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Jun 2015 · 1.9k
What You Reap
What You'll Reap

I got stabbed in the heart today
not the first time in my life,
betrayal stepped into my world
and cut me like a knife.
Forced to understand
the nature of my pain,
struggling to overcome
the past and what remains.
My soul is different than yours
I still love you and forgive,
that's how I make sense of this
life, I've only one to live.
Today my heart might bleed
tomorrow heaven knows,
Life's to precious to harbor anger
what you reap you'll surely sow.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 06/16/2015
Apr 2015 · 3.3k

Survival ignites our every breath
a force that dwells within,
no matter your situation
the fight for life will always win.
It lights a fire inside of you
giving hope in your darkest of days,
keeps your head above water
while riding life's turbulent waves.
Proof we're somewhat the same
in the master scheme of things,
I am me you are you
everybody dreams.
That time will never be over and
survival out reaches it's hands,
faith is a gift that keeps on giving
beyond what the heart can comprehend.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 04/15/2014
I'm in survival mode, I dream and hope just like you.
Mar 2015 · 2.1k
Ace Of Spades
Ace Of Spades

This is your life, the hand
you've been dealt,
dance the dance live it well.
They'll always be others
less fortunate than you,
who've walked into fires
you've never been through.
Yet still find hope in
the darkest of days,
taking time to celebrate.
Counting their blessings
one by one,
knowing when the day
is done.
Tomorrow will be here soon
it's course may be rocky
the road may be rough.
You may not hold the
ace of spades,
and things you dream of
might seem far away.
Nothing is ever out
of your grasp,
faith can move mountains
erasing the past.

There is always hope!

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 03/14/2015
Feb 2015 · 1.5k
America So Beautiful
America So Beautiful

From the snow capped mountain tops
glittering like diamonds when kissed by the sun,
to her golden shores with crystal blue
waters, amber sunsets when the day is done.
America so beautiful land of the brave
and the free,
I'm proud to call her home
and defend her liberty.
One nation under God
that shines above them all,
united by our differences
remembered and feared
standing tall.
America so beautiful God
give us strength I pray,
as you gave the mighty eagle
that lives to fly another day.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 02/26/2015
Feb 2015 · 2.5k
No Regrets
No regrets

Be who you are
let your purpose unfold,
there's nothing to fear
as your story is told.
May you walk in peace
and your conscience guide,
every step you take
in this journey called life.
Count your blessings
one by one,
when you've gone the last mile
and time is done,
may you walk into heaven
having done your best,
leaving this world with
no regrets.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 02/20/2015
Jan 2015 · 1.3k
To Old To Be Young
To Old To Be Young

I'm to old to be young
to young to be old
stuck somewhere in between,
looking in the mirror
I know I've aged
but looking back at me,
is the child that once
frolicked through youth
not a worry nor a care,
every line on my face I've earned
as well as my silver hair.
I'm proud of who I am and
the person I've become,
a soul I hope the world will remember
to young to be old
to old to be young.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 01/30/2015
All Rights Reserved
Jan 2015 · 1.2k

They take us away,
on a voyage through time,
dancing silently
in our hearts and minds.
A sweet release from life's sorrow
and pain
a treasure a gift
as we stroll down that lane.
May you take a moment
and remember today,
those times of the past
that slipped away.
The smell of the ocean
or a rose freshly bloomed,
summer nights and
the light of the moon.
A star you once made a wish
offering hope as you journeyed along.
This life you live
every goal you've achieved,
forever survives in
your memories.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 01/27/2015
Jan 2015 · 1.3k
In An Instant
In An Instant

In an instant my life
gone without warning
came round like a flash.
Did I do what I came for
accomplish my goal,
live my life's purpose
when God made my soul?
I hope he knows I tried
my best,
when I step into heaven
I must confess.
On earth I made mistakes it's true,
but I always believed and trusted
in you.
In an instant we're here
a snap we're gone,
life's about change and moving on.
Letting go of the past
mistakes we've made,
everyone's human
we cannot escape.
There's right and wrong
black and white,
our conscious guides us
making it right.
In an instant we're born,
another we die,
but we live forever
on the other side.
The one that teaches
our ultimate goal,
to live and let God
take control.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 01/13/2015
Jan 2015 · 919

