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Nov 2012 · 1.6k
My Frenchman in a Cage
Keith J Collard Nov 2012
After the battle done did rage,
my spoil of war, a frenchman,
I put in my basement in a cage,
this rarity I would not relinquish,
my personal love adviosr and sage.

He called me a " fatty american"
even though I was slim,
and said it was torture that
I kept bothering him.
He counted time like Louey Pasteur,
that was how he pronounced "hour."

I told him I was french in lineage,
and he said " I don't think so,
" the french are biologists,
perhaps your mother was a fungus
that grew on oak."
so I sprayed him with some water very cold,
" be nice, or you'll get the hose."

I told him, for his advice I would pay,
his currency was cow's milk from Calais,
he brightened even more after
I installed an *** tickling bidet.
and he would make, then nibble cheese,
as he was lecturing me.

" If you want the girl, you must always whisper,
and she will lean closer, and then you kiss her,"
such advice, this frenchman delivered.

We became bon amis, with each other pleased,
but he needed more than a bidet and cheese.
" You can either have a french wife,
or an oven for cooking bread,"
before I  even finished what I said,
" Oui, a bread oven I'll have instead."

So every night, I spent by his iron side,
Descarte and Victor Hugo we would recite,
" and against the british we helped you fight"
" and you still owe us money," he said calmly,
as he offered me a baget and I took a bite.

" We french, know the power
of the mushroom and the bedroom,
that is why we avoid the scuffle,
would rather marinate our truffle."
I gobbled up his words,
so sweet and sauteed,
and admired the clothes he made,
and he made me some
so I  "could get laid."

Then the news came, a peace treaty,
war and my personal frenchman were finished,
the United States were now
at war with the Finland,
" Right when we just started to begin,"
I yelled and he nodded his chin,
" What the hell am I gunna do with a Finn."

So I released the frenchman back into the wild,
crying like a mother seeing off her child,
I had to push and shove, he would not go,
but we had to part for the sake of love,
he dillied and dallied and bent low,
picking mushrooms that wild grow.
" For the sake of love, just go,"
I yelled, and threw a baget at him,
and he retreated into the woods,
and I wiped the tears from my eye,
and everytime I see frills or  fungi,
I think of that time, I had a frenchman in a cage,
and as I talk to the finn,
****** ,.it just ain't the same.
Nov 2012 · 2.6k
Blink For Me Stone Rabbit
Keith J Collard Nov 2012
Blink for me stone rabbit, I know this world won't have it,
but I'm in my prism state,  subtracting a grave's chiselled dates,
and your blink, I'll equate, my stone rabbit,
to be magic, and safe in my prism state.

It will end soon, so let go of your bronze balloons,
my brother and sister cherubs pale as moon,
only through tears, your dance appears,
so let go and play-- before prismatic tears go away.

Flap in teacup bath, my still-sparrow of alabast,
to these chimes--in nature's draft,
they blot lines, as do my eyes,
on this grave-- a prism from tears are cast.

Blink for me stone rabbit, bring me some magic,
I know this world won't have it,
But in my prism state, subtracting chiselled dates,
a grille, of melting icicle--is my graveyard gate,
diffusing light like a fountain pond,
the tears running down my face--
dance cherubs to the sparrow's song,
blink for me, in locket symmetry--in stone magic--my stone rabbit.
Oct 2012 · 1.1k
Deigning with the Divine
Keith J Collard Oct 2012
" So what color are my eyes?"
they are the color of mine,
Ah yes, but a blue lake reflects my green pines,
"So whats my name?"
a name unworthy,
if not with ****** planet same,
unreachable for all who fain.
taking away the breaths
of all who came.
" So what do you do?"
I do what I did,
no longer, now that I met you.
" Smooth, so whats in my drink?"
Goddesses drink ambrosia I think,
and snapping to attention,
with a 'clink',
is eternal ice serving as your heat sink.
" Such words, sharp as your jawline."
And that is why your beauty I decline,
If you have me you will no longer be divine.
Keith J Collard Oct 2012
Since thy first lady declare,
that we wageth war,,
and against obesity dare,
I will hunt the fat kid,
tho he affrights me,
the first lady did knight me,
and I succeeded in the grail,
and blood marked that trail,
but popcorn spilled from his pale,
giving my hounds the scent,
downhill like a wounded lazy dear he went,
The Behemoth,
who esteemeth my sword as straw,
to sip chocolate milk,
with burps defying Queen's law.
DAGGER against my spear of poplar
is ice-cream sandwich in hand of globular,
but I must admit,
I fear the headlock in his sweaty pits,
I must keep a spears distance,
away from his buttery mits,
he has vanguished many knights into that hellish abyss,

