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Kachi Sawagu Sep 2015
thank you to science
That made me know why the sky is blue
But until now
I still don't know why i can't say
That i miss you
Kachi Sawagu Sep 2015
I'm so sick of you
and all the things you say and do
you think you know better than me
when you want my life to be a tragedy

how were you to feel
if you find out the friendships you have aren't real?
and say that they loathe you,
that you're in a group you never belonged to?

oh, what a bother,
go look for another
you think you sit on a throne
when you're just a silly dog barking at a lamp post

never think that it's you
everyone looks up to
but here's the reality
you'll never shatter me

but instead I'll bring into your life great insanity
I'm finally back of Hello Poetry! so here's a poem I wrote in class.
Kachi Sawagu Aug 2015
I wish you'd come back
And see the things that have changed
Just like the seasons
I honestly don't know what to say
Kachi Sawagu Aug 2015
Without light there is no darkness
Without darkness there is no light
One cannot exist without the other
To balance our lives with one another

Maybe I am the light
And you are the dark
We need each other
Like sister and brother

But alas the time has come
You have found one more
Of your own kind
And have forgotten about me

They say light travels slower in water
And you have traveled farther
Down to the bottom of the sea
Where I can hardly even reach

You're now so far away
Where you can't see the day
Perhaps when I have found you
All I am is a refracted memory
Kachi Sawagu Aug 2015
maybe it's just me
who grew numb to the word "sorry"
which was repeatedly said to me
so many times it's lost its meaning

maybe it's just me
who's having a hard time to forgive
when my patience is broken
my feelings are shattered

it's weird that I don't know
I feel my eyes as they dampen
why do I let these things happen?
I have yet to find an answer

part of me says to stay away
how much does this hurt weigh?
so much pain in one day
but a meaningless sorry can't make it okay
Nowadays, we take advantage of the word"sorry", that it's left with no meaning at all.
Kachi Sawagu Aug 2015
maybe I don't understand
the things that are at hand
but what is your goal?
your personality's as black as coal

I felt it in my gut
that this whole thing was going to rot
you left me standing there
in a place I couldn't bear

but who am I to judge
we're not in a court of justice
I don't have a gavel to declare you guilty
to prove to others such false humility

maybe God is just testing my patience
making me remember all of His faithfulness
my sufferings are yet to end
but my scars remained for God to mend
Another poem, another feeling. Oh how I love letting these things out.
Kachi Sawagu Aug 2015
what just happened here
you used to be so near
I thought you were my friend
but all you wanted was for me to end

how would I know
when you used sticks and stones
that never broke my bones
but you still wanted to hurt me

all you wanted was to fight
because you thought you were always right
seeing me standing tall
you wanted to make my self-esteem fall

but hey, it's okay
know that I don't really care
you proved yourself to me
that you really aren't worthy
If you know me in real life, don't assume who this is, please? Don't assume if you don't know.

— The End —