The most precious gift of all
through our lifetime we treasure,
cost us not a thing though
priceless in its measure.
A simple gesture a smile
or a touch,
can change life's course
and mean so much.
The day we are born
it's our ultimate goal,
to learn its true meaning
heart and soul.
I believe we were placed here
for that very reason
to live life to the fullest
through every season.
It's true they'll be times
we're challenged by hate,
when life throws us curve *****
some call it fate.
Faith gives us hope
and helps us forgive,
love is the key to this life we live.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 01/13/2015
Jan 2015 · 1.1k
The Point Of No Return
The Point Of No Return

Does it exist, I wonder at times
the point of no return,
when every soul must answer
all the lessons they have learned?
Is there a light we enter,
where love is the ultimate key,
unlocking, revealing our souls
where everything's meant to be?
I walk by faith not by sight
storms will always rage,
I'm here my heart still beats
and proud to turn each page.
Death comes to us all
and the point of no return,
unconditional love
from our father above is
our greatest lesson learned.
Written in the book of life
our names are forever known,
thank God for the opportunity
to call this earth our home.
Only you can make a difference
place a star upon your crown,
live this life give your all
head held high not looking down.
The point of no return awaits
us all it's true,
for every deed you'll answer
to the one who created you.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 01/08/2015
Dec 2014 · 856
Who's On The Inside
Who's On The Inside

A slave to surface beauty
never more I'll be,
allured by it's spell
of uncertainty.
Attraction lies in the eyes
of the beholder,
changing rapidly
every year we grow older.
Vanity once had
a hold on me,
now older and wiser
it's plain to see.
What's on the outside
is simply a shell,
it's who's on the inside that's
meant to excel!

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 06/27/2014
Dec 2014 · 1.0k

Silence awakened by a
newborn's cry
treasured moments,
frozen in time.

Autumn's colors
dance with delight,
like snow kissed trees
on a winter's night.

Moments remembered
in a life ever changing,
skillfully guiding
and rearranging.

Leading us gently
through our journey on earth,
one that was planned from
the moment of birth.

There's a time to be young
a time to grow old,
for every soul
a story is told.

All about moments to
each it's own,
mountains and valleys
leading us home.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 12/27/2014
All Rights Reserved
Dec 2014 · 829
Write On
Write On

Mr Twain my hat's off to you
for reminding us what it's like to be young,
experiencing life through your eyes
and your words,
showing us how it's done.
Sometimes your phrases I couldn't
understand but I read on anyways,
escaping from my world of uncertainty
through your written adventures
I found happier days.
You taught the world a lesson
the message still standing strong,
your words will echo through
time encouraging us all to write on!

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 10/07/2014
Dec 2014 · 1.9k
Sticks and Stones
Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones will
surely break bones
leaving scares we cannot hide,
but words can sting like bumble bees
when two wrongs simply collide.
Fractures can be fixed
while broken hearts reflect,
walls are built around the soul
if only to protect.
Sorry's such a simple word
though seldom ever said,
pride most often wins
harboring anger instead.
Sticks and stones we need not fear
it's the bruises we cannot see,
that hurt us must of all,
I honestly believe.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 03/13/2014
All Rights Reserved
Dec 2014 · 3.4k
Second Chances
Second Chances

How many out there believe
a second chance awaits,
tomorrow will soon be here
what your heart could have changed
you put off today.
How foolish we can be
the future we do not own
if only we could see
a glimpse of our heavenly home.
The message would be quite clear
there's lessons in this life,
second chances fools await
now's the time to make things right.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 03/12/2014
All Rights Reserved
Dec 2014 · 1.0k
Remember When
Remember When

