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Oct 8 · 157
jordan Oct 8
euthanized epiphanies
fluttering vacant thoughts
hope's expectation
breaks on waterfall rocks
creation of oblivion
averted sideways glance
stares of isolation
all is happenstance
jordan Sep 3
under the ruddy and smoke-laden sky
i stare into the sun's almighty eye
and howl into each blood-moon night
fulfilling the depths of my feral birthright
as my heart and my mind declare war
for my beloved dies upon distant shore
but in this, the face of the final grave
i choose to refuse to be a slave
for there is no escape from this vast sea
and i know she will certainly swallow me
as she swallows each sun and every moon
as she swallows each river’s roaring tune
just as she will swallow this raging fire
just as she swallows the billowing spire
for by immersion she baptizes all
and into her womb all will withdraw
for as we are born we all will burn
and as we all burn we all return
set free by the fire of divinity’s motion
consumed by the depth of the eternal ocean

and yet, here i stand

waiting for her
to take my hand
Aug 27 · 69
losing himself
jordan Aug 27
the notes her hand wrote kindled his fire
and he devoured each secret word
with her scripted craft she unlocked an abyss
too deep for his screams to be heard

and his hunger swallowed him whole
Aug 25 · 197
moon sutra
jordan Aug 25
a silver thread ties me to you
stitching us both to the same moon
and bound together by love sublime
we are woven into the fabric of time
Instagram micro
Aug 19 · 322
jordan Aug 19
sometimes people are toxic
but since they don't have fangs
their poison must be ingested
and thus their power does wane
for we have the freedom of choice
when blighted words waft our way
to listen and swallow their venom
or simply to walk away
Aug 18 · 121
my poetry
jordan Aug 18
the bones of a poem
ride on the storm
that bellows through
wood-fired red skies
and they rattle all night
but with dawn's light
i release them
as butterflies
Aug 17 · 87
jordan Aug 17
his wounded heart wanders
among thorns and sand
blown by swirling currents
through deserted land
he searches for an answer
to a question yet unknown
listening to nature
speak a language of her own
but stillness never settles
on his mind, full of need
his prayer is left unanswered
and his heart is left to bleed
Aug 12 · 491
jordan Aug 12
i want to implode
and swallow the things i said
turn back time
crawl into the womb
and never come out again
Aug 6 · 483
jordan Aug 6
at the edge of night
vultures circle
the bones of another day
leaving me
one sunset
closer to my grave
After a very long day, as I watch the sun sink into the mountains, vultures wheel silently through smoky skies, circling the small Wyoming town I call home. Sometimes Nature knows exactly how I feel.
Aug 3 · 1.2k
sunflower songs
jordan Aug 3
the cheer of lemon petals
radiates from cerise centers
and floats on summer breezes
that carry meadowlark melodies;
music written by the soul of nature
for the open hearts that hear her love
Jul 15 · 220
waxing crescent
jordan Jul 15
quarter moon asymmetry
casts shadowed light
twilight’s first breath
gasps with coming night

hollow empty distance
star-glitter kiss
night’s violet depth
mysterious abyss
southbound on two wheels
under a shapely moon
Jul 13 · 97
jordan Jul 13
the hypnotic intensity of light’s subtlety
holds his disquiet in a trance
as twilight writhes between colorful worlds
in an impossible glowing dance
Last night's sunset was too beautiful to have been accidental.
Jul 12 · 468
burden of ash
jordan Jul 12
***** clouds smudge
across heavy skies
laden with tawny soot

sagebrush steppe glows
under jaundiced light
blazing wildfire summer
jordan Jul 9
a tidal breath is drawn by the moon
that shines so brightly with desire
before it fades into the melancholy
and oblivion of non-existence
when it awakens to the cold truth
that its warm glow is but a reflection
of a love that it will never possess
Jul 8 · 76
abstract refraction
jordan Jul 8
a frozen flow, like an unfamiliar face
dripping from void to void
sculpts viscous memories from deceitful clay
into echoing tales of a never-was
that bears the fruit of the never-will-be

but perfect waves, like open-endings
are immersed in the possibilities
of living in nothing and no thing
transmuting the phrase "will not be"
into anti-vocabulary
Jul 2 · 63
inhale the morning
jordan Jul 2
a lily summer blooms on horizons
glistening with mercury and wonder
as waterfowl slow dance in the pale light
of a dying and star-crossed moon
to the hollow echoes of ill-fated waterfalls
that refuse to surrender to tidal gravity
and in the end, it all means nothing

