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Mar 2014 · 3.1k
Ugadi in Elections
The new Ugadi brings in many a dream
But this year it is the time for electioneering team
Instead of the tender mango buds and the melodious song
Man political campaigners do throng
We hear the opportunistic , affectionate political call
Despite hiding their possible fall
Not heeding to the election code
Money flows on the busy road
For every precious vote
There is at least a thousand Rupees note
Wine one can drink
Until one does sink
We offer corruption as diet for Mother Goddess without shame
We have become a part of this vicious game
For votes and seats Andhra Pradesh has met with unilateral division
The Italian and the saffron aunt have the devilish unison
In fact, ther is no scope for any party to get our vote
But in democracy not to vote is like cutting our own throat
As long as breadth is there, there will be life
As long as life is there , there will be hope and strife
I hope this new year Jaya usher in many a success to the common man
The youth shall have creativity, social justice and bright future, for which I yearn
Jun 2012 · 2.6k
In this trouble torn. Grief stricken world
Only music  embalm my aching soul
When corruption and bribery are the order of the day
Goons and rowdies show me the real way
Even the judges succumb to dishonesty
Morals and ethics have lost their identity
The veena, the flute, the clarinet, the drums
And the guitar make a soothing effect to my ears
When there is   incredible symphony
The distinction between East
And west is totally lost
Only peace and harmony forever last

Music is more intoxicating than vine
It is undoubtedly divine
There is music in the blowing wind,
Flowing stream, chirping of birds,
The hissing of  snakes,
The bleating of a goat
And the beating of a heart
And the passing of blood to each human part
But understanding the synchronization is a difficult art
Jun 2012 · 1.2k
If I come up in life
People are jealous of me
If I am a failure, they take pity on me
I have the guts to face enemies
But I can’t bear sympathies even from friends
I am born to win but not to run away from life’s problems
If there is a problem, I will try to solve it
If there is no remedy, I will leave it
I don’t want to ***** in the dark
but I light a lamp and play in the park
Oh! mother where are the snow falls of yester years?
Where are the great king Ashoka and the world master Sankaracharya?
Where is the ujjayani that was immersed in the literary effluence of
The great dramatist Kalidasa?

Where is the light that shone from the piercing eyes of the warrior
Queen Rudrama Devi and the Goddess Durga?
Where are the snow falls of yester years?

Where is the buzzing sound of the bees that came from the corridors
Of the great king Shajahan? Where are the echoing sounds of the war monger
The sword Thikkana?Where is the gallooping white horse climbed by the unconquerable warrior queen of Jhansi Lakshmi Bai?
Where are the snow falls of yester years?

Where is the fire that emanated from the broad shoulders of
The inimitable king and connoisseur of art, Sree Krishna devaraya?

What happened to the living breaths of Balachandra, the young warrior
And brahmanaya, The great warrior and social reformer?
Where are the snow falls of yester years?

Where are the kings, the great poets, the warriors, the chaste queens?
Where have they gone?

Where are the foot prints of the golden wings of time that fanned and fled?
Oh! Mother, Where are the snow falls of yester years? Where are the snow falls of yester years?
this is a translation of TELUGU POEM written by a famous poet SRI SRI
Aug 2011 · 2.2k
When I want to climb the mountain up,
You hope I will be a great flop.
Why do you always frown?
And try to pull me down.

You are always jealous of my success.
Your envy is undoubtedly in excess.
I never intend to do you any harm.
I am always very calm.

The only fault with me is I am incredibly talented.
That is why I am always being hunted.
You try to cause me a lot of friction.
I can’t live without some positive action.

