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JW Jul 2016
I've dreamt that i never woke
Dreamt that i died in my dreams
dreamt of people who left long ago
and heard their laughter ,
had them walk with me
and tell me my time had not yet come
I have dreamt of lands
where magic and mystery are the norm
yet science rules.
i have dreamt of lands
where treachery is common place
and trickery is valued
where honor is dead
and chivalry is a virtue of fools
a world where i dare not stay longer than a night
for i wouldn't last a day
so why do i never want to return
to the land of the waking?
JW Jul 2016
empty echoes,
why aren't you here
why did you never hear my voice
why did you never hear me sing
the raging child
sobs himself to sleep
wondering how he will continue
wondering how you could leave him
without as much as an "encore!"
at his first concert
It's selfish
Him expecting you to somehow
get over the pain of your chemotherapy
and come walking in majestically
to the front row of his performance
but what are children
but selfish
JW Jul 2016
In a number of bits
The human race has confined
The most complex of emotions
To one line
& #9825;

Sorry, but I hate the emoji,
JW Jul 2016
Does there have to be purpose to life
Can't we gallop like the waves
Without giving meaning to each crest,
Each turn
Each meeting with the shore
For like foam
We vanish in the blink of an eye
A lifetime gone in one wave
So why search for meaning
Why try gain deeper meaning
Eternal truth
Or the ever elusive One love
JW Jul 2016
I watched the sea today
And felt the absence
Of one
To lean my head against
As the sun set
One who's hand I would hold
As the waves played  against the rocks
But I remembered
We were like them
Forever playing
Crashing into each other
One slowly eating away at the other.
Was it worth it?
I wonder
Then again
Waves are just waves
Sunsets just sunsets
And rocks are simply rocks.
JW Jul 2016
When doors were crushed
With fires breath
and 30,000
marched to their death
When screams rang bright
And hate rang true
And souls ran black
as midnight's hue

When books were burned
And shelves were bare
And  broken glass glittered
Through  winter's air
And cries rang out
despair and fear
unsated hate
unending tears

then chants resound
And rooms are bared
And dried blood glitters
In street lamps' glare
And cries ring out
both loud and true

When rockets flew
And silence blared
and bombs blew
Through autumn air
Yet all is fair
Yet all is fine
For hate
is war is love
Is just
JW Sep 2015
There has to be more to life
than the elaborate mix
of endorphin, serotonin and dopamine.
There has to be more to this moment
than that seductive dance
between fight, flight and adrenaline.
There has to be more to each instance
than the tantalizing stroke of color on the palette of the eye
or the soothing spice of music that brings us to sighs.
More to it than the anticipation of a lover's caress,
or the murmur of a long forgotten scent.
More to it than the cringing from death,
the constant race from pain,
of cigarette smoke, radiation,
gluten and epidemics.
More to it than tears and kittens,
Bougainvillea bushes and hot-rods.
Treasure hunts, graffiti,
date nights and shopping malls.
There has to be more,
for if there isn't,
Why are we so afraid to let "This" go?
Why are we so afraid to die?
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