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killjoy Jan 2018
the whole world used to be terra nullius
until humanity came along
they sticked their hand
claiming this is mine, mine, mine
killjoy Jan 2018
when people says
you are annoying
they are looking down on you
thinking they are on the higher ground

you have 2 choices:
bring them down to your height
or raise them up to your level
as it matter which position
you see yourself in
killjoy Jan 2018
i hoped to be that light
that shined at night
the light that does not let nothingness consume
because the nature of the light was to be bright

i wished to be that lighthouse
that shone for abandon cause
much like the lost sailor drifting on top of bottomless sea
sailing through the storm that was like the slaughterhouse

i believed to be the shining knight
that had ability to judge and smite
that carried out justice and revolted against the cruel injustice
the world seemed so simple to write; how short was my insight

but somehow i have become the lost
searching for the heat, but i feel the frost
sometimes i was the night that would consume the light
feeling nothing than hurting seemed to be worth the cost

but oh what a false thought
for the light i lost and fought
was something that was dear to my very own heart
but i'm only left with the nostalgic afterthought

i see others' light
i wish i could have their might
different lights with different kinds showing erie sense of their life
i can see, feel, hear and taste their past, present and future flight

i tried to regain my light
not having my thoughts in a cockfight
but it's so hard to rekindle and protect the ashes of the dead light
it would be far easier to risk a poisonous rattlesnake's bite

but at twinkling of the twilight
for me, not all is a lost goodnight
i have friends and families that does not let me give up
and perhaps a moral compass that still keeps me upright

so i'm preparing my dead light
can once more be ignite
by a dry wind carrying a spark or a passing of the accidental wick
it will lit like a forest fire, spreading far and wide with upmost delight

so hold your light tight
most close to your heart fright
show the way for those who have lost their light and thus their sight
be the one to guide lost souls even with a tear drop of your moonlight
killjoy Jan 2018
feels like I have no time to write
with school, part time job and extra things
I have prioritized over my likes
but that's an excuse I tell myself
when it's so simple to open up my computer
and type, type, type
rattling of my keyboard
without a care in the world
about anything and everything
just me and my thoughts
killjoy Nov 2017
i think i like myself better
when i'm angry
i become just a little bit more
honest and true
if not at all, bit cruel

but no longer afraid of
what others think of me
a moment when i realize
it doesn't matter more than
my own expression of my emotion

sorry if my anger
scares you away
but i like myself better
when i'm angry
so let me hulk out
killjoy Nov 2017
Don't you think it's strange
When the countries claim to support
Multiculturalism and diversity
But so on people go on to say
The food you eat is gross

It's fine, no need to say it
If they offer you some, then simply reject it
What happened to acceptance and tolerance
When all they seems to compensate for are
Western food, do you not feel this way?

There are plenty more;
The cloth you wear is strange, let them be hijab, burka and so many more
The religion you follow is weird, let them be Sikhs, Jains and so many more
I don't like your ethnicity, let them be Chinese, Muslim and so many more
I don't like your gender identity, let them be female, transgender and so many more
I don't like your ****** identiy, let them be gay, lesbian and so many more

We are the minority and always under-represented within majority
Feeling like stifled, palms sweaty as we know we have target behind out back
Identity we have and must continue to protect
For that's what makes who we are

But to which standard are we conforming to?
To which standard are we assimilating to?
(why don't you fill in the blank, as plenty people knows,
western rules and the majority are cruel)
They said we had free will, a human right from democracy
But societal pressure comes and claim the right to express culturally

So I ever so hate the country and the people
For all the promises seem to turn out to be broken
People cry out for them to go back to their original countries
when they have just like others, earned their right to stay
when they have no place to go back to, only in their head
killjoy Nov 2017
let me tell you i ain't so sweet
appearance can ever be so deceiving
since i already imagined killing you
not once but twice in my tiny head

let me tell you i ain't so sweet
two face i have and many more to go
i have mountains of masks under the hood
smile and cry i can do without betting an eye

let me tell you i ain't so sweet
innocent and young i may look to be
i know the rule of the game like back of my hand
a master of puppetry is what i am

let me tell you i ain't so sweet
will stab you with a knife if i wish
play you with my favourite toys
so sharp and keen that slices paper thin

let me tell you i ain't so sweet
as i never try to please your eyes
but go my way to make you cry
if you ever mistaken me to be ever so sweet

well, it's your fault for having expectation of me
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