You should know that your duty is not to stop
Anyhow, I will get to the top step by step
My Lord has given me a wonderful soul
I will surely reach my destined goal
Jul 2011 · 1.9k
You are a frog in the well

And you can’t see beyond the wall

But I am a fish in the ocean

Nobody can stop my lively motion

You think the water in your well is the pacific

And don’t understand the wise counsel of a critic

I travel as long as I can

Swimming is really my fun

Only the dolphin can match me in the run

I feel why I can’t fly like a swan

I can go deep into the sea

The eagle flies very high with a spree

I really pity you , Mr  frog

Your thinking is really vague

And your movement is a mere hop

You will never come to the top
Jun 2011 · 1.0k
If I come up in life
People are jealous of me
If I am a failure, they take pity on me
I have the guts to face enemies
But I can’t bear sympathies even from friends
I am born to win but not run from life’s problems
If there is a problem, I will try to solve it
If there is no remedy, I will leave it
I don’t want to ***** in the dark
but I light a lamp and play in the park
Sai Baba is the most Popular Hindu monk
And mother Teresa is the most beloved Christian nun
Both of them almost reached the state of divinity
by serving the humanity And with a lot of religious piety

Some may think Sai Baba is just a magician
And Mother Teresa is merely a nun
Their arguments sound quite fun
because All the nuns and magicians can’t serve the world
on such a grand scale unless they have divine charisma

Both of them have disciples all over the world
They were treated and revered almost like living gods
As humans they might have suffered from some human follies and foibles
But they proved to the world that SERVICE TO HUMANITY IS SERVICE TO GOD
Let us all pray for the two noble souls
Keeping our religious faiths aside
Apr 2011 · 953
It is human folly not to accept the present,
lament about the past
and worry about the future.

In fact, past is only a dream
future is just a VISION
but only the present is the reality

In summer, we yearn for the rain
in the incessant rain, we look for the sun shine
and in the biting cold too, we glorify the sun

My wife thinks we should have settled in a city
and should have constructed a more modern house
She even thinks she should not have married me

I try to be as cool as a cucumber
and think my house is my great chamber
Being a simple teacher, I accept the reality
But my wife doesn’t understand me. It is a real pity
On this very day JESUS rose from the dead
because the holiest path He tread
He shone brighter than the rising sun
as He was/is Holy Father’s dearest sun

In fact, He and Father are the only one
The very thought of his crucifixion was an inexcusable sin
He dedicated his heart and soul to His Divine Father
The earthly pains He didn’t even slightly bother

Only He could pray for his treacherous traitors
Thus His name was written in Golden letters
HE   became a yardstick for time
Although his mundane life  was cut off at his prime

Let us all celebrate the historic Easter
like a renowned Christian pastor
All of us have a purification bath
And cover sinful body with Jesus’ divine White cloth
Apr 2011 · 823
Jesus shed his holy blood
to wipe out all human fraud
He wanted to serve people
and tried to protect them like his own pupil

They tried to crucify Jesus
who was born to save them from crisis
Humans suffer from the original sin
they always think of their kith and kin

Jesus is an embodiment of supreme sacrifice
He will free all of us from our vice
He was not at all scared of his mortal death
because He was extremely sure of his eternal re-birth

Let this GOOD FRIDAY fill our heart with mercy
and drive out all  heresy
Let us all follow Jesus’ Divine principles
and become his noble disciples
Apr 2011 · 2.3k
A ****** becomes a woman
only when she is occupied, possessed
caressed and squeezed by her lover
or husband. As a buzzing bee *****
nectar from the flower, he sips manna from her rosy lips.

A man’s life is a waste
unless he smoothly touches the ******* of her lover
and pours the loving juice in to her beautiful *****
It is really an  ecstasy  for a man
to climb the mountains and go deep into
his lover’s deep valley and fathom
her inexpressible beauty

Blessed is the woman
whose breast is ****** most passionately by his lover
and  most lovingly by her child for milk
when she becomes a mother.
The greatest thing in this vast universe
is the happy union between a man
and a woman which is the real source
of recreation and creation of man,
the cleverest thinking animal on earth
Apr 2011 · 730
The past always haunts me like a ghost
and an angel too.
The ghost reminds me.”you did not do certain things properly.
you made many mistakes.
you should have been a better person
If you had done this and that.
but the angel comforts me  saying
“you did many good things too.
you faced many difficulties
but you faced them bravely.
you learnt many lessons
from your mistakes.
you have still a bright future.
There is no use crying over split milk.
You can make some sweet dish out of it.
thers is no scope for ifs and buts in life”
I have decided to drive the devil out
and welcome the angel in.
Apr 2011 · 826
The past always haunts me like a ghost
and an angel too.
The ghost reminds me.”you did not do certain things properly.
you made many mistakes.
you should have been a better person
If you had done this and that.
but the angel comforts me  saying
“you did many good things too.
you faced many difficulties
but you faced them bravely.
you learnt many lessons
from your mistakes.
you have still a bright future.
There is no use crying over split milk.
You can make some sweet dish out of it.
thers is no scope for ifs and buts in life”
I have decided to drive the devil out
and welcome the angel in.
Even the longest journey Begins with a single step
Tendulkar has waited patiently to be a part of winning the world cup
The master has some incredible records to his credit
No cricketer in the modern era can compare with him for merit