Life takes us through many changes like the seasons of each year,
Some so unforgettable we sometimes shed a tear.
I remember when I was a little girl, it seems not long ago,
My mother would shelter me in her arms,
A feeling I thought I'd never outgrow.
Maybe I really haven't because hidden inside of me
There's still that need to hold her,
Though are chances are few and far between.
We live our lives looking back on memories of the past
Ones we often cherish, for time moves along so fast.
I remember my teenage years, rebellious as they were,
Though I'd made many mistakes I could always count on her.
Oh the times I'd hurt her with the hateful things I'd say,
I hope she knows how sorry I am and how much I love her today.
As children we don't realize how words can break a heart,
Leave scars that last a lifetime and tear two lives apart.
Though forgiveness isn't easy we've found it through the years,
My mother and I are closer than ever,
Our love has washed away the tears.
So let me tell you that I love you mom, in this message that I send,
Though time is ever changing, I'll always remember when.

© Kathy J Parenteau
Dec 2014 · 868
Only Five Letters
Only Five Letters

There's only five letters in a word
that could change,
fix a hurt and heal the pain.
Tough to say because sometimes
our pride,
keeps them hidden away
buried inside.
Those five special letters
combined in a word
seldom said rarely heard,
can offer some peace
and forgiveness too,
have you guessed the
word I'm referring to you?
It begins with an S and
ends with a Y,
when it comes from the heart
it's message Devine.
Five simple letters spell
sorry it's true ,
who in your life needs to
hear them from you?

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 04/13/2014
All Rights Reserved
Dec 2014 · 744
Ocean Of Secretes
Ocean Of Secretes

The heart holds an ocean of secrets
ones of triumph and defeat,
together with the soul
intertwined with every beat.
Defining who we are
and who we may become,
every song is different
but when all is said and done.
To dance, to dream, to live
is worth more than words can say,
The heart holds an ocean of secrets
but what matters is today.

Yesterday's gone
tomorrow's a gift
make the best of today

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 09/14/2014
Dec 2014 · 2.2k
My Treasure Box
My Treasure Box

My treasure box may never
precious metals like
silver and gold,

It's contents are simple
worthless to most
but still I'll cherish
until I grow old.

My mother's voice
on an old cassette tape,
I listen as I journey
to work every day.

A butterfly pin made
only of brass,
that once was my Grandmother's
way back in the past.

To the world they're worthless
but for me a treasure,
no price tag attached
mine forever.

My Grampa's poetry every
verse he wrote,
though the lines have faded
I remember them so.

My treasure box may be simple
it's true ,
filled with gifts from the heart
and memories too.

The things that matter most
in this life,
can never be bought
no matter the price.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 06/28/2014
Dec 2014 · 990
Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall
catch me quick before I fall.
Help me see just who I am,
to walk in peace and understand.
Why life has to be so hard,
and we often question who we are.
I stand on tip toes but cannot reach,
things I've hoped for love I seek.
So I close my eyes and hide in my dreams,
cause I'm happy there in make believe.
But dawn always comes and my eyes open wide,
reality awakens there's no place to hide.

Written by Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 2000
Dec 2014 · 706
A Better Life
A Better Life

In a small Texas town down a
country road,
stood little old shack
my mom called home.
Where dinners were served
by a lantern's light,
and hand made quilts
kept her warm at night.
A place where most
could never fore see
was my mother's home
her history.
Floors made of dirt, yet still
she was proud,
of her humble beginnings
she spoke about.
Sometimes I'd laugh and
couldn't believe,
but as I've grown older
I've come to see.
Through hard work
and devotion
faith and trust,
she created a
better life for us.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 11/30/2014
This is a true story. My mother came from the most humble beginnings. She created a better life for me through her hard hard and devotion. Her legacy lives on in me because I too worked hard to create an even better life for my children and praise God grand children as well.
Dec 2014 · 741
It Goes So Fast
It Goes So Fast

It goes so fast this life we're given,
quickly the years scurry by,
blink just once snap your fingers
watch how fast time flies.
Remember when you were a child
what mattered most of all,
the simplest of things
is what I do recall.
Then came teenage years
carefree and full of surprise,
opening our hearts to love and loss
honesty and lies.
Defining who we are and who
we've come to be,
gone like the wind in an instant
those tender years of our twenties.
Thirties came with debt and fear
trying the best we knew
to give our families a little more
than the blessings that were
given to you.
Forties march right in kids grown
and start to fly,
Fifties give you grand babies
my how fast time passes by.
The silver years are here
the golden yet to come,
I'm so happy I was given this life,
it goes so fast
but I'm still having fun!

