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juniper Jun 3
do you suddenly feel lonely
across from someone you love
questioning why it isn't someone else
and upset at yourself you're questioning
instead of enjoying
juniper May 24
i never understood the obsession
of power
of control over something else
unsure if that means
i'm someone that someone wants power over
or if i have always had the power myself
juniper Apr 29
i didn't realize how quickly the walls move in
for when you feel nothing
and you're trying to just make it through
you only feel the walls cave in
you can only feel devastation
juniper Apr 17
testing what balance is
is something i'll never learn
too cold to too overbearing
always so close to completely burning
juniper Apr 5
where is the line
between dream and nightmare
when the dreams just make you
crave nostalgia
make you sad the rest of the day
are nightmares only supposed to be scary
juniper Mar 24
all i know
is i have you
to the ends of the earth
to the ends of everything
i have you
juniper Mar 12
i've never been lonely by myself
my loneliness has been the worst
when i'm around people i've moved past
when i have separated myself from the toxic
but they're still around
that is the loneliest
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