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May Jan 19
One day, you will wake up to a golden sunset as everyone else is encapsulated by silent sleep.  You remove your blanket and realise that frailness has replaced the strength of your once toned legs. Your feet, a canvas of fine lines, a mere remembrance of the miles you used to walk.A velvet face of beauty  now augmented with crinkles and lines where there was once the light of youth. You reach to brush your teeth and find gaps and realise now that this might merely be a dream. A toothbrush coated with stars and glitter now plain white and softened for your fragile teeth. You slip on your dress which is no longer cinched at your waist  and silky red but decorated with delicate yellow flowers to mirror your ailing self. You hear footsteps behind you paired with dry coughs and heaving and It is not your mother, no. The once leaden magnetism between your spouse has been replaced with dread to face another debilitating version of yourself. You look  into his eyes, now swallowed by crows and find it harder to see the dark, daring almonds of the man who once showered you with flowers and danced with you to the song of the sea. Hasn’t time flown? You whisper into his ear and yet he only asks you to repeat. His ears, once intent to listen to your enchanting voice now forget that the rasps that escape your throat belong to that of his once young, joyous wife. Your story was once sweet, now it is simply one that waits for the greeting of death leaving you incomplete.

Oh, hasn’t time flown?
May Feb 2023
Do you remember the days we used to dance?
When you held my little hand and i called you "dad?"

Do you remember, my innocent eyes?
As I looked into yours, cold from all those cries?

Do you remember all the love i used to give?
Prancing around  bullet bitten walls, where we once lived?

the backlash from the shot?
did it make your ears bleed, ruby red hot?
Do you remember the words on her tongue?

Was it a prayer? or were her green eyes stunned?
May Feb 2023
"Scientists find spin of Earth’s core is slowing and may soon be slower than surface
Researchers from China have argued that the inner core reverses rotation every 35 years - and can move independently of the rest of the Earth's interior."

Muhammad Said
“The hour will not be established till the sun rises from the West; and when it rises (from the West) and the people see it, they all will believe. And that is (the time) when no good will it do to a soul to believe then.” Then he recited the whole verse (Ch.6: V.159)
May Feb 2023
In the scorching heat of Arabia,
deadly winds of blazing fire,
he stood, face luminous,
a heart crystal clear,

Oh Muhammad they called him,
O truthful slave of God,
You stand beneath this minaret,
A broken heart you don.

You spread the truth of life,
Whilst they throw at you, sharp rocks,
You helped your elder wife,
As her soul slipped from your grasp,

You watched your three sons die,
All before the age of 2,
You spread the word of Islam,
Now 2 billion, from a few.
if you would like to learn about islam and have any questions or concerns about this religion or are curious please message me.
May Oct 2022
Here is someone who died during their life,
A million more thoughts but they forgot how to type.

Here lies someone who lost all their hope,
Life is bitter and brutal,
No more banter no more jokes.

Here lies someone your actions made them cry,
May god punish you for every tear they dried.
May Oct 2022
Maybe the moon is beautiful only Because it’s far,
You held your lover in your hand,
But you somehow crushed their heart.
May Aug 2022
why this?
why that?
but why?
no why?
I  c a n t e x p l a i n
the words have clogged in my throat,
yet i know so bad what i want to say,
oh how i wish so bad
my words could flourish
but please just understand
i cant explain.
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