My first lady biddeth,
I will not delay, I will not tarry,
to slay the fat kid,
and hire 12 commoners to carry.
The First Lady is Michelle Obama
Oct 2012 · 1.6k
The Penile Bone
Keith J Collard Oct 2012
Science does not understand,
why all mammals have ***** bones,
besides Man.

Until They dug up Neanderthal woman,
and it was her in her hand.

and with a ***** more flaccid,
we have grown,
and there is no fashion,
of chicks picking ,
teeth with our ****** bone.
Oct 2012 · 2.8k
Hurricane Sandy
Keith J Collard Oct 2012
Antennas sink,
anchors rise,
the sky is a Great White,
coming for a land capsized,
Wade towards the breakers,
For the house's lamps to glow,
The sky swims fast,
The arc flash moves slow,
Antennas now anchors--
The great white sky on patrol.
Oct 2012 · 2.8k
Warm Pub
Keith J Collard Oct 2012
Cold street, warm pub,
slits like neon--warm up,
smile from chin to jeans,
a warm V, warms me,
sour beer, sweet waitress,
a sad and teased egress.

I form a V with my digits,
and give it a kiss,
exhale hot into air that's frigid.
if only sweet waitress.
Oct 2012 · 1.6k
The Oak Tree
Keith J Collard Oct 2012
When the witch with many joints,
Jagged on autumn sky anoints,
From base black,burnt, long cold,
Evaginate entrance from spell of volt,
Two limbs with pillory choke,
Casting shadow,entrancing me--
Then I awake when I hear a moan,
And lo! lightning snaps the other bone.
Sep 2012 · 504
Keith J Collard Sep 2012
I shall put the ' meaning of life"
at the center of my prose,
protected by paragraphs,
it shall be safe, unread,
and never known.
Sep 2012 · 853
Keith J Collard Sep 2012
"So what are your eyes seeing?"
Only deaths of beautiful human beings,
while the hideous pass on by fleeing.
"So, in what do you believe?"
That to the back,
comes the knife from the sleeve.
and with your wife, he will sleep.
"If any, who do you pray to?"
Devil, god, wind--anything that is fatal,
or the unlikely, like a princess in the fable.
"In lieu of these things, there are not many options,
what do you see yourself being?"
A very lonely man, writer and tragedian.
I am aware of the non standard use of ' seeing'
Sep 2012 · 3.9k
Keith J Collard Sep 2012
Forsythia enflamed,
with not yet budded rose,
together in bed,
together they grow.

thorn on bark climbed,
coming of red rose,
but yellow flames,
fell away long ago.

Rose petals,
Become rose hips,
No golden beauty,
His petals slip,
A wedding photo,
a wedding kiss,
Perrenial memories,
They always miss.

And not for him,
She fits into wedding dress,
And not for her he will look his best,
Hot summer and early spring,
Meet and marry with no engagement ring.

Together in bed, they grow old,
hugging in the autumn cold,
no more vain red rose,
no more gold to behold,
Not blooming for bees not blooming for snow,
No blooming for others, nor blooming for show.
Sep 2012 · 2.5k
U.S Blood Sweat Snails
Keith J Collard Sep 2012
Mom what are these snails,
with blood and sweat trails?
lumbering mountians, hauling heavy shells,
jumping in beer--killing themselves,
Why do they still patrol
the garden flag poles,
writhing in pain,
salt in flesh--burning holes,
Mother, the neighbors have no flag,
but they have a saltshaker to wave?
crushed shell--only way they listen to them,
rejoicing--at salted skin--wetly glistening.

