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inked solace May 2021
the moon is so loving, and yet so mocking
so comforting, and so unexplainably cruel
she calls me the victim, and then the villain
claiming I'm the innocent, and then I'm the fool

with craters as deep as my earthly pains
and an atmosphere as weak as my trust,
her whispers infect the blood in my veins
reminding me of my heartbreak and lust

I came here to escape my earthly pains
but alas, moonly pains took their place
I left my planet to find simple peace
but one can never find any comfort in space

She smiled at me when I was on the earth
yet, when I sought refuge, she changed her mind
don't turn to the moon when you're in pain
for more suffering is all you'll find
the stars, however, may be kinder to you
for they are a guide to the very lost
surely the stars aren't as cruel
and won't comfort with so great of a cost
inked solace Mar 2021
My stretch marks define who I am
This insecurity rules my life
Nothing can **** this inner demon
Not therapy, nor meds, nor knife

It grows hungrier by the minute
Consuming my every thought
Eating away at my confidence
Making it harder to be what I’m not

My eyes stained red, these painful tears
That soak the sheets on my bed
Like rain that is supposed to nourish a flower
And ends up drowning it instead
Why fix it when the worrying won’t end
Why try if theres nothing else to save
This insecurity is my cruel, demanding master
And I am my insecurity’s obedient slave
inked solace Feb 2021
Roses aren't perfect
And their leaves are green
Babygirl, you are flawless
An angel and a queen

Those freckles painted across your face
Are like the stars in the night sky
And those glass-stained irises
Radiate your beautiful nature from your eye

The world tells you you’re broken
And the world may be right
But those scars are your trophies
And your blemishes prove your fight
your stretch marks don't define you
and your mistakes can't limit who you are
why believe you are dull and unworthy
when you can know you're a bold, shining star

keep shining <3
inked solace Feb 2021
You’re the monster under my bed
A creature hunting for it’s prey
Victims come running as fools of love
When all you love for, is to play

You’re a wolf in sheep’s soft clothing
Prowling along the city’s streets
You lie to me as often as you breathe
As often as my heart tenderly beats

If only fools fall for you
Then I guess that means I’m a fool
I let my guard down and was forced to pay
The toll, so damaging and cruel

I’m not in love with you
But I’m in love with the stories you told
I spent all my diamonds on your deceptions
And I bought every last lie that you sold
you might know that monster...
maybe you are that monster
inked solace Jan 2021
The roses in our garden
Are watered with tears, and not rain
The roses in our garden
Are blossomed by my sorrows and my pain

I don’t know how they got here
And I don’t know if they’ll ever leave
All I know is that they thrive best
When I lay by their roots to grieve

Their beauty mocks my suffering
And their petals reflect my sorrow
It seems they take away my joy
They hope to steal, not borrow

They feed off my flowing river
A river, not short of supply
For as long as we stay together
This river will never run dry

Our garden is our relationship
This superficial, dying flame
Maintaining this garden kills me
I can no longer keep it tame

Don’t ever trust a pretty garden
For it takes sacrifice to make it that way
It drains life to keep it red and pink
And it’s a price I’m not willing to pay
inked solace Jan 2021
The more you give me now
The more I’ll have to leave behind
The more you’re in my head
The less I have a peace of mind

You say you want to love me
But to love me you have to leave
You're so independent and strong
So why am I so weak and naive?
inked solace Jan 2021
I swear I’m not “crazy”
My pain is real
Not in my head

I swear I’m not
Suffering from “anxiety”
As I’m laying in this hospital bed
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