Yesterday nearly 120o million Indian glued to the television sets
Irrespective Of caste, colour, creed, religion or sects
Dhoni and Co rewrote history after twenty eight years
From the  faces of Indian cricketers rolled joyous tears

Cricket brought  All the cricketing countries Unbelievably together
The western Coach Gary Kirsten and Co were responsible For the Eastern thriller
The great sport became  the emotional healer and the gap filler
And the greatest ever crowd puller

Tendulkar has carried the Nation’s burden for nearly twenty four years
So His team mates carried him on their broad shoulders
Even Tendulkar could not help shedding his emotional tears
It was really a great Moment for the entire nation to  celebratewith cheers
Duty is undoubtedly our God
If we perform it without any fraud
This world becomes a safe haven
And the earth it self turns into heaven

But the Satan in you stands in your way
and tries to keep your ideals at bay
Honesty makes you spiritually pure
but you become financially pure

Integrity is the best quality
But it doesn’t enhance your property
Even your spouse hates your simplicity
Every body tries  to mock at your purity

Jesus was crucified for his uncompromising principles
It was a pity he was deserted and deceived by his own disciples
But he was not at all afraid of his temporary physical death
because he was extremely sure of his eternal re-birth

If you want to go beyond the physical zone
you should enter the spiritual lane
Spirituality elevates you to the status of God
you will surely get the blessings from our Lord
Cricket fever gripped the sub-continent
Pakistan could not wipe out the sentiment
Against India it lost her match for the fifth time
Even though Tendulkar was not at his prime

This world cup turned out to be all Asian game
The English have slowly lost their cricketing fame
There will be a fight between the tiger and the lion
Who knows who will surely win

Sachin achieved every thing except the world cup
I hope he will get it without any hiccup
India and Srilanka reached finals thrice
If India wins the cup I feel very nice
Mar 2011 · 1.6k
The day waits for the glorious sun
Like the night for the pleasant Moon
In hot summer we fervently wait for rain
In the railway station we wait for the train

Waiting seems to be a part of life
Like a husband waits for his dear wife
On this site we wait for our friends’ poetry
And try to understand their poetic chemistry

Waiting is a part and parcel of nature
That is the beauty of its wonderful feature
The spring longs patiently for the seasonal cuckoo
The trees daily wait for their sunny view

Waiting may cause us some pain
But the pain eventually gives us the desired gain
Let us all wait for our respective great event
And cherish that  beautiful moment
Mar 2011 · 989
What does God eat?
What should be my treat?
Does He eat only vegetables Or meat?
Like humans hot and sweet
The Gita says, “ a leaf, a flower,  a fruit
Or even an edible root”

You may offer him mere water
It doesn’t at all matter
What He needs is your devotion
Your soulful emotion

Who does God like?
Does He ride a motor bike?
Even He Does love only the rich?
And suffer from the class and caste itch?

God doesn’t like mere rituals
He follows only the spirituals
And know not the difference between the rich and the poor
What He fervently wants is a heart and soul that is so pure

Where does God dwell?
can anybody ever correctly tell?
Does live in the temple?
is He really very simple?

Does he reside in the church?
Can you surely search?
Does He appear in the mosque?
will you remove His mask?