But I feel I must do the same,
Well before the recruiter came,
I know what he sells,
The salty brimstone of hell,
But these Blood Sweat Snails in the dirt,
Jumping on grenades,
Absorbing brimstone bursts.
Truly are the salt of the Earth.
Aug 2012 · 1.3k
Calm Cool Night
Keith J Collard Aug 2012
There is something of the calm cool night,
no jacket, no shiver, no mosquito bite.
no steam, no ice, it is betwixt,
internal fire --safe in interstice.
You can lie down under stars --as is.
I dip my pen, in what wraps this poem tight,
the penumbral peace --of a calm cool night.
Keith J Collard Aug 2012
I had a forest tryst
with Amanita,
after it rained,
I went to see her.

Dank and slain,
suited to decompose:
her bed; and as I sank--
in ballet bare-toe
the white angel arose.

She was flawlessly pale,
and 'round her neck,
still, a wedding veil.

She slipped the straps 'round her neck,
befalling her gown at my request,
she slowly turned in place,
for her suitor to inspect,
never did comely beauty,
on Jerusalem bedeck,

On her head sat,
a white knit -cap,
to it her veil was attached,
I could not gaze on her form,
till I got past this piece she worn.

I asked my love,
to doff her bridal wear.
" My love, my groom
wears my chastity belt round my hair."

Then I could not resist,
I brought the veil up,
and gave her a kiss,
a gentle curse,
she spoke to my lips,
in great thirst I sipped,

Alas, then I saw the ring,
she pulled back,
and deep in my eyes she looked in.
through her gown
in the mire I started to sink,

I felt her gown moving through me,
with the poison of her Gothic beauty.
On her spectral white,
not even the fly alights,
I commit suicide twenty times over,
by taking a bite.

She smiled to my fear,
in her eyes, heaps of bones,
and whispered in my ear,
to whom she was betrothed.
Keith J Collard Aug 2012
Her snowcap dress disappears,
as forest on compass interferes.
She can not be azimuth for escape,
why some left trail of yellow tape.
bowing usher points on with blighted limb,
retching out its own hemlock gin.
path in is beaten, with log and stone,
crevices drown a webbed saliva moan.
path out is unbeaten and hard to find,
from death's brambles on the mind.

All trees seem to want to die,
no effort to brush off strangling vine.
where you think they have broke loose,
swaying ropes that once had noose.

And where there is light, is mossy glen,
just enough, for one last note to pen.
dolls, cloths, skulls make up forest litter,
shoes, bottles, and smiling family picture.

With the only surviving sounds so faint and sickly,
Scraping nylon tent--a starving man on day sixty.
The songbirds break the silence,
A cruel happy tune,
They see dark doom in ultraviolet,
the panicked slit wrists and  poison diet,
create failed trails ,
that don't escape and help to hide it.

"The wood line, I made it out"--the cruelest thought,
Mount Fuji's white dress through the trees up top ,
They see themselves smiling,
It is, and it is not,
a happy photo,
identifying their skulls stained green by moss.
Aug 2012 · 807
Tattoo On a Hot Chick
Keith J Collard Aug 2012
I like ink,
and  I like chicks,
and I like ink mixed with skin,
but I also like skin,
with only sweat mixed in.
Aug 2012 · 835
My Forest
Keith J Collard Aug 2012
If I ever devote my love,
to a fellow devotee,
will be my escape of Forest,
where I was her escapee.
Aug 2012 · 1.5k
The Trojan Tree War
Keith J Collard Aug 2012
A blue jay with crested plume,
and fierce face,
batters a beetle off the mighty Ash.
Trees of sword and spear contrast,
balanced ****** against maple ax.
Odysseus bravery, and Achilles' hate,
depicted on Ash's underside lanceolate.
even when oak leans in for slash,
with jagged sword serrate,
****** through heart and out the back.
But another tree does wear greaves,
with top heavy slash of bronze cordate,
poplar with xiphos of patina leaves.
speared through brain and cheek plate.
and red bud vaunting behind bossed sheild,
throw of spear,
much red blood on dust congealed.
" Run cowards, back to the forest of fairy's,"
" you are the son's of rock moss,
whereas I am the son of Aries."
But then the Sumac, took from it's quiver,
it's poison tipped arrow and shot thither,
" Trojan, promise my body burial honours,"
but they cut him up, and stripped his armour,
but when Achilles finds out, he will avenge..........{keeeeeith, dinner time}

Sounds and sights, as I watched this bird,
clashing armour, war cries heard.

