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  Jan 2021 inked solace
silence creates music
darkness creates light
the good makes the bad
and wrong allows for right

without up there is no down
if we don't die we aren’t alive
a breath in is a breath out
and in departing we will arrive
  Jan 2021 inked solace
Mitch Prax
To this day,
your name
still hurts my tongue
but I still say it anyway.
Sometimes I like to
hear my soul
gently tear itself
  Jan 2021 inked solace
Amber Heaney
I found
Your picture
And it
Didn’t hurt
To look
At first
Then I
Longed for
The stabbing
Pain in
My heart
As much
As I
Long for
More grief. Different stage.
inked solace Jan 2021
Imagine if we could forget our problems
As easily as we forget our blessings
inked solace Jan 2021
Drowning in my own tears
But I’m their only cause.
Depreciating according to Culture’s standards
Of a girl with no blemishes or flaws

My emotions have been put behind bars
My soul is dying behind this face
For while on the inside im in pain
All you can see is a woman of beauty and grace

People think that they know me
But they only know the ’me’ that I show
For the real me is not approved of by our society
Living my life on a self-inflicted death row
inked solace Jan 2021
Is it worth it to give in to your problems?
To all the struggles of your life?
Because there are people out there who need you
As a sibling, a friend, a husband, or a wife

Sometimes we’re caught in a storm
Waves crashing all around
And we forget that we can swim
We don’t have to drown
inked solace Jan 2021
Falling through that rabbit hole
Seeing all reason and logic fade
At first I found it delightfully amusing
But after a while I became afraid

I landed in a place full of strange creatures
That can do fearfully wonderful things
The fish sit around and play poker
While frogs bounce around on springs

From clouds hung large and small clocks
that didn’t seem to even keep time
And there lived many wealthy mad hatters
Who couldn’t seem to even own a dime

I got bored of the logic and reason of home
And traded it for chaos that never turns bland
I’m terrified of and in love with this beautiful place
This irrational, unexplainable Wonderland
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