He really lives in your neighbour’s heart
But you should know the divine art
In this vast universe God appears in every part
But to find Him you should ethically and theologically smart
There are three ways to reach the All-Mighty
Knowledge, devotion and disinterested duty
Knowledge is infinite
but Man’s vision is only finite

If man honestly performs his duty
It is undoubtedly a great beauty
But there are many hurdles
Which make him leave the ideals

Only devotion seems to be the easiest
It may be Rama, Allah or Jesus Christ
You need not be a great scholar
And need not be a wonderful performer

You will reach God through a devotional prayer
But you should unveil the illusionary layer
Only philosophy and God seem to the ultimate truth
Although it may not appeal greatly to an atheist and the youth
Singing, dancing, painting and poetry writing are fine arts
Because they touch humans’ souls and hearts
Humans can not live by bread alone
They should come out of their animal zone

Music pleases the ear
and makes the souls clear
Dance pleases the eye
And answers the souls’ cry

Painting makes a feast to the naked eye
And makes the delightful soul fly
Man can not enjoy even a great poem
Unless he understands the message and the rhythm

But a poem can be a sonorous song
And the audience will throng
It can be turned into a rhythmical dance
Even for painting it has got a chance
Only poetry can amalgamate all the fine arts
Let us all the poets pull happily our divine carts
England is the land of  the famous game, cricket
But she has never won the world cup
There seems to be slip between the lip and the cup
South Africa is a wonderful cricket team
In the world cup she has never realized her dream
West Indies has won it twice
Australia has proudly lifted it thrice
But she is out of the present race
India could with stand her fiery pace
India, Pakistan and Srilanka have won it each
NowThey are almost within the sight of its reach
Cricket seems no longer English man’s peach
The Asian colonial countries seem to have mastered
the western hegemony of English and cricket
They seem to dominate this crazy  language sport
In the morning I heard  the Koel’s melodious call
It is a sure sign of Sneaking autumn’s fall
What a striking difference between winter and spring
It is undoubtedly  season’s eternal king

I love nature’s green saree
She smiles with an uncontrollable spree
Her saree is full of beautiful flowers
there are very many different colours

Nature’s Bindi is the glorious sun
Her hair pin is the shining moon
She cools herself with her natural fan
Her stay here might be of a little span

She sits with an yellow sarree in the palanquin
The bride groom looks at her as if she were a queen
Her beauty and shyness is her divine pride
She is a newly married mesmerizing bride
the villages are replete with ripe corn
All the birds enjoy this beautiful morn
Mar 2011 · 857
What is the meaning of our life?
We are born at a place.
live for some time
enact different roles
and leave this earth like a stage
and are heard no more

Nothing seems to be in our control:
our birth, colour, gender height,race, nation or our death
we plan many things
some things go as planned
other things happen unexpectedly.
sometimes we are optimistic
ant at times we tend to be pessimistic
but we boast of being realistic

when everything goes wonderfully
we feel we are very great
when everything turns against us
We desperately turn to God for help
Whether God created man
or man created God is a great puzzle
the existence of the soul
is as mysterious as God

Our life continues to perplex us
we may be a king or a servant
our stay on earth is not permanent
it is undoubtedly transient
only philosophy gives us some solace
Even if we live in a Royal palace
Mar 2011 · 684
Which poetry is better?
Should it be simple, vague Or complex?
Does a poet follow meter?
Which is better?
Blank verse or free verse?
Is it a crime to write without rhyme?
Should a poet live in fantasy?
Or he should depict reality?
should a poet write with an aim?
what should be his great time?
can we call everything a poem?
Are there certain rules for its frame?
should a poet write when he is jaded?
My questions may not be avoided
Though they may not all be answered
Mar 2011 · 1.8k
There are three important stages
in the life of a man or woman.
Birth, marriage and death.
We do not know about our birth and death
But we enjoy and celebrate our marriage
It may be celebrated in different ways
in different cultures across the globe.
It brings happiness and joy not only
to the bride and the bridegroom
but everybody sitting in the betrothal room

A man and a woman become perfect
only after marriage in any age
The bride sits like a queen
in the Indian palanquin
And the bride groom waits for her
like the spring for the koel.
Marriage is not only to unite two bodies
but to ignite two souls.
The happiest occasion for a woman
or a man is when he/she becomes
a mother and a father.
when the child plays with a toy
the father gets inexpressible joy
and the mother feels like the HELEN OF TROY
Today is the festival of colours.
We,Indians, sprinkle colours on friends
Nature is replete with beautiful colurs.
Life is a mixture of many emotions
We turn red when we are angry
and we become greenif we are jealous