(this poem is about a boy imagining the Trojan war after reading the Illiad, and learning that the greeks made there spears out of the Ash Tree.  He sees all the leaf shapes of the trees as weopons, which actually were the models for the greek sword and spear.also arrow.)
****, I forgot that Aries supported the Trojans, and Patroclus(achilles main man) died from apollo...maybe " Apollo slapped me on the back, but my father is stacked" might suffice.things that make u go hmmmm.
Aug 2012 · 755
My Angel In Heaven
Keith J Collard Aug 2012
I am tired and want to die,
I am not Atlas, but still
try to hold up the sky.

But it is not your sky I hold up,
it is her heaven, over violent sea.
she needs my help--I need help,
sunset-- I am down to knee.

If my arms weaken--
I lose faith,
my young angel,
will disappear into ocean--
without trace.

Every morn I stand,
somedays refreshed;
when ocean is quiet,
and clouds resemble
sunday dress.

My angel in heaven,
sea spray can lash my face,
wind can howl in my ears--
I will still hold your heaven in place,
from falling in the ocean of tears.
Aug 2012 · 643
The Dragon Fly (part 2)
Keith J Collard Aug 2012
A dragon fly, sits on a low wire,
with cross swords on his back,
looking like a gymanst,
  on the pommel horse,
balanced for the attack.
I drag my ciqerette, then give it a tap,
as fast as a gas fire,
the dragon gobbles up all my ash.
Keith J Collard Aug 2012
Colonial mansion, in an ocean of grass,
windows aglow as I walk past.
funeral service now used of verandah,
but I hear music, not mournful stanza.
french doors open to a reminisce,
with boyhood heart, of vitreous.

Footfalls on parquet floors,
tux and gown past crown moulded doors.
captured ambiance of a setting sun,
shown from chandeliers highly hung,
day I was born, born the day of prom,
I smiled cordially, and my date fawned.

Girls betrothed by corsage on wrist,
rare french curls--a lunar eclipse.
bedraggled boys now dapper and genteel,
vest and bow-tie, a knightly feel.
chapperesses smiling at maidenly gait,
happy drowse in  mansion estate.

Cuff-links, silk gloves, nail polish of gloss,
beheld tonics and sweets, carefully aloft.
opening cord, an arrow from cupid's bow,
striking coquettes to their tippy toes.
they sprang to dance,I stepped back,
invisible in shadow with tux of black.

Shoulders, lake ripples easing to shore,
hips, gentle waves, right before they pour.
boys stiff, as if waists beheld sabers,
legs, sweeping brooms of on shore waiters.
"your too handsome to stay here unseen,"
said rivaling chaperess, past semblance of queen.

"You should dance ,"said glittered lips of pink,
bent like sparrow wings, during teacup drink.
privy to why in shadow I hid my blush,
her class my crush, that crushed me so much.

She strained me, even the shadows she gave,
black silk, stretching,--convex and concave.
crude metal and wood classroom seat,
clasped her waist of slender physique.
she was guarded by a window in curtain mail,
and tended to by servants of light and gale.
light loved her skin of Mediterranean sand,
and wind enthralled by each and every brown strand.

Light penetrated strands, blondly hot,
wind would blow, cooling pony tail off.
her shadow curtsied under my desk,
long legs danced in irritableness.
mourning class is abuzz with scent of prom,
flower not frost, rules the school's dawn.

I gave my consent, to an earlier invite,
then on, suitor blinded me with light.
and Great Gatsy, and looming prom night,
subjects of sparrow wings pressed tight.
" show of hands, who do not have a date?"
slender wrist arises, from an arm curvate.

alone, she shown that no one asked her,
this stone of Rome amongst boys of plaster.
hand fell with boy of teachers match,
wind shrouded her,from the window sash
rays gave discomfort,to gaze her way,
but I looked through burning ray--

To see a trace of a tear,in eyes ovate,
a goddess unsought, with sadful face.
I, poor, fatherless, could not possibly go,
to prom with princess of arched portico?
I could not interweave my hands to dance,
or know where I could place my glance.

Wind blew a scrap from her desk, indiscreet,
it was pierced by light at my feet.
"will" and "with" were dotted with a heart,
"prom" and "me" before most painful part.
my name in her beautiful free hand,
the color red from hearts inkstand.

