being out.
A coined message that will tell of this desire to paint your visage,
Of this fear,
Of never setting my black eyes on you
Of this indefinable ill that aches me up.
A feeling of rejection overwhelms my sole,

May the spirits of dreams enslave you in nightmares,
May I appear in dazzling black clothes,
May you never fall out but always sings my melodies,
May you understand the need n purpose of my life in ewe.

But the pointers are heavy,
A titanic downstream is on the table,
The general is no More,
Casting a lonenly image in the dropping falls,

But oh  my, I understand why
It is in your hands now, I say thank you.
You not caged in me any longer,
You can traverse the world on own volition.
Remember the world is full of healing herbs that a prudent man should never ignore.
Kiprotich vinny Mar 2019
Generals don't die they fade away. I was not baptized senior for nothing. I walk the talk.

Calling of names or perhaps the highest extend of insults, He a bankrupt of vocabulary was able to ooze a well paraphrased insult  " A lunatic hoof around the institution yet he has no business in mmust anymore". A comrade *** lunatic is quite ironical but why am I underestimating this scenario ? For your pretty information this is Kenya not some place in the state of Delaware. Perhaps what baffles me the most is the exodus of the phrase "a lunatic hoof". I know this other fellow who failed to pay back the money I loaned him to travel his ****** *** to see her concubine though as Iam writing his so called wife to be kicked his ***** out of him he is now a woman who shares bed stories with her own biological mother.

The circle of events has earned me a couple of names. A rebel, a kigeugeu just to mentioned a few, the reason being I don't hang around some parasitic mongrels for long, but in the spirit of comradeship let me ask you this. what do we do to fellows suffering from contagious diseases? Just assume everything is alright and move on, no you got to do something brethren. I am one man who do not prevaricate and I always tell everyone who comes to me that my performance has never been in doubt and for real l mean all that I say n say all that I mean.

I can not turn to be a lunatic when you have siphoned a part of me, my muscles aren't strong I am on my deathbed, Ready to face the red earth. I hear you are now rejoicing about my insincere downfall but tomorrow you never know. Some John the baptist is busy preparing for my u turn. You once asked if I could ever settle down at some huduma... Hahaha today I am sitting pretty enjoying my madness. As you mentioned that I am a kigeugeu, that is what I was made to be I can't be you and you can't be me. You know I don't cry like you do comrade a traditionalists indeed.

Mr as you move around with your one time ingredient of talks and now newly found woman in man's attire ******* the character officer everyone who once assisted ewe adding salts and mercury to sugar  remember we fought for you someday. We saved you from the jaws of an angry crocodile. That alone should make you at least  grateful.

A self proclaimed custodian of culture and norms crying just because ....hahaha the devil is a liar for real, A man asking his one time girlfriend for a refund of money you gave out on your on volition is childish. Walking around gossiping my friend like know your best friend at home. To your best friend remind him that ten shilling is for sweets.
Kiprotich vinny Mar 2019
Just like moses the promised land is never a given, sometimes those good dreams get to the grave untimely n there yu realized yu never belong to that kingdom of innuendos.
Then you realize the Serpent has devour the heart of a real man...the lights are no longer seen, what awaits is the burial of a great poor man...but resurrection ....yu never know....
Kiprotich vinny Jan 2019
The tide against what one used to call 'unbwogable' is growing by the day.
The coilership is on trial,
I am no longer the baptized General
Me have a new name,
a rumour monger.
To the compact majority that comprises of fools okayed this perhaps for me to pay for my ***** sins
Indeed spirits not to blame.

Hatred has been borne
In my heart love has evaporated,
Will be lying if I don't speak my filthy mind.
Rapport died two years after its birth,
Paves way and now the birth of Hatred.
Shall sink alone in this not even the so called bad spirits are to blame.
I blame my  naive heart.
Which has always been swayed easily.
Hurt like never before.
Kiprotich vinny Dec 2018
As the year gets to the mouth of its grave,
let me tell you something,  
perhaps what yu dont know
to everyone who has helped me or wished me well n all my readers
i love u over n over again.
Kiprotich vinny Nov 2018
Perhaps  my judgement was wrong,
Besides my thoughts were moved by a scammer.
But I need say what is in my heart,
Maybe just  by the say,
Expression of a dead opinion anyway.

Heaven is not like  attending class,
There are no cats, I mean papers,
There are not rats too to nagate scam,
Imagine kneeling down on the church auditorium taking the sacraments.
In the full glare of other hypocrites, gods are not to blame anyway,

True  Christians need feel ashamed,
And for once do the right thing.
Just for the love of God, and avoid burdening imaginary gods.
Let's be fair for once.... You scammer fit hypocrite
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