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Katrina Wendt May 2014
And just when I thought I was okay
I find myself back here again
Right where this all started
Unable to repress my feelings
Undeniably in love with you
Unable to do anything about it.

The good news is
I only have to hide this from you
For five more weeks
The bad news is
I only have you
For five more weeks
Katrina Wendt Mar 2014
I might be ******* if you ever find all of my poetry about you.
Katrina Wendt Mar 2014
Let me discover your history
Let me know your deepest dreams and fantasies
I will sit for hours listening to your thoughts
I will welcome your words with anticipating silence
I want to know everything you have to say
I want to be there for all of your important moments
I want to be a part of your best memories
I long for you
As I sit in the library
Surrounded by strangers who know nothing
Missing you
Wishing you were mine
Katrina Wendt Feb 2014
please don't leave me
I know there are others
and I love them too
but i can't stand the thought of not seeing you every week.

I cried tonight
because I missed your last dance
and no one could console me
because it was the last one
and I wasn't there.

You're leaving in 4 months
and people keep trying to tell me that
as if it's a good thing you're not just leaving tomorrow
but four months is less than 6 months
It's slightly over a term away
and I can't handle that.

I cried all night
every time I thought about the fact that you were leaving
and i can't stand myself
because I was supposed to be there
and i feel like i let you down.

It will never be the same as it is now
and i'm so afraid for that time to come
now that i've met you
i don't want to live without you

please don't make me.
Katrina Wendt Feb 2014
You know
I think if I could make myself not love you
I might
But I might not
And I don’t know which would be worse
Katrina Wendt Feb 2014
It took me a few seconds
to realize what this feeling in my chest was.

A smile on my face,
a warm, full feeling in my heart.


I feel loved.
Katrina Wendt Jan 2014
a blue sticky note
smoothed out, previously crumpled
the words "I love you"
in pen
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