(Class bell rings) I travel over star lit lawn,
the music gets louder as I return to prom,
eyes turn to cotton, in shadow as I ponder,
as pain was forgotten, I came upon her.
invisible hands, lifted my chin to a red shape,
our eyes met, her's smiling, mine agape.

Only a glass-maker could imagine my sight,
seeing hot curves form in dance floor light.
only a wax-wing could have rivaled her eyes,
waves gently broke to gown down her thighs.
"will you dance with me,"she softly entreated,
" I don't know how,"a coward repeated.

A princess which tournaments were held,
for which every timber of mansion were felled.
not for Rome the mansion's Corinthian column--
--for her--from quarry prom did befall them.
I could not tarnish this feminine form,
with my lineage in crown she adorned.

I turned from beauty, to dark acres tread,
under willow, I play the last thing she said--
my name--as I shunned from last chance,
now back under willow, cane marks my stance.
I have preserved her forever, shying fate,
even if it was with my own heart-break.

I still see her--in the most beautiful prom poses--
--still--as lights flicker out and a coffin closes.
Aug 2012 · 756
Rest At The Willow Tree
Keith J Collard Aug 2012
I stroll through forest, still in slumber
branches sway, as I lumber.
curtain of weeping pavillion,
infinite stars down to million.
I sit in prop root of willow's gurney,
childhood start, I end journey.
back brings hand of icy chill,
head brings hand of fever still.
skin weeps; icy branch to break,
wind's music through willow lace.
finally cared for, and feeling slumbrous,
bedding down forever, in willow umbrage.
Aug 2012 · 2.3k
American Redwood
Keith J Collard Aug 2012
I tremble from its wake,
but a petty raft,
looking upward,
as the living trireme,
rows into  Earth's blue lake.
Keith J Collard Jul 2012
Amanda, what are you staring at?
arms up, eyes part closed,
as if to say "wait,
"I lost my phone."

You alright Pandah?,
on your knees, eyes half shut,
staring at the wall,
" Im a'right," all mumbled up.

Approaching sirens.
" Pandah my Pandah"
no narcane kit,
she lay dying.

Amanda, what are you staring at?
Dad and Mom?
Jul 2012 · 713
Boston (Tramontane)
Keith J Collard Jul 2012
Coldest I ever been,
summer,start to end.
frosty breaths,
while body sweats.
pens of cold chisel,
melting isicle.
snow laden aspens,
in sun beat athens.
boast of cutting edge,
no forge, but sledge.

"love afar, spite at home,"
a city, cold as stone.

( * Ralph Emerson's Essay on charity)
Trimontane is Boston's colonial French name,Tramontane is a play on words with the def of Tramontane)
Jul 2012 · 3.3k
Ode To A Nurse
Keith J Collard Jul 2012
I have seen what nurses' eyes incurr
drained of tears, from war's allure
soothing boys with recitals,
of sweet words to dying vitals
I have seen bright red floods,
stopped by nurses scrubs
stopping blood, so hearts don't fail,
using a tourniquet of pony-tail
I have heard parents, shriek of pain
from an empty bed where kids had lain
when all had run, and with no console
A nurse stepped forward, in mother's role

"To see my 'soldier boy', here in uniform ball,"
a dying grandma's request, in a hospital,
when I could not come, and heart is to burst,
a last hug and embrace comes from a nurse.
For Priscilla
Jul 2012 · 2.2k
The Crow In Flight
Keith J Collard Jul 2012
In flight, cloud pours winged ink,
feathered in atmospheric caption,
in and out, as a cursor blinks,
gliding portal-- ground casting.

a falling feather stroking air,
day's mind--now nigrescence,
torch waving in drip drop lair,
corvid "kaaw"--all sides pressing.