but the sun still rises
and his childhood eyes open
brimming with curious wonder
Jun 30 · 105
memory's ghosts
jordan Jun 30
the fires of yesterday
reach through the gulf of night
with acrid fingers of smoke
and ember-glowing eyes

whispering like a reality that never was
or a game that never ends
played by a life that is never lost

and in the tongue of forgotten souls
they speak in uncertain terms
of charcoal hearts and burned-out love

for they no longer see the living now
or believe in the promise of tomorrow
failing to see the glowing light
that dwells in their own ember eyes
Jun 25 · 654
cloudy veil
jordan Jun 25
though veiled by the clouds of silence
her full moon heart rises in his mind
and by faith alone, he offers all he is
to the invisible brilliance of her love
as she beckons from the darkness
with tendrils of stillness and peace
The Lotus Moon rose and set behind clouds this year.
Jun 5 · 102
jordan Jun 5
at times my mind and heart
forget they like each other
and they forget about my soul
sometimes all together
so i climb the nearest hill
stretch my arms into the sky
and listen as the wind
calls them to my side

my mind responds first
reaching to my chest
and timidly says "sorry"
"i'm sorry i've been stressed"
my heart forgives quickly
and lovingly looks upward
and says "it's no problem"
"i am sorry that you suffered"

hand in hand they turn
and looking deep within
they find my soul hiding
frightened by the din
they point him toward the view
and in the silence he stands tall
and remembers who he is
and how exactly he did fall

and he reaches out his hands
firmly grasping heart and mind
and together they stand strong
on this mountain top we climbed
and now whistling, we walk
from the foothills to the town
for we are ready for the world
i will not let it bring me down
Spent some much-needed time healing today
May 25 · 128
exhale, my shadow
jordan May 25
a river of dried blood, flash flood
awakened by the charade
of a pretended perfection, broken
hopes for the future gasp for breath

he claws for a branch, suspended
brittle over the black torrent
as if it could hold the weight
of a thousand years

and, like every final breath,
his last breath
is a breath
Trying to drown an incessant need for perfection.  It's very hard to ****, even though it is clear how much it holds me back.  It seems I can never walk away with resuscitating it. Maybe this time, it'll stay dead.
May 21 · 228
blue sky grace
jordan May 21
under sapphire-clouded skies
a subtle stillness settles
quieting an anxious heart
and relieving worldly pressures

breathing in sweet mountain air
our mother's strength fills my lungs
as up the steepest trail i climb
every obstacle is overcome

sunlight's touch warms my face
like father's power, omnipotent
and as my soul sings in praise
vanished is my discontent
An impossibly blue sky adorned with feathering mists forms a cathedral overhead as I watch cloud shadows parade across the valley floor miles below as they perform their north-to-south ritual under the paternal gaze of the mid-afternoon sun.  A gentle feeling of being here descends and centers on my soul, and I know that I am where I should be, and have been all along.
May 20 · 228
love poem
jordan May 20
if i were to write a love poem
you would be sunset's grace
adorned in vibrant and living fire
and i would write how with you
i feel completely at home
as if you were a canyon's embrace

if i were to write a love poem
you'd be an iridescent songbird
that nests effortlessly in my heart
and i would write of dancing
and fluttering butterfly wings
and rivers that run through my veins
all while singing your name

if i were to write a love poem
you would be the delicate prism
of every wildflower bloom
and i would write of myself
and how i need no one else
but it all would be written for you
My attempt at being romantic...  Falls well short of the mark, but it's the best I can do.
May 5 · 498
a life in the key of b
jordan May 5
he bleeds music
liquid melodies and clotted rhythms
that spurt in pulsating streams
from the open wound
of his beating heart

he lives in the key of b
with a love
that cannot
be freed
Apr 20 · 138
the hiker
jordan Apr 20
he is at home in the wild
wandering under transient skies
on bedrock crafted and scattered
by the almighty power of time

over frozen-ash clay in volcanic hues
and purple-white cushions of phlox
he is escorted by pale raven shadows
steered, like himself, by the wind

a meadowlark congress adjourns
their trills drift on the strong scent of sage
through lonely susurrant-pine whispers
the breeze sings the ballad of spring

