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Karen Newell Aug 2014
She wove a ring of Magic
and wore it like a crown.
Dancing in the Moon light
when no one was a round.

She wove a ring of Magic,
a spell that no one knew.
She casts it over Mortals,
the ones she wants to woo.

She wove a rope of Magic
the knot was carefully tied
She hung it from the roof-beams
and hung until she died

She wove a rope of Magic
the ties that bind are strong
But people still forgot her
No matter, life goes on


She wove a rope of Magic
forgotten for a while
as She waited in the Ether
wearing that secret smile

She wove a rope of Magic
and swung it down to Earth
Slyly sliding down it
at the time of Her rebirth.
Nice bounce by Janky Blackman, I couldn't just leave Her hanging there though! :))
Karen Newell Aug 2014
I thought you were Enlightened
a traveler in the Know.
Only to discover
it was the backlit illumination
of a magic shadow show.
Karen Newell Aug 2014
I took a Cosmic Journey,
languidly glued to the ground
of my Sacred Circle.
I watched the Sun spin
its kaleidoscope messages
over my eyelids,
while ravens barked their way
across the cloudless Sky.
Karen Newell Aug 2014
He was an expert driver
in that sporty car slung so low.
He had a lead foot
when he was in a temper,
and she clung to the seat
in wild eyed fright.
He shook his fist
right in her face,
the ring grasped tight inside.
Once a symbol of love,
now tarnished and bitter.
Squealing around and around
the roundabout
he slung the ring
out the autos open top.
It sailed across the blue sky,
glittering brightly in a high arc,
landing extinguished in the grass.
A tiny *** of lost gold
at the end of their wrecked rainbow.
She saw everything so clearly now
it was as if she had acquired
preternatural vision.
Karen Newell Aug 2014
The string of Words
across the World.
Epiphanies set,
pen to paper.
Those ink blots
an eternal language.
Each word a paradigm
of the Poets' Truth.
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