Red stands for change and valour
White is symbolic of peace and purity
Green symbolizes harvest and prosperity
Yellow is considered good omen
Saffron means sacrifice
black is considered an evil

The leaves are green
The human blood is red
The Ripe fruits and corn are yellow
milk is white and the sky is blue

Nature and life are inseparable
Different colours tell different things
May the festival of colurs bring Happiness
and prosperity in this trouble torn world!
Mar 2011 · 4.0k
Well before the commencement of the spring
The British cuckoo or the Indian koel starts singing
With its sweet and natural melody
Some fools and children try to make a parody

It does not care somebody is listening
Or some others enjoying its singing
Or some fools and children start mocking
It goes on singing and singing in response to the mocking
Some fools think the koel suffer from some mania
but the fools suffer from xenophobia

They don’t like any thing new or sweet
And are not ready to give their hearty treat
They suffer from their foolish pride
and which they can never hide

You can’t become great by mocking at a cuckoo
It betrays your inner sick view
Among the seasons undoubtedly spring is the king
The melodious cuckoo or koel invariably does sing
Mar 2011 · 4.6k
No country’s history makes us proud.
It is mere exploitation and colonization.
the poor were suppressed and oppressed.
The rich reveled in utmost luxury
And the weak lived in extreme penury.
The kings were fond of eulogy
And the poets excelled themselves in their elegy.

In the countries like India, the money was looted
the temples were plundered, and the system was blundered
And her progress was greatly hindered
Slowly the kings and kingdoms vanished
the so called democracies and socialism flourished
the bureaucracy and plutocracy  replaced autocracy
Corruption and criminality maintained their status quo

After Independence, a new class emerged in India.
They became the rulers in the name of democracy.
There have been un-imaginable scandals
Money reached the Swiss bank like pearls in the ocean
India is a poor country but the Indians are rich
Mar 2011 · 595
We are all subject to the inexorable laws of You
You give birth to the people and **** them
in many ways. You  unite and separate them
Make them love, hate and forget them one another
You make them smile and frown too

You will make somebody crown
and destroy the kingdoms, change
the roles and makes a child turn into a boy
A boy into an adult and an adult into an old man
or woman and finally take the breath away.

In this vast universe everybody
should follow your dictates
You have no beginning or end
you create the problems and solve them too
we vainly try to measure you
we may succeed relatively
but never absolutely
Mar 2011 · 525
We like  the deep sleep
why are  we afraid of death?
The eternal sleep
Mar 2011 · 736
I am just human
neither a man nor woman
it is not uncommon
Mar 2011 · 686
I have completed fifty years of age today
But I haven’t celebrated my birthday
I haven’t achieved much to highlight myself
Or feel proud of my self

I have just become an English teacher
People may consider me an educated creature
I lost my infancy innocence
And adolescent exuberance
But attained the signs of old age
Though not a sage, freed from unnecessary rage

My beard is graying
Body is slowly weakening
Blood pressure is a bit rising
Hair is alarmingly falling
But today surprisingly I entered the field of acting
Though it is just a beginning of a beginning

I know I am a tiny particle in this vast universe
I encourage and console myself by writing some simple verse
Only my poetic friends give me some confidence
Out of my humble and simple life I derive some sense

