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Katie Worden Feb 2016
My love was an oasis
Her love was a desert
And I became hidden
In her never ending ego
Until she told told me no
That I needed to go

But I was lost
I wanted her friendship
But at what cost

My watery eyes
Her sand paper skin
Scratching away at me
Forever buried in the heat
The sun glaring down on me
Until I evaporated
Katie Worden Jan 2016
My blue eyes once held the sky
But now it only holds the sea
Tears raining down from the heavens
Crashing onto the world like waves

But it hasn't rained in years
Because I'm lost in a sea of emotions
And I'm so out of control that
I can't feel anything anymore

My cataracts hide my emotions like clouds
Because my eyes were once the sky
And they can't get over the fact that they aren't the sky anymore
So they're stuck on the horizon

Never being the sky
Never being the sea
Forever in between
My blue eyes
Katie Worden Jan 2016
Feelings are a mess
And that is okay I guess
Because I am too
Katie Worden Jan 2015
Just like a chalk board wipes away words
I wipe emotion off my face
So nobody can ever tell
I felt anything in the first place
Katie Worden Dec 2014
I wonder
About that number
During the summer

The twenty first day
When the sky isn't grey
And the sun will be on display

To those who wish to look upon it
They all have to admit
That nobody really is a misfit

Because like the planets and stars
We all have been carved
And in our own way marked

Everyone is unique
So you should not feel the need
To rudely critique

Those who are different
Have their own talent
And are not transparent
Katie Worden Dec 2014
I am going mad
But don't you dare feel sad
I don't want your pity
This isn't a "feel better committee"

I laugh at everything
And all I hear is ringing
ringing ringing ringing
Of the doorbell in my mind
Someone must be trying to get inside!

Not once have I let someone in
Do you think it could be an assassin?
Maybe this person is trying to make me sane
Well their efforts are obviously in vain

Once you are gone you can never come back
Peace of mind is what I am lacking
lacking lacking lacking
All the friends I could of had
They're not like me, they are not mad
Katie Worden Dec 2014
Black sky
Bright lights
It's all I see at the moment
The time when everything I love dies
Is still not the time I will cry

To see those lights fade away
And to see that nobody stays
Is so painful and all too wonderful to know that I was right
Because now I know why I will cry
The reason is that they all lied

So now that I know what is true
I will go on without you
I've been hurt so many times in my life
So the hurt I feel is nothing now
It is just like how you will soon turn out
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