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 09/27/2014

Counting Blessings Today!
Dec 2014 · 651
If I remember
If I Remember

Why is it that I forget the things
I'm told to do,
like picking up my toys before
I go to school?
I guess my mind is busy with thoughts
of other things,
like playing with my friends and
swinging on the swings.
And parents they don't understand just
how it can be so,
that we remember certain things
promised days ago.
Like a trip to the ice cream parlor
or a visit to the mall,
a picnic at the park or playing a
game of basketball.
I guess our minds are different than
grown ups seem to be,
I think I'll remind my mom of that
when she gets mad at me.
That is if I remember!

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 2000
I wrote cute little poems for my children as they were growing up. I wanted to encourage them to love reading. Not take this life to seriously and enjoy every precious moment. We can all relate to these words because once in our lives we've been there lol
Dec 2014 · 698

Don't worry
it will be okay,
fear not the future
it isn't yours anyway.
Right now is all that matters
take a look around you,
count your blessings
smell the roses
there's nothing you can't do.
As sure as the morning sunrise
will waltz along the shore,
someone has a plan for you
and life holds so much more.
Test the waters, take chances
what will be will be,
you never know until you try
dreams come true
to those who believe.
Don't worry breath deep
and remember tonight there
shines a star,
in Heaven's twilight sky
that represents your heart.
Angels peeking through
watch every step you make
take the plunge don't let fear
rob your joy today.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Dec 2014 · 758
Everything Changes
Everything Changes

Summer turns to fall
winter nights
soon follow,
days are shorter, but spring
comforting warmth paving tomorrow.
Everything changes my friend
if you think about it
it's true ,
nothing is ever promised
the road ahead may be
rough or smooth.
Remember your first love
the dreams and promises made,
stepping stones and broken hearts
lighting tomorrow's way.
Teaching us heavenly lessons
giving us direction and light,
curves in the road may bend
there's wrong and there is right.
It's true everything changes
at times,
but if you remember those
examples you've learned,
your future will always shine bright
yesterday's failures
are tomorrow's victories earned.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © Feb 28, 2014
All Rights Reserved
Dec 2014 · 741
Echoes Of Yesterday
Echoes Of Yesterday

Echoes of yesterday are glorious
memories it's true ,
frozen moments in time
shadows of love shining through.
Pathways to our future leaving
footprints guiding tomorrow,
by those who've walked before you
through times of joy and sorrow.
It's easy to sometimes forget
as we struggle day by day,
the heart is a constant reminder
every beat an echo of yesterday.
When you least expect it an image
can instantly flash,
bringing a smile and tear at times
remembering those who have passed.
Maybe that's our greatest treasure
it's no secret what God can do,
echoes of yesterday are beacons
of love that carry us through.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © Feb 2014
All Rights Reserved
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
I Gave All I Had
I Gave All I Had

I'm a giver not a taker I may
die poor but that's ok,
there's not a thing on this earth
but my soul
I'll take back to heaven anyway.
When I reach those pearly gates
my pockets may be empty it's true,
but my heart will know, as
well as my soul,
I gave all I had
because I loved you.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 12/03/2014
All Rights Reserved
This poem defines who I am. The ultimate truth in my words alone.
The Story Of The  Littlest Angel

As Christmas Day draws near
I get lost in memories,
of colored lights, mistletoe
and loved ones by the tree.
Of all the priceless moments
I fondly do recall,
a story that was read to me I
cherish most of all.
The Littlest Angel was the title,
and through the magic of every line,
I learned the value of life on earth
that a gift from the heart was truly Devine.
Even though a lifetime has passed
the angel who read me this treasure,
dances in my heart this Christmas
and always will forever.

