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Apr 2014 · 373
The Cat
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
The cat sits in the window what does it really see.
Ghosts from ages past creatures we don't understand.
Tail is twitching body is poised, mesmerized by the world outside.
Hours pass the shadows pass the cat sits on the window ledge.
Frozen in space and time the cat sits with dignified poise.
The cat knows himself and is deep inscrutable.
For every house is incomplete without him,
And not blessed without one.
Apr 2014 · 890
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
A lonely soldier in the war field of mind,
Fights with pen not a sword cause his hands are tied.
Fighting for freedom all freedoms,
Even freedom of mind.
The soldier fights for his flag, for his country, for his life.
The dream of a soldier lies beyond the battlefield,
You can see it in their eyes.
Take a moment to stop and pray, for it is they who fight and bleed and die, everyday.
The soldier keeps us safe from things to come, by being on the front line where there might be none.
Those that never were one shall never know the glory of that special comradeship for they were brothers in arms.

Written April 18th 2014
Apr 2014 · 1.5k
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
The sun god ascends from the watery depths, The sun god spreads his wings.
The reborn phoenix soars towards the open skies.
The light pervades the darkness, clouds in the sky take on some color.
The hues transform they are multicolored.
The world holds it's breath with calm understanding.
Heavenly fire awakens life with it's warming embrace.

Written April 16th 2014
Apr 2014 · 553
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Mountains rising out the ground, Sparkling like crystal in the sunlight,
They Sparkle like forbidden jewels.
Forever they will stay unchanged as the ages pass. Under grey skies it does stand cold.
Mountains old and mountains new, slow they grow wet winds erode.
Living, giving, watching.
Creature of heaven, Shelter to all, survivor
Of the ancient time.
Mountains we conquer some are in our mind, we look the mountains awe.
The mountains will stand forever more

Written April 14th 2014
Apr 2014 · 307
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
As darkness falls across the bay,
A raven of black folds it's wings in a soft embrace.
The pale moonlight shines through the darkness, through the trees so pale.
The still air of the darkness black will tell no tales. Dark is dark so let it be.
In the dark i stand alone,
In the dark you hear me me scream, in the dark the screams will stay. In the dark i scream in pain. In the dark there is no light.
Here comes the darkness i cannot breath. I struggle with the chains of darkness so i can be free!.
Apr 2014 · 344
Falling Tears
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
So vulnerable and weak,
Helpless, powerless cannot speak.
Body is shaking the tears start to fall.
The darkness surrounds me it's get cold.
My world is so lonely even though i have someone to hold.
All that is left is pain never ending rain,
Falling like tears.
My heart calls out to the heavens a prayer to end it all,
The perfume of heavenly tears does fall.
Apr 2014 · 491
The smell of rain
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Clouds are black and white.
Running fast to fill the sky.
The scent of rain fills the air.
A storm brews on the horizon.
Falling water drops stain the ground like tears.
Apr 2014 · 387
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
What do i do,
If both are weapons,
My silence and my words,
My regrets from all corners.
All channels are breaking.
In the criss- crossing the shadows,
We admire the power of words.
Learning the tightrope of reality spread thin.
Apr 2014 · 293
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Unopened buds,
Plants become awakened.
Lifted eyes to bright sunshine.
Heavens scent ,
Life is renewed again.
Apr 2014 · 399
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Mother earth,
Creator of the starry heavens.
The Windswept harmony of rhythm
Creator of harmonious color.
Mystery surrounds us all.
Apr 2014 · 161
Streets of Gold
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
You tread along the streets of gold,
That lie within my heart
It seems as if you've always been there
Like I've loved you from the start
A stronger love I've never known
It has control over me
I've tried to find someone new,
I've remembered how i cried.
But there's no one else too take your place in my heart.
There's nothing else for me to say
Except that I love you

Written April 10th 2014
Apr 2014 · 477
Natures Breath
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Listen to the trees as they sway in the wind.
Their leaves tell their secrets.
Listen to the wind blow through the air it's natures breath.
Feel the wind whip the waves into peaks, that's natures breath.
The air all around that everything must breath over and over,
Forever and ever that's natures breath.
Nature's breath gently touches my skin it's trying to tell me something.
Feeling gentle murmuring and whispering it makes me tingle, I feel the vibrations it's nature's breath.
The rose that has wilted but a new bud has arisen released from it's prison that's natures breath.
Apr 2014 · 351
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Silence washes over me with a quietness that only the wind could break.
I search for a way to ease my pain,
To push it away from my body.
The silence i seek i use to ease my soul.
Silence makes me a deep thinker,
Silence grows my wisdom,
Silence wipes my sad tears.
Silence makes me a peace keeper.
Silence is a glorious enigma.
Apr 2014 · 2.1k
The stag
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Musky body, amber eyes, coat of red.
Smokey breath that hangs in the morning air.
A full spread of antlers on a glorious head.
He is the child of herne the lord of the wild hunt.
King of the woods is this stag his roar echoes off the trees, it rings in the air.
A challenge to all who enter his domain.
He owns his space, he stakes his claim there in the ragged wood.
Apr 2014 · 593
The Bear
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Over the wintery forests,
Wind howls with no leaves to blow.
There are none so savage as the bear,
Fearsome, red in tooth and claw.
Coming forth from the frozen north to commune with nature and me.
The noble beast is best left in peace.
Strong like mountain, fearless like tiger,
The fire burns within the spirit.
Wise dark gaze, voice of quiet or roar.
He rises with purpose.
He is Powerful in body and mind.
Roamer,loaner he walks the forest floor.
The bear guides through dreams and dangers unseen.
He walks as an animal, he stands as a man,
He remains eternal he is the bear.

