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averagegirl Aug 4
why this?
why that?
but why?
no why?
I  c a n t e x p l a i n
the words have clogged in my throat,
yet i know so bad what i want to say,
oh how i wish so bad
my words could flourish
but please just understand
i cant explain.
averagegirl Jul 23
i tell you
i will leave
and yet theres this irresistible pull in my chest
as if the contents will spill out of my ribs
when im away from you.
averagegirl Jul 18
you said i didnt care
because if i did i wouldve given you more
but i cant give what i dont have.
averagegirl Jul 9
Your jokes broke my trust
That’s how on edge I am
averagegirl Jul 7
Your love language is simple,
It’s a playlist you created,
From the perspective of others,
Mine is complicated,
Mine is difficult,
Poetry is underrated.
averagegirl Jun 25
They say what gives you so much pain?
And I falter
Even though your name runs like blood in my veins.
averagegirl Apr 24
If I could write my million thoughts
I wouldn’t need to think anymore
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