In Memory Of
My Auntie
Marion L Fowler Rose

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © November 30, 2013
Dec 2014 · 698
From A Distance
From A Distance

From a distance you've read the verses
I've written but did you read between the lines?
I wonder if you understand me,
I've offered my soul in every
I suppose that's what a writer does
and the legacy we leave,
giving its readers a glimpse of ourselves
with words of wisdom we hope you believe.
From a distance I pray you might
know who I am,
I hurt just like you and my heart understands.
I hope I write words you wanted
to say,
that God chose me to brighten
your day.
From far in a distance I pray
you might see
a peek inside of who I
try hard to be.
A person who cares, a soul
that is real,
that strives to portray life's
emotions we feel.
The greatest words are not
spoken but written,
and come from a place
that should never be hidden.
But shared with the world
rhyme after rhyme,
a piece of my soul
line after line.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © Jan 2014
All Rights Reserved
Dec 2014 · 837
God's In Contrrol
God's In Control

The violet blue sky
caresses the sun,
dawn glitters with glory
a new day's begun.
Dew drops of silver
dance with delight,
a welcome call
gone is the night.
Leaves of green waltz
with the breeze,
scarlet red cardinals
whistle in the trees.
A rainbow of colors
awaken my soul,
reminding my spirit
that God's in control.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 10/26/2014
All Rights Reserved
What Ever Happened To Gifts From The Heart?

Christmas lists are made
shopping has begun,
as merchants reap their profits
counting dollars one by one.
Hoping that we choose
the perfect gift to impress
we've lost the meaning of this
holy day I sadly must confess.
What ever happened to gifts from
the heart, when way back in the day,
it wasn't so much about spending,
but family we'd celebrate.
Things were so simple then,
when hand made gifts were given,
spending time not dollars
made life so worth the liven.
When Christmas carols were heard
on porches, instead of shopping malls,
where memories made so long ago
were the fondest to recall.
May this magical holiday season
remind you it's not what you spend,
but praising God for the gift of his son
as you bow your heads and say AMEN!

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © December 1, 2013
All Rights Reserved
Nov 2014 · 1.1k
I'll See You In My Dreams
I'll See You In My Dreams

I wished upon a star
first one I saw shine bright,
I also said a prayer
I'd see you in my dreams
Since you went to heaven
my life's not been the same,
memories of years passed by
in my heart will ever remain.
When I look into the mirror
I'm starring back at you,
proud of who I am
and everything I do.
I'm a reflection of your soul
the legacy you left behind,
to show the world how to love
and stop to take the time.
The way you always did when you
went the extra mile,
I miss you Mom so much, I hope
you're proud and I've made you smile.
I'll see you in my dreams until
God says it is my time.
please know you're always with me
in my heart and in my mind.

In Memory Of Shirley A Fowler

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © Jan 2014
All Rights Reserved
Nov 2014 · 617
Heavenly Report Card
Heavenly Report Card

The stars were hung, the sun was born,
the moon lit the midnight sky,
when life as we know it was created
no matter it's theories we analyze.
There's a star far off in the
that shines for your soul alone,
building the stairway to heaven,
awaiting your journey
back home.
The creator of your destiny
is watching all you do,
knows your situation
every trial you've been through.
Your heavenly report card is reviewed
when you step into the light,
by the one who loved you most
and placed you in this life.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © Feb 20, 2014
All Rights Reserved
Nov 2014 · 1.0k
Broken and Abused
Broken And Abused

Twinkle twinkle little star
how we wonder who we are.
Mommy and daddy live happy
promise to love and cherish
Vows are broken
children suffer,
time doesn't heal, you
only get tougher.
Behind close doors
secretes they hide,
with smiles on the surface
a clever disguise.
Battered and shattered
the hurt remains,
futures altered
tarnished and stained.
By the ones they trusted
it's all so sad,
led to believe it was them
that were bad.
Broken and abused
in silence they cry,
concealing the truth as
their childhood passes by.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 07/04/2014
Nov 2014 · 690

