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As  blight night goes by