on he roams through this gusty plain
immersed in his mother's deep beauty
toward the wedding of mountain and sky
as the day gracefully greets the night
Apr 14 · 389
dry bones
jordan Apr 14
a land textured with years
and sage-scented experience
crackles under boot-clad foot

and within flowing crystalline skies
a cloud's dream of permanence
withers like the desert sand below
The dry bones of countless trees are a constant reminder of the impermanence of life as I tread lightly across the eastern ***** of Rattlesnake Mountain. The game trail I follow is mostly imagined, but I take heart in the occasional week-old boot track of another soul that was also driven up this rugged *****.  Were they compelled by the deep-seated need to see what's over the next hill, around the next bend, beyond the next horizon, like I am? The ghosts left behind in the form of empty footprints are no more or less real than those inhabiting the skeletons of long-dead junipers, and they all haunt my climb to the next ridge.
Apr 14 · 83
waves of love
jordan Apr 14
upon water's silvered surface
the wind dances in waves
to the echo of the clouds
as a symphonic sunset plays

transmuting motion into color
and wedding sound to light
gracing hearts with courage
as they greet the coming night
sunset fire reflected from a wind-kissed lake becomes magical when seen as waves of water, sound, and light on a night in early spring
Apr 13 · 314
44° north, 5,000' up
jordan Apr 13
wyoming spring
is like a campfire

the sun's beautiful light
burns your face

while the constant wind
freezes the shadows

happy mediums
are for other lands
Mar 25 · 259
winged roots
jordan Mar 25
the mountain speaks
of being anchored
by roots so deep they burn

and this ancient wisdom
is reiterated by tree limbs
groaning against the wind

but light-hearted crows
taunt the stagnant below
as they surf the invisible tide

and having ascended
the golden eagle sees all
in the light of the setting sun

and I find myself torn
between being rock steady
and living while i'm alive
Mar 10 · 360
this rhythm
jordan Mar 10
this daily death
and nightly rebirth
these swelling buds
and falling leaves
this piling snow
and torrential flow

this in- and ex- halation

this building warmth
and inertia of cold
this body grows
and then it grows old
this rhythm of life
and imminent death

pervades everything i see
so, could it be
that, perhaps, this rhythm is me
Mar 7 · 245
listen to the wind
jordan Mar 7
as i scale this mountain
i feel like i belong
and though i feel invited
drawn by the wind’s song
the pungent scent of sage
on the springtime breeze
tells me to tread lightly
for i am only visiting
walked up my favorite mountain,
on the first warm day of spring,
and reverence floods my heart,
as i listened to the wind sing

Mar 2 · 151
jordan Mar 2
mystified by the moon
i wander westward
toward the crags and pines
of a rocky mountain horizon

i see her fullness flowing
her skin slowly shedding
as she freely lets go
of all that which she was given

without fear she moves
slowly descending
into her mountain grave
disappearing from my view

i witness her gentle death
fully aware of the illusion
and i rejoice in her birth
on the far side of the globe

as this goddess lights my path
my heart turns to my god
who each and every day
lends me my life’s breath

knowing that someday
i too, must let it go
Feb 28 · 130
jordan Feb 28
known from history to history
and named in every age
the muse our of imagination
circles above the darkened stage

firmly held by winter's grasp
but heralding the birth of spring
starlit hope shines from afar
breathing life into eternal dreams
watching orion shine
through the moonlight
wondering how many times
these timeless star-shapes
have been named
Feb 17 · 104
setting sail
jordan Feb 17
that bridge was built
with my bare hands
only to crumble
under the weight
of your constant need
the rubble crashing
into the sea below

and as i weep
for the demolished reef
you yell at me
demanding to know
when I'll build again
while lounging in the sun
on your distant beach

but you know what?
that distance
that span
has become
too far for me
it's just too far
for me to care
a good, old-fashioned
infj door slam
looming on the horizon
Feb 15 · 114
jordan Feb 15
a book with no cover
lies in our bones
depths of experience
no one else knows
guiding our words
by memories enclosed
written with hearts
by minds void of prose
sometimes poetry is anatomical
Feb 15 · 512
wapiti winter
jordan Feb 15
blanketed in a polar cold
woven by the hollow sun
the hibernating hills
dream of sultry days
and the return
of forsaken love
Drove my kids to the ski ***** over the weekend.  High was -5.  Kids survived the cold and the 6 feet of fresh powder.  Welcome to Wyoming.
Feb 14 · 146
let it begin
jordan Feb 14
the golden age will start
when children of the father
and children of the mother
join hands in the realization
that they are sister and brother
all living lives of loving each other