When things don't go your way
and you've made a mistake or two,
how many times did you blame
someone to take the pressure off of you?
Maybe you trusted somebody
and took them at their word,
only to be betrayed when acts
of mistrust occurred.
It happens to everyone
you're no different from the rest,
life will never be perfect
choices are made some
with regrets.
You only have yourself to blame
but in the end you'll learn,
to choose your friendships wisely
look at the ones that worked hard to earn.
The gift of your heart you gave them
when you opened yours to theirs,
let go of the past and remember
a true friend always cares.
Blame is for the foolish a temporary
it cannot fix nor change
mistakes in life we make.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 04/07/2014
All Rights Reserved
Nov 2014 · 542

What a gift we have
to share,
offering hope to
someone out there.
That's walked in your shoes
yet lost their way,
it's your inspiration
they need today.
Let your light shine
don't hide what you know,
you might make a difference
that's needed so.
Victories you've earned
are inspirations to share,
the extra mile traveled
carries you there.
The peace you seek
your ultimate goal,
is to love unconditionally
from the depths of your soul
It's inspiration once offered
to you,
that makes the difference
in all that you do.
Don't turn away
when someone cries out,
inspiring others
is what life's all about.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 04/07/2014
All Rights Reserved
Nov 2014 · 730

It comes when you least expect it
blanketing your mind with fear,
a word you dread like the plague
and hoped you'd never hear.
Maybe because someone you love
has been taken by it's curse,
no pill nor treatment out there could
this dreadful disease reverse.
Don't you think it's about time,
a cure should surely be found,
that those who lost their battle,
won the war for those fighting now.
Someone knows the answer
knowledge is the key,
candles lit the world until
Franklin discovered electricity.
For every problem there's a solution
every question there's an answer,
somewhere out there someone
has the power to cure Cancer.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright 2/12/2014
All Rights Reserved
Nov 2014 · 2.1k
Santa's Lazy Elf
Santa's Lazy Elf

Five more days till Christmas,
Santa and his crew
were working overtime making
children's dreams come true .
Singing carols, whistling tunes,
as the hours ticked away,
except for little Edison
the elf that went astray.
Instead of making toys
in Santa's assembly line,
he was hanging out with Rudolph
beneath the snow capped pines.
As Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus took
a look around,
they noticed lazy Edison
was nowhere to be found.
They decided they'd had enough
this elf will surely be fired,
scratched their heads and
realized another must be hired.
Dasher heard them talking
and thought this can't be so,
never in elf's history has
someone had to go.
He searched the winter wonderland
and under the Northern Lights
Edison and Rudolph were
frolicking in flight.
He said "Come down from there
your behavior's a disgrace,
Christmas Eve is almost here and
you're about to be replaced.
Edison soon realized his days
of slacking were done,
that there'd be consequences
for goofing off and having fun.
He knew he had no place to go
if Santa didn't let him stay
his heart began to pound,
as Rudolph ran way.
He hurried as fast as he could
to tell Santa he was wrong,
beg him for forgiveness
and show him he belonged.
As the other elves were caroling
he tried to sneak inside,
but Santa saw him coming out of the
corner of his eye.
He placed his hands upon his hips
and firmly shook his head,
"What shall I do with you
my elf," Santa firmly said.
"I see you when you're sleeping
I know when you're awake,
did you not read your history book
he said for goodness sake!"
Santa soon forgave him cause
his heart is made of gold,
and Edison became the
hardest worker I am told.
The moral of this story is
we all must do our part,
and jolly old St Nick has always
had a heart.
Merry Christmas to all of you
on this holiest of days,
may all your dreams come true
as you gather and celebrate!

