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Kai Rafanan Jul 24
and your
and handsome smile
a silhouette
i can never
Kai Rafanan Jul 24
sweet taxi ride
on the way home
a dark sight
of you
and your lies
buried behind

sweet promise ring
a dark sight
of you
and your lies
buried behind

sweet lies
sour kisses
open eyes
never closed
never loved

you’re alone

a sweet lying
i wish i could
but best forgotten
i remembered my ex while walking my way back from work.
Kai Rafanan Jul 24
writing this
imagining you
would be
my greatest
consolation when
i feel like
falling down.
to JKM
Kai Rafanan Jul 24
just like another day
getting the cabin ready
walk to the aisle
safety demos
rolling the carts


as i was about to go
back to the galley
i saw you
watching the morning skies
amazed how the
colors reflect through
the window

that’s when i
exactly told myself
i am in love
with you

hello, sir
may i help you?

why, yes
you said
may i have
a warm
cup of coffee?

god, that smile
how i wish
to see them again
i first saw JKM during one of my flights. he’s on my first leg of flight.
Kai Rafanan Jul 17
hold my hand
let’s run away
from this place
the chaos are unbearable
they are pretentious
hiding a deep cut
in their skins

do you also exist
in another dimension?
because i want
to see you there
to see everything
that’s you.
the people from facebook and instagram. oh, twitter also
Kai Rafanan Jul 17
these sheets exactly knew
how much i dread getting up
anytime of the day
how much i screamed
deep inside
how i thought
things would
turn out to be

the people
i thought
were there
are like matches
that only burn
when lit
then leave when it’s done
i feel so alone in law school.
Kai Rafanan Jul 13
i felt your joy
seeping through my veins
as you perfectly smile
in that 3-minute video

looking at you
even it’s
just in the screens
to hold you
to kiss you
to engrave the words
i die to say
just to keep our
virtual love
even in my imagination
It’s you, JKM | 07.11.2020 |
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