and in seeing the beauty in all
ignorance and judgment will fall

and so let it begin
and let it begin with me
Feb 11 · 449
library of me
jordan Feb 11
and the years fall away
like pages torn noiselessly
from the skin-bound book of my life

and dropped from a magnificent height
they flutter samara-style slow
lighting upon the dusty hardwood floor
like feathers piling up softly, silently
as they clutter the the library of me

and i sift through the pages
scavenging for gilded gold
but instead i find only me
and for once, that is enough

and for once, i am enough

samara: the winged seeds of a maple... (helicopter seeds)
Feb 6 · 91
our mother's love
jordan Feb 6
written in each sunrise with watercolor ink
for all of her beloved children to see
the mother paints with the light she receives
creating beauty and sharing it openly

and sometimes, i feel
she does it just for me
Feb 3 · 119
jordan Feb 3
i wade into the flood
without thought of consequence
turning toward the shore
without thought of return
allow the waves to wash over me
without thought of who i was
inhaling my new world
without thought or regret

and still the sun rises
jordan Jan 31
the heart-fire grown cold
in the face of his demons
but from the ashes within
a phoenix awakens

and by spreading his wings
he swirls a hot wind
and ignites lifeless love
through being a friend
healing through friendship
Jan 27 · 206
shine on
jordan Jan 27
unrequited light flows from lonely stars
as they reach into the dark unknown
not seeing their own beautiful auras
not knowing the lives touched
by the warmth of their one-sided glow
Jan 23 · 110
wyoming ascends
jordan Jan 23
a land rising from the heart of the earth
imposing itself upon crystalline skies
a history written in the creator's hand
of generations sealed by nature’s guise
Jan 21 · 197
my promise
jordan Jan 21
i promise you this
that i will do my best
to see you as you are
right here, right now

your past does not define you
you are a shining being
and you deserve my love
no matter who
you think
you are
jordan Jan 18
the shadows of the fall
they echo down the hall
like jagged little reminders
of a world we kept in blinders

when the one of all is shattered
his head upon a platter
the river stops to rest
in an ocean of ******

and the moon flies wantonly
embarrassed of the bo tree
and the scrolls fall to the floor
in a burning down bookstore
an abstract mess of words that convey an unnamed feeling that haunts the empty chest of a middle-aged human
Jan 15 · 132
jordan Jan 15
the silken thread that binds me
to the voice of the muse
vibrates with her subtle speech
in a way i can’t refuse

stitching heart and mind
though tenuous and fine
the beauty of this filament
is illumined and divine

and though i’ll never claim it
i will seek it all my days
until at last i’m laid to rest
no more to leave her gaze
feeling grateful for my on-again, off-again connection to the void
Jan 15 · 90
my hopes
jordan Jan 15
to leave fear behind
like a nightmare
broken by dawn

to live freely
like an unbridled horse
galloping across the plains

to love life
like the sun loves the earth
and the earth loves the moon

to sing and dance
like the wind sings in the trees
and the trees dance in the wind

to see beauty
in every created thing
Jan 14 · 152
dawn's song
jordan Jan 14
she reaches my heart
as she sings her song of light
restoring night-withered spirits
with dawn’s melodious sight
the earth's love is apparent
on mornings like this

and on mornings like this
i am reminded
how proud i am
to be her son
jordan Jan 4
silence creates music
darkness creates light
the good makes the bad
and wrong allows for right

without up there is no down
if we don't die we aren’t alive
a breath in is a breath out
and in departing we will arrive
Dec 2020 · 205
vanished butterfly
jordan Dec 2020
her wings glinting shades of autumn
as low-angle sunlight fills the ash tree
and embraces all below in golden light

she glides around me twice and falls
scarred yellow swallowtail wings lie still
the cloud-veiled sun mourns a fallen daughter

i knelt to see dull eyes and a worn body
life-scared wings told combat tales
a life well-lived on any scale
Dec 2020 · 93
the dancer
jordan Dec 2020
deep within her soul
behind a keyless door
sleeps a dancer who flows freely
with the staccato rhythms of life
and that with her fluid motions
creates a shining world of love

but now the goddess sleeps peacefully
hibernating in enchanted lullabies
while shes lays dormant deep within
until her chamber door is opened
and she bursts into radiant life
finally escaping her prison of fear
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