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © December 2013
All Rights Reserved
Nov 2014 · 538
It's Ok To Dream
It's Ok To Dream

If stars are the windows to heaven
and rainbows were ours to climb,
I'd ascend to the peak of its
golden arch leaving my troubles behind.
Taking one great giant leap
beyond the Milky Way,
dancing on comets and moonbeams
waltzing life's sorrows away.
We're all a part of this universe,
for every trial God has his plan,
trust in The Lord with all your heart
when facing the things you don't understand.
Remember it's ok to dream
as a momentary escape,
and run away from reality
when things aren't going so great.
There's mountains we must climb
but victories ahead,
that make us who we are
and give us strength God said.
When you're gazing at the sky tonight
remember he's looking too,
and every star that twinkles bright
are angels he's sent to watch
over you.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © Oct 2013
Nov 2014 · 648
It Only Took Lifetime
It Only Took A Lifetime

I sat on a blanket in the yard
and looked up at the sky,
watching fluffy cloud formations
waltzing their way by.
Remembering my childhood
and lazy summer days,
afternoon breezes, thunderstorms,
watching the willow sway.
A swallow gliding effortlessly
does a dance upon the wind,
the coloring book I saw before me
reminded me again.
Of the child I was so long ago
filled with hopes and dreams,
it only took a lifetime to
to realize what that means.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 03/29/2014
All Rights Reserved
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
God's Will
God's Will

Once upon a time many years ago,
an angel was sent to the earth to let all God's people know,
that love and only love is the key to all life's sorrows,
opening doors once closed, promising brighter tomorrows.
The angel traveled the globe to spread the wonderful news,
but people wouldn't listen and the angel was confused.
In the heavenly land she came from this message was quite clear,
there is no sadness there, anger, pain or fear.
All of this is promised to those who do believe, a savior who is Christ the Lord
shed his blood to set us free.
When the angel went back up to heaven to tell God we didn't listen,
she noticed on her back her tiny wings were missing.
She cried "Oh heavenly father I did my very best, but people on earth have their own free will
I sadly must confess."
Only moments later from her shoulders hung with love
were wings of solid gold, a gift from God above.
God knew his little angel did all that she could do,
to show the world what matters most, this rest is up to you.

It's our free will that will cause us to stumble, but if we do God's will we shall fly!

© Kathy J Parenteau
Nov 2014 · 2.5k
A Prayer For Mama
A Prayer For Mama

My dear sweet heavenly father I come to you today,
with hope and faith I ask send an angel Mama's way.
I know her time is near and soon you'll take her home,
to stroll along the streets of gold where other angels roam.
It's hard to watch her suffer and slowly fade away,
help us all to understand give us strength I pray.
She means so much to all of us forgive me for my fears,
life will never be the same without her presence here.
My mother is my angel she taught me how to love,
and told me about you Lord and heaven up above.
When she crosses over and steps into the light,
tell her that I love her and when the time is right.
Meet me at the pearly gates where everything's brand new,
we'll walk across God's meadowlands where skies are always blue.
Somewhere beyond the sunset every now and then,
I pray she watches over me until we meet again.

Written by Kathy J Parenteau
Nov 2014 · 624

Every amber colored sunset
or sky of royal blue
and the multi colored rainbow
from heaven peeking through
put them all together
for one unbelievable view
they'd never hold a candle to
the beauty I see in you.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 2000
All Rights Reserved
Nov 2014 · 1.1k
Under The Willow Tree
Under The Willow Tree

Under the willow tree,
my childhood secret space,
dreams were born
I was free 'twas the
perfect hiding place.
Beneath her cascading branches
gentle breezes whispering,
songs of hope and wonder
the willow tree did sing.
Awe those days of youth
where innocence was born,
under the willow tree
I found shelter from the storm.
What I wouldn't give
to visit once again,
that secret space
my hiding place
that gave me peace back then.

