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You said my name
A little too loudly
A little too harshly
And I'm sorry,
My tears escaped me
Before my reply did.
Wherever you came from
Wherever you're going
I promise I'm not far behind

Whether you are sunshine
Whether you are rain
I'm ready for your weather

i wish someone would have this devotion
diamonds behind your eyelids
your stained glass iris
those shining, crystal tears
slowly killing me like a virus

your cold trembling hands
like ice, perfectly carved
your endless need for love
finds itself continuously starved
You taught me to have coffee without sugar.
Only now do I understand what that means.
Bitter lover.
inked solace Jan 6
I could have all the money in the world
All the drama and the fame
But I’d still feel empty
Because without you, life isn’t the same

We could be dancing on tabletops
Make front page in the news
Or we could take off our phones
And turn off our shoes

Through thick and through thin
I’m stuck to you like glue
I’ll do anything, almost anything
As long as I’m with you
The charm of being in a relationship with someone just as lost as you are <3

Inspired by "Nothing" by Bruno Major, check it out for a soft twist on lo-fi
  Jan 6 inked solace

are too separated from their

  Jan 5 inked solace
silence creates music
darkness creates light
the good makes the bad
and wrong allows for right

without up there is no down
if we don't die we aren’t alive
a breath in is a breath out
and in departing we will arrive
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