blackness: it is infinite cursive,
folded 'round a writer's eyes.
A hearse' undulating curtain,
the wings-- as the crow flies.
sound of the internal chasm,
shamen of post-mortem height,
feathered pen will spasm,
with morsel--writhing in and out of light.
Jul 2012 · 1.6k
Oh My Sweet Candy Cane
Keith J Collard Jul 2012
I see you dangling from the Christmas tree/
blowing minty kisses to me/
my eye is caught by your red and white/
twisting in bower of forever-green height/
let me express my love to thee/
by singing you some lovely karokee/
please take my bow, and hook my finger/
I am better dancer than I singer
oh the snow drift must have made your skin/
with a sunset blush of red crimson.
I shall draw us in the windows fog/
and reveal that heart in breath of nog/
and even tho other candy might get jeolous/
we will still hug and kiss and let no one tell us/
that our love will be of short duration/
because man and candycane is only a tasting/
our love will always last I implore/
like your minty taste and striped contour/
oh how cute you look in my palm/
jiving to these christmas psalms/
oh but now you look so pallid/
you look all white like iceberg salad/
the sunset has left your cheeks,
snowblind, my eyes that could not see.
oh the pain my heart revealed/
that I should have kept your plastic sealed/
the kisses and licks that I have gave/
are sending you to an early grave/
oh my heart breaks seeing you so brittle/
my darling love is the size of a skittle/
so with one last kiss we will depart /
oh sweet candy cane you have broke my heart.
Jul 2012 · 4.9k
Stone Age, Stone Throw
Keith J Collard Jul 2012
Stones operate neoliths.
ritualistic circle,
open woman's head to pith.
one last flutter,
one more stone from detritus.
Keith J Collard Jul 2012
My cucumber grows
for a lovely ***,
fellow cumbers, trained,
put in rows,
cooling pinch
of old man habanero.
Cuz she is hotter than he,
in this summer heat,
so widespread her angle--
raising beans a'dangle,
as zucchini and I do wrangle,
for he has a large leaf,
but I have a long vine,
tho his girth could cover me,
I could climb higher inside,
to get to my lovely ***,
and she does not like grubs,
unearthed during their rubs,
for she told me so,

Oh my lovely ***,
*** me up, and bat me hard,
send my cucumber seeds
sailing over the neighbors yard.
Jul 2012 · 1.4k
Blue Crystalline
Keith J Collard Jul 2012
Bed of sandcrystal,
warm, in north stream,
the demi-goddess,
Blue Crystalline.

paling boys,
in her eddies,
The Courtesan,
submerging pennies.

Breathless blue hair,
water up to thighs,
fine powder skin,
makes pins of eyes.

Such bliss,
such cold clime,
no coat,
in winter time.

hushes you on,
to sandy shoal,
her island,
cindering blue coal.

river bed turns brown,
swim out of fear,
gurgling lows of pain,
but returns her chandelier

water level caresses,
down to knees,
reaching nympth,
hot bath in winter breeze.

corsette of diamonds,
sparkles in night air,
middle of river--
isolation--her lair.

unalone now, warm,
your arms she is wrapt,
go to kiss her,
only gives neck and back.

try to turn her chin
to give her a kiss,
but snowflakes,
melt with fingertips.

island diminishing,
grip her tight,
nymph in arms,
sliver of moon-light.

dissolving island,
is blue hour-glass,
cold forest speaks,
"son come back"

you huddle to the,
last cinder that's dry,
she is reflection now,
inviting you inside.

a look back to forest,
is a look up as if--
you were descending,
fathoms to an ice cold abyss.

sky and forest are gone,
veil and hearse have met,
family frames twinkle,
down to you in her depth.

such bliss,
in such cold clime,
no coat,
in winter time.
I just personified those little perc blue pills as a greek nymph chic in a winter stream, or wishing fountain.
Keith J Collard Jul 2012
Mid-dream--she comes,
'am tired, still work-clothed.
soft lullaby over threshold.

sometimes window pebble tap,
tired head in her jean lap.

but when she doesn't come,
loneliness, follows into dreams,
seductress, over threshold leaves.

a text, she must really exist,
steam in such a cold winter,
glazing my panes with mist.

lonely, tired; no ***** in daytime blur,
asleep in workboots--waiting for her. .
Keith J Collard Jul 2012
I am dying out loud,
from a wound to my hat,
how can I die,
from something like that?
I have her lettuce,
with the lettuce my poem lacks.
my hat needs an E.R,
and a brand new stat.
Jul 2012 · 735
A Dragon Fly
Keith J Collard Jul 2012
speed and burst govern the pond,
the hunting dragon fly the fastest,
but bass swallows up then absconds,
I throw my line under high hawk,
feeling good not to be preyed upon.

— The End —