Under The Willow Tree

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 11/14/2014
Nov 2014 · 1.1k
Slow Down Life's Not A Race
Slow Down Life's Not A Race

Have you ever watched the sunset and
colorful leaves of fall
dance upon each other
and thought you'd seen it all?
Hurrying through this journey called
life to make it one more day,
taking time for granted trusting tomorrow
is on its way.
Slow down life's not a race,
and our future God only holds,
there's nothing wrong with slowing
down to stop and smell a rose.
Take a long look at the souls you love
count your blessings one by one,
rest assured there's a bend in the road
we all must overcome.
To worry changes nothing
yet robs us of life's pleasures,
let faith hope trust and love become
your greatest treasures.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © November 17, 2013
All rights reserved
Nov 2014 · 681
Middle Class Misery
Middle Class Misery

Hopes dashed dreams fade,
gotta go to work another day.
Paid my money bought my ticket
thought I could tell my boss to stick it.
But here I sit on Sunday night,
knowing by the morning light.
I'll be back at my desk slaving away,
hoping to make it through one more day.
And uncle Sam you must be smiling,
knowing come January I'll be filing.
You've stuck it to me one more year,
more taxes await as I live in fear.
Thanks so much dear President Obama,
for creating all this political drama.
Thought by now I'd be seeing the change,
you promised our country on election day.
But who am I, just the middle class,
to our federal government you can "Kiss My A$$"!

Copyright © Kathy J Parenteau
Nov 2014 · 874
The Rat And The Cat
The Rat and The Cat

Obama the rat and Biden the cat devised
a plan one day,
to ***** the average working man and force his *** to pay.
They called it health care reform,
and offered them no choice,
robbed Americans of their rights
sign up you have no voice!
I may not understand politics but
I've worked hard and paid my dues,
you already take away half my pay,
I'm not signing I got nothing to lose!

Written by Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 2013
Nov 2014 · 610
A Poet's Pen
A Poet's Pen

Words of inspiration
glide across each page,
held by the hand of a heart of gold,
offering it's soul through every phrase.
Recording memories to be
shared throughout time,
enlightening our senses
with every rhyme.
With many a verse we all
can relate,
revealing the things we
wish we could say.
The imagination and message
it sends,
are gifts from the heart of
a poet's pen.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © November 23, 2013
All rights reserved
Nov 2014 · 520
Help Me Understand
Help Me Understand

Help me understand Lord why
things happen the way they do,
there are those who lie, steal and cheat
and those who tell the truth.
I've tried to live my life making
you proud of me,
seeking your acceptance
guidance and possibilities.
You've chosen me for a reason
I trust you'll light the way,
encouraging me to forgive
those who have hurt me today.
I cannot change a thing in life I know
you're in control,
the ruler of this universe the
one who owns my soul.
Tonight I ask you give me strength
to change the things I can,
and what I cannot fix
help me understand.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 11/25/2013
All Rights Reserved
Nov 2014 · 1.3k
Fred's Wearing My Slippers
Fred's Wearing My Slippers

I woke with a particular feeling
I was floating on top of the ceiling
a little surprised
when I opened my eyes
at the sight my room was revealing.

I saw things I'd never seen
I knew this must be a dream
there on my bed
was my dog Fred
watching the TV screen.

He was munching on chips and a coke
I thought this must be a joke
as he took a big slurp
he let out a burp
and I felt a big lump in my throat.

He was wearing my slippers and pj's
closed all the windows and shut all the shades
It was clear to see
he thought he was me
as I starred at him shocked and amazed.

My mom brought him breakfast in bed
then kissed him on top of his head
fried eggs and ham
with strawberry jam
that should have been me instead!

Then I woke up trembling with fear
while Fred was licking my ear
I threw off the sheets
and looked at my feet
then thought to myself oh dear!

Fred scratched at the door to go ***
then turned and grinned at me
when I looked at his paws
the sight that I saw
was more than I bargained to see.

There before my eyes
wearing my slippers with pride
Fred's tail was wagging
just like he was bragging
and off he went outside!

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © All Rights Reserved
I love to write funny poems for adults and children. I wrote this years ago for my children to enjoy. It also helped them enjoy reading. I hope you enjoy as well.
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