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The grass is so green
Right here where we walk
And the sky above is the blue
About which only we can talk
The playful hills roll
And the dipping valleys sprawl
The long trees in the wind blow
And the birds in the air call
Here in this blanket we lay as lovers
And we do it all
Someday in the future we will look back
And think how foolish and reckless we were
The birds and the bees
Are all fine and dandy to me
But when I'm dying over you
Why can't you just see
When I say I love you
It means everything to me
Up and down
No more spinning
Like a perfect crime
Around the corner
Mud on his shirt
Staying with the
Reeds flowing back
the Prettiest thing in the world
He’s a thinker

So I ran to him the other day
He was looking up the Milky Way
He said It’s precious
But what can you see
Or hear or smell or feel it’s real

He’s a thinker on my way
He’s a thinker of our day
He’s a thinker don’t be surprised
He’s a thinker of our life
He’s a thinker

Quite small
Jump into me
A little bit dry
So let me milk you
Well I gotta admit
the ******* of it is
As simple as we used to be
I am a thinker
You don’t know me

A drunk silly little Irish cat
He’s gay and he used to be my pet
Listen, one day he told me
He’s gonna walk away
From my broken roof that he can’t stay

I’m a thinker on your way
I’m a thinker of your day
I’m a thinker don’t be surprised
I’m a thinker of your life
I’m a thinker

Straight up
Here come the dreamers
Colour their insanity
Behind your paradise
Well in this filthy world you live
No-one really gives a ****
They won’t listen until you died
Wasted in Black and White
You’re the thinker

You let them kiss your pretty face
And ***** you with their ***** says
You’re naked and you started to smile
With tears fallin’ from your eyes

You’re a thinker on my way
You’re a thinker of our day
You’re a thinker don’t be surprised
You’re a thinker of our life
You’re a thinker
This is the Lyrics of a little folk song I wrote long time ago.

When I was young and still believe in Rhyme.

and rain,
sit upon
my eyelashes.
One shows my pain, one washes it away.

The grey clouds are one with my breaking heart.
Shedding their pain
in tune with
my souls

that Grandma
is leaving me,
is easier to say than to live through.

Each slowing beat of her heart pierces me.
My second mom,
my best friend,

grace and
wisdom will
stay with me still.
I am, today, the woman she molded.

Touching so many, giving of herself.
Angel on earth,
soon to be
This is written in the poetic form of "Tetractys"  The scheme is a syllable count of 1,2,3,4,10...then reverse the count 10,4,3,2,1 and so on
what you do to me

and what you make me feel

shows it plain to me

I dont want to live a day without you

for a day without you

is a day without rain

a day without shine

a day without food

and a day without water

a day without you

is not really a day at all

for a day without love

isnt worth living at all
Spinning in circles.

I watch myself
into nothing.

I stand
as still as possible.
Trying to make it go away.
Trying to find myself.

She isn't there.
You don’t want to hear how beautiful you are, or how your kiss takes my breath away.

You don’t want to hear how you make me feel, or that I could get lost in your eyes for days.

You don’t want to hear how bad I want you, or how perfect you are.

You don’t want to hear that I could never stop thinking about you, or how I missed your touch.

I know you don’t want to hear these things but I don’t care, you need to know.
To believe in a purpose
Under the dark surface
Hides away those scars
That are visible like stars

The darkness in the soul
A darkness that will grow
Grows and reaches out
Before you can shout

Millions hidden in the dark
Shadows alive like a spark
Shadows eating you alive
With no chance to suvive

So let us all hide away
And wait for light of day
Until the time we know
When shadows will go
Now that things are truly on the level -
That what I think of you,
And likewise, you of me -
Is clear in the open,
Swaying in the steady breeze of change,
Raised to the sky by the connection of lips,
Has drawn you ever more often
Into the train of my thoughts.

As if that was necessary,
Considering that before all of this
Not a beat of my heart
Passed without you on my mind.

The distance between us
That previously caused me grief and longing,
Now conjures a quiet and melancholy behavior
From one normally more rambunctious
Than the most playful puppy.

I still have fun and can be happy,
But nothing can compare
To that unparalleled exhilaration
Of standing near to you, holding you tight,
Wishing the world would hold still,
Even if only for a moment
To prolong that maelstrom of emotions in my head.

And the only thought that seems to creep into my head is -
          I miss you.
And if I had my way,
I'd keep you within arms reach forever.
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