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Kathryn Sep 2013
We are old friends,
But in reality we have only just met.
Kathryn Apr 2013
We are floating,
Drifting among the people,
In our own little world,
Just you and me.

Wishing, wishing it never to end,
Hoping that this one desire will come true.
Standing with my partner,
Twirling around and around.

The music moves our feet,
We are no longer in control,
Following the orders, the music's command,
Until the music comes to a close.
Kathryn Dec 2012
The wind snaps at my coat and lashes out at my nose,
But I ignore it; for the allure of this scene makes my forget everything.
I see my reflection on the glimmering frozen lake.
It is like a mirror, frozen and beautiful.
I look up and see icicles with sun shining through them.
Their miraculous beauty slowly fading as they drip to nothing.
The snow crunches softly below my feet,
And I ponder whether or not to resist the urge to make a snow angel.
This wonderland will eventually melt,
But the moments I have spent admiring the sight will stay with me forever.
I actually was doing this after a heavy snow and it truly is a wonderful thing.
Kathryn Dec 2012
The waves rise and fall,
Attacking our feet with its icy teeth.
It opens its watery arms for those who dare to enter.
Kathryn Dec 2012
The moment when we are born.
The moment when we see our parents smiling faces.
The moment when we say our first word and take our first steps.
The moment when we see our first rainbow.
The moment when we first experience fear.
The moment when we go on our first date, or have our first kiss.
The moment when we stand at the alter and say I do.
The moment when all of this starts over with our children.
The moment will come; wait for it.
Kathryn Dec 2012
He dips his brush again
It drifts across the canvas in smooth motions
And in time, it slowly forms his emotions
The picture is done; he still feels the same
He knows that no matter how many paintings he paints
His emotions will never disappear
The artist tries and tries, but he is only human.
And humans are flawed no matter how you look at the picture
Kathryn Dec 2012
are all
dying from
the moment
we are born.
So why must
we bother with
the worry that
it tortures us with.
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