I hope God let me live for two more decades long
And make me mentally very strong
I want to make my life a beautiful song
The memories  of right from my childhood do throng
Mar 2011 · 838
Don’t think that the dry sand can’t do anything
It ***** the whole of rain waters
Don’t think that the tiny ants can’t do anything
They will **** the powerful and poisonous king Cobra
Don’t think that the powerless poor can’t do any thing in a democracy
They take away the power and the position of the mighty
Don’t forget that the tiny drops of water make the huge ocean
Don’t forget the collective strength of the mass
It shakes the very foundation of the aristocratic class
Truth, goodness and beauty are eternal trinity
They are the qualities of rarity and divinity
Today the Hindus celebrate maha shiva Rathri(the great night of goodness)
may this Hindu festival bring upon you all brightness and greatness!
Christians believe only Yahuwah as reality
Muslims regard only Allah as divinity
but Hindus believe that God dwells in every entity
and worship every plant, mountain, river as Diety
Atheists plead God as mere irrationality
but nobody can deny the trinity
which are more internal than external
God may not be truth
but truth is God
God may not be beauty
but beauty is God
God may not stand for goodness
but goodness is surely God
Let us all strive for the trinity
Truth, goodness and beauty
Mar 2011 · 501
you  change your name
But not your distinct soul
It never changes
Mar 2011 · 3.7k
two Americans and three Indians
Came to my house.yesterday.
Four of them were men
And one of them a woman
They were all shedding blood
I asked the Americans , “ What
Happened to you?” Our fellow
White Americans fired at us”
Why? “I asked most innocently”
They said, ‘we fought indiscrimination
Against the blacks and for their equality”
I asked the Indians, Why are all bleeding?
“The religious fanatics belonging to our
Religion fired at us’ .The two Indian men said.
A Sikh fanatic shot at me indiscriminately”
He was my own body Guard too.”
The Indian woman said painfully.
Coincidentally all the five came
From the two great democracies
Democracy means” killing the
Great leaders and shedding their blood.”
I woke up from the dream
But I had the great opportunity
Of talking to five noble souls
Feb 2011 · 1.9k
An old man clad in orthodox Indian Attire
Entered my bed room. His Pure and white
Dhoti was steeped in blood.
I asked him who he was. He said, ‘I won
Independence for you and Like Jesus
I shed holy blood to purify the Indians”
I asked him the reason for his coming
He said, “I want to establish a political party’
I said, “Your party and you will utterly be defeated”
He asked,” Do Indians forget my sacrifices and me”
“No. We have great respect for you and we remember
You in national festivals and in elections”
But we will not like you to come to power”
Why? He quite surprisingly asked.
“You always plead for truth, non-violence and honesty
And fight against liquor and corruption.
The Indians are really fed up with your principles.
Even your staunchest disciples will not vote for you”
I said and the vision disappeared most dejectedly.
I woke up from my dream wondering where
He had gone .I felt very sorry for the old man
Feb 2011 · 990
Looking at the sky at night is a beauty
It should be every poet’s eternal duty
I believe in the law of relativity
Because what we see is not absolute reality
What you perceive is not the real view
Your very eyes will betray you
The earth looks standing
And the sun appears moving
The sun looks traveling from east to west
Because the earth is rotating at its fastest
The sun seems to be bigger
The star appears very smaller
Now you look at the star
Which may not be there
Even for the greatest scientist
The universe poses a puzzling test
On the vastness of this gigantic universe
Only a poet can write many a beautiful verse
Feb 2011 · 1.1k
Man can be a wonderful priest
Or he may turn into a cruel beast
It depends on his chosen feast
He crucified even Jesus Christ

Sometimes he thinks like a god
At times he becomes the greatest fraud
He may be the lord on earth
But he will never escape from his death

He miraculously entered space
But he kills most heinously his own race
Shakespeare adored man for his grace
Even the minutest bacteria he can trace

Man always suffer from his original sin
He often thinks of his kith and kin
He might have reached the moon
Even may get to the unreachable sun soon

He will never conquer nature
And know about his own future
He should  know God’s ever lasting feature
And have unshakable faith in His  delightful stature
Will an angel ever fall from heaven?
And suffer from any pain
Like  quite an ordinary woman?
When her toe is badly broken
Should she be forsaken?
I wonder whether an angel will groan
Or mourn for an unexpected loss!
Will she think like a woman of superior class?
Or just like the one of common mass

Will she ever suffer from anger or hunger?
Is she always safe from any danger?
Which language does she speak?
Will she come to our poet freak?