Written April 9th 2014
Apr 2014 · 352
My Cats
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
My cats have always been there for me, they are my spiritual guides,
They have always been there for me even when I've cried.
They bring me joy whatever the situation.
They wrap around my legs.
I can always hear one snoring whenever they have a nap.
I always get pestered come breakfast time.
I get my usual meow of thanks.
It always makes my heart sigh with the way they look at me.
They help to take away my pain.
My home would be empty without them.
Apr 2014 · 171
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
In a sea of darkness i search for the light, for that i once held dear.
I felt i had been pushed out of the light,But hope was always near.
To ask for help and hope i thought was weak, but i saw the light a hope to hold onto.
Everybody suffers everybody breaks,
To hold onto hope isn't weak it makes us strong.
Even in the darkest times hope shines a light.
Apr 2014 · 2.3k
Teapot Cat
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
See the teapot cat on the shelf,
What history has it seen and felt?.
Even though it ain't alive,
It still has the energy of history and time.
Apr 2014 · 211
The Sea
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
I sit by the sea watching wave upon wave.
I see the sea stretch out for an eternity.
I watch the waves flood the shore.
I feel the surging emotion of the sea wash through me.
I see the colors of the sea change it's hue,
From green to grey to azure blue.
The sea is a mystery to all but, alive with a reality that it dominates the earth.
Apr 2014 · 1.0k
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Fate is cruel fate is just.
Fate can mean a million things.
Fate can change day by day.
Fate will live another day.
Fate depends on who you are.
Fate can be your shining star.
Who decides your fate?.
Apr 2014 · 1.7k
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Courage is what makes us.
Courage can be what breaks us.
Courage is what drives us.
Courage divides the weak.
Courage makes us free.
Courage controls our instincts.
Courage makes us face our fears.
Courage is what it takes to stand out and and be proud of who we are.
Apr 2014 · 201
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Rain falls like tears that weigh heavy on my heart.
Rain fails to wash away the memories that have haunted me, that have followed me.
Like a broken doll that is waiting to be fixed do i feel the rain fall on me.
Hollow is the shell that is my body and mind for it is broken, it waits for the rain.
I hunt for that which is lost in the shadows in the rain.
Apr 2014 · 6.1k
Kelly O'hara Apr 2014
Identity is a complex thing.
Identity can be a mask.
Identity can be fake or real.
Identity look at me what do you see?
For identity i can make any sacrifice.
A darkened shade of invisible expression is the anonymous hand of identity, cursed with to much freedom.
Searching for identity it doesn't seem enough.
The need for identity why doesn't it seem to have any meaning?.
I search for an identity a dynamic being called me.
Mar 2014 · 224
A heart's Shadow
Kelly O'hara Mar 2014
I sit here in the dark i feel my hearts shadow beat fiercely.
Time passes slowly like the sun moving through the heavens.
The shadows pass as feel the emotions flow through me.
My heart's shadow divides me like right and wrong.
Like  dark and light does a heart's shadow move.
Jan 2014 · 565
Kelly O'hara Jan 2014
See the soldiers row upon row,
Carrying all their burdens and woes.
They fight and they bleed all for you.
For valiant they fall fighting for freedom.
The soldier fights for their flag, their family, your freedoms.
The soldiers fight for right and wrong.
This not a nightmare or a dream, this is where people scream.
The soldiers stand tall in the streets, they bleed without a sound.
These soldiers are just names and tags when they end up in body bags.
Remember these soldiers keep the peace,
They are soldiers who live and die so we can stay free.
Jan 2014 · 227
Song of the earth
Kelly O'hara Jan 2014
Hear the song of the earth,
Feel it's power and strength.
Hear it's cry.
Hear the cry of nature.
Feel the earth, water, air and fire,
Feel the spirits of the earth.
Jan 2014 · 532
The beach
Kelly O'hara Jan 2014
I sit upon the sandy shore,
Watching the waves flow back and forth.
The breeze caresses my face, it whips my hair,
It encloses my body acknowledging I'm there.
I walk the dunes  i feel at ease, i see the sea calm and still.
As the day begins to end i sit upon the beach,
To watch the sunset  reach it's peak.
I stood in the sand on the beach observing nature at it's peak.
Jan 2014 · 453
Moments in time
Kelly O'hara Jan 2014
Moments in time are lost like tears in the rain.
Moments never stay standing still.
Moments are to be cherished like loves  first kiss.
In a moment a million tears will fall.
In a moment a heart will break.
A moment is taking one step at a time.
In past moments memories are recalled.
As the seconds pass we look back on moments we have lost.
Jan 2014 · 697
You complete me
Kelly O'hara Jan 2014
You  Know you complete me,
Our love is true.
I know I've never met anyone quite like you.
You're beautiful yet strong and commanding,
Our love life at time can be quite demanding.
Our obsession is inevitable, our attraction undeniable.
You fill a void no other can touch.
You know you complete me you know that much.
Jan 2014 · 2.1k
Kelly O'hara Jan 2014
Soul deep, Soul sleeps,
Deep inside of you.
Souls scattered through space and time,
Souls and spirits divided,
Hearts together united.

— The End —