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Kimber Smith Mar 2014
The notes rang true through the night.
The silent note, loneliness.
It sat at the base of throats, at the bottom of hearts.
The sun set, the moon shines, the world sleeps.
But the note still rings.
Bottle after bottle in the grave.
Memories drank too strong to be forgave.
We sit with empty eyes and empty glasses
long nights and not enough passes of too many cigarettes and to many forget its.
We are the lonely, silent note.
The world sleeps
we still ring.
our cries still sing. Bottles hitting pavements still ring
screams into pillows over sorrow still ring.
The world goes on.
Kimber Smith Nov 2013
You talked about yourself in a way that put me down.
Things can't be the way they once were now...
The way you danced put stars in the sky on a stormy night
Now your hanging eyes will never see another light.
Sadness is dangerous, just like your smile.
You faked all the laughter for a hundred miles.
Life isn't for the weak and you could never get on your feet.
I see the terror you had when i look in the mirror.
The terror that plagued you when you tried to be happy.
I see it in me.
Bruised arms and bruised lines, I see you in my eyes.
You're in my eyes.
Kimber Smith Sep 2013
There came a time when your love for me started to fade. The light in your eyes had a different sort of shade.
The kisses became few, maybe one, maybe two. I wore you thin with all my heart, all my skin.
I think about the way your lips went crooked when you smiled, the way you got excited about seeing me like a new Disney movie for a child.
If love is real and love is long then why didn't the feeling outlast the song? I die inside thinking about the things you said and all the rings I heard in  my head when I called your name...
You and I...Me and you...Now there's nothing. And nothing left to do.
Kimber Smith Aug 2013
We talked to each other like lovers often do.
You gasped when I touched your leg and I laughed.
I cried when you left and you smiled.
The days crept together at the close and I knew it was over.
I began to panic as I tried to think of ways to keep you.
I still think about you but I imagine that you're REALLY gone.
Because the idea that you live just up the street is too hard to handle.
It's almost been four years and can you believe I still remember?
The way your hand fit perfectly in mine and how I wanted nothing more than to please you.
The story was flawed and so were the circumstances... And though it was young...
it was strong and it will never leave my heart.
Kimber Smith Jul 2013
Do you ever think about the stars and how much they see?
The moon and the sun, the birds and the bees.
From prying eyes we hide things we don't want to be.
But the wonders of the world, they see everything.  
We apologize to those that we let down,
do the stars ever cry for things they've found?
The shadows we cast puts the sun to shame
But to us, all the things without a voice are just that-
Kimber Smith Jul 2013
Breast to breast, cheek to cheek.
I had your hand and you my soul to keep.
The blood ran innocent as young sin but you were gasping, dying to get in.
We made promises, promises we couldn't keep.
We made love, love that didn't last past the sun peak.
When 17 came you were gone, little to no goodbye, never again did we speak.
Drain the bottle over and over, searching for your smile
I'd walk for days and hundreds of miles, i'd walk all night to see your light.
Broken and lost I made mistakes, did you make the same or was your side of the love all fake?
Kimber Smith May 2013
I thought about licking the tears from your chin. I thought about kissing the salt water from your veins. I thought about ******* the hurt from your heart. I thought about licking the hate from your eyes. I thought  about kissing the dust from your smile. I thought about ******* the dread from your lungs. "Give me a reason to keep on living" you'd whisper in my ear but i'll give you a thousand and keep your for a million years. It's hard to think of a world free of your grace so i'll do anything you say to save a little face. "it's hurts to be alive so I might as well die" You breathe into my mouth but i'll give you the breath of life just to see one more day by your side. Hurting is easy when you have a hand to hold at night and lips to kiss at daylight, through it all you're not a lost soul you just wandered off into the night.
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