What poem does she write?
Does she know about our poetic site?
Have you ever seen her Sight?
I have seen her in the night?
It’s just my imagination. You are Right
Feb 2011 · 5.2k
Gone are the days when teachers
Came to school on cycles
Now every teacher owns a motor cycle
No teacher wants to ride a cycle
I am one of the few teachers
Who now and then use cycles

Riding a cycle is considered mean
Even my daughters regard it as mere fun
The cycle runs on human power
The motor cycle on electrical power
If it runs out of petrol
Somebody comes to console
If it develops a technical problem
It keeps mum like a tar drum
Human power is more reliable
Electrical power is always unpredictable

Bicycle is very easy to ride
It is a poor man’s pride
Riding a cycle is good for our health
It even saves some of our wealth
It saves environmental pollution
And releases our mental tension
No language is great or superior
Nor is any language is mean or inferior
But English is the most popular language
In the present modern age or even in the previous age

It is just a historical accident
It is not at all a great precedent
Mother, mother land and mother tongue are heaven
We have to protect them as a common phenomenon

English is a huge vulture
The destroyer of many a culture
Speaking English is a status quo
Not speaking it is considered very low

Every body should know and respect his mother tongue
There is no harm or sin in learning another tongue
But nobody should consider English and English are the best
The languages and cultures of the east are as great as the west

Language is just a means of communication
It is a must for any human or nation
Language shows all of us the way
It makes us possible what to say
Today is international mother-tongue day
Let every language shine like the sun ray
Feb 2011 · 2.4k
pebbles could not solve my troubles
so I left them near the waters
and located the pearls
the pearls shine with other jewels
He shows me the right way
And inspires me to compose a poem a day
When I can’t , I will simply pray
And He will tell what and how to say

Every day is His invaluable gift
He gives me the spiritual lift
He made me a teacher by profession
To serve humanity is my noble mission

The morning sun gives me inestimable inspiration
The beautiful moon is my life long adoration
The sparkling stars illumine my soul
The vast blue sky reminds me of my eternal goal

My friends add incalculable meaning to my earthly life
Without my endearing wife my life becomes mere strife
My daughters add charm and beauty to my duty
For my earthly father’s loss, heavenly Father takes pity

I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for my being alive
For the emancipation of the depressed I will strive
Faith in the Holy Father gives me the real drive
With his blessings I hope three more decades I  survive
Who says that there is no magical word in the world?
A word can charm you to be a great personality
Or it can destroy the whole community
It is greater than a so called magical wand

A word can unite two staunch enemies
Or it can break the comity of nations
A word has great power in this vast universe
It may be in the form of verse
Or it can be a great religious discourse
In fact, it is man’s great spiritual force

Al history is recorded in word indeed
We should be true to our word in our deed
And careful about the word when we read
We should be cautious of our word when we plead

Our word should be as pleasing as a sparrow
Lest it should pierce the soul like an arrow
Our mind should never become narrow
If mindful of our words, we will be heroes tomorrow
Feb 2011 · 1.8k
It makes no difference
Whether it is poet freak or Hello poetry
The sites are different
The loopholes are quite apparent
Human psyche is the same
There may be only a change in name

Good poets are every where respected
Fake poets are easily detected
Great poets are always adored
Eternal poets are highly revered

If writing poetry becomes a poet’s obsession
He tries his best to achieve perfection
The main aim of poetry is to please
Our tension it will soon release

The aim of a great poet is to instruct
But every poet’s intention is to construct
The platform for comraderie
Writing poetry is not a reverie

Poetry consoles, delights
Instructs, pleases, and relieves
Even our greatest psychic pain
Writing or reading poetry is a spiritual gain
The spelling Comraderie is wrong.I try to correct it.Or fellow poets may tell me
Feb 2011 · 1.2k
A teacher is  like a huge and bright light house
Which beacons the way to the mariners
and passengers in the mysterious and vast sea
It will stay for ages there

A teacher rarely gets promotion
Although he works with great dedication
He does not have either power or money
Like other employees in the society
He feels greatly elated
When his students get employed

She will teach almost the same lessons
For more than thirty five years
Teaching a number of students
With her and soul  she becomes old
And gets eventually tired and retired

she will wait for her meager pension
And leads the rest of her life
Without much recognition
Tension and any sensation
One day she will fall like a leaf
In autumn and goes to dust and forgotten
Feb 2011 · 879
The Earth is pregnant
something new comes out of her
some where every day
Feb 2011 · 894
I'am not a glutton
neither do I eat mutton
I'am a puritan
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