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Kalyopée Apr 2019
You are one of those people that should be called "angel"
But you're the devil and for you I would fail
Short hair for your hands and my skin for your lips and my laugh for your lies
My neck for your teeth and your breath full of blight and your claws for my eyes
My heart is yours and everyone elses and made of gold and soft breathes
Youre heart is dead and makes you want to beg and walk and leave
I'll touch your soul and you'll break mine because you can
And I will give you my heart and my love and my pain and you'll throw them
To the black and running dogs of your fears and desinterest
It will hurt me but you won't care and it's for the best
Because without me you are broken and without you I'm a loner
I need you to breath and you need me to live, to fly, to be closer
You will never say "I love you" because it can be a promise or some curses
And I know I will fall from the sky and burn my wings and hurt my heart for those verses
For you and your beating and bleeding and pulsing heart I will just be faithful
Because you and me and me and you we are angels.
Kalyopée Mar 2019
He started to kiss more his cigarettes than him
The red end shining like a beating heart
That reminded him of his bruised skin
And of the white lines painful like art

The tanned arms wrapped around him
Were now deprived of warm consistence
Sometimes he regrets what they have been
But he would do anything to **** his conscience

They day dream of killing each other
And their nightmares are filled with mourn
Skeleton bones filled with flowers
Their black blood will start to blur

And he's turning, turning
Searching for his light
He's screaming but he doesn't hear a thing
They took each other lives

He hates him so he kiss him hard
But the raging blue of their lips
Is rotting like their poisoned hearts
Like his skin his love will split

He still adores his darkened love
So much he wants to choke him to death
To see his bleeding soul cry like a dove
Raindrops would drown him as he rests

His wet and red lips mourn for his God
Permanent cries, eternal fights, try to fly
His life is filled with ruby blood
They scream for their lives and beg to die

Bottle of bubbles filled with poisons and tears
Sword of pain keened with razorblades
Exchange of cries, weapons and fears
One sip, one stab, the one loved ones died
Kalyopée Feb 2019
Brainless zombies hiding in pairs
Looking outside to find some air
To catch water and grass and stars
But don't you think you're gone too far ?
Drown your soul in cheap wine
Burn your thoughts with style, fine
Scared to live alone, you could almost cry
But how do you think you will die ?
And nothing will make your soul come back
So you need to fight, to hurt and to attack
You need preys to hunt and flesh to bruise
You can't admit that you are going to lose
Endless screams to the blind sky
Tonight you are going to fly.
Kalyopée Feb 2019
Something is wrong in my brain
I don't know what I can't change it
Is it wrong I just want pain ?
My mind is broken take it, change it

My arms are covered of thin white lines
Can't change it, I just have it
And my head is exploding with rhymes, fine
Can't write it, I just love it

Tears make my makeup drown
Re make it, I just want it
Tear my clothes down
You can have it, I don't want it
Kalyopée Feb 2019
6 months ago I fell in love with you. I don't know why or how but I did.
I was the shinny girl with a lot of fake friends, hurt by the world but trying to survive with a lot of scars on her arms.
You were the quiet boy, with few friends, an incredible sense of humour and a strange past. You were this boy who bullied one of my best friends until her suicide attempt. Everyone was telling me that you were cruel and nobody truly loved you. But despise what every body was saying, I fell in love with you.

I fell in love with your changing eyes, sometimes green, sometimes blue, often dark.
I fell in love with your skinny face, the way your cheekbones were trying to pierce your white skin.
I fell in love with your body, the way you walk and are.
I fell in love with the way you sometimes care about me, the way you saw my scars and looked me in the eyes with concern.
I fell in love with every little things about you. You were not perfect but you were what I loved, and you are always in my brain.
And now that my heart is attached to you, I see you slipping away from me. That's sad.
Kalyopée Feb 2019
Hello baby it's me again
Endless mountains in your brain
Anchor in your peaceful pain
Detail in your great gain
A passion stained of rain
Clouds of desire and blame
Hold tight my blue hand
End your life with a razor blade.
Kalyopée Feb 2019
Rappelles toi quand allongés sur le sable mort
L'eau acide submergeait lentement nos deux corps
Et a chaque brisement bruyant de lames
Les vagues emportaient un peu de notre âme
Souviens toi de la lumière rouge du cris des oiseaux
Et de nos vêtements humains collés à notre peau
Chaque ressac guidait ma conscience vers mes pieds
Nus, par lesquels elle pouvait gentiment s'échapper,
Rejoindre celle des marins, des pêcheurs, des soldats
Fixant aveuglément le libre et mouvant toit
Noyés aux poumons fleuris de créatures étranges
Dont les yeux vides et aimants patiemment nous démangent
Et laissent un vieux cœur battre dans la rouge écume
Sortant de ma poitrine, traversant la brume
Pour trouver son étoile, sans âme également
Car la mer qui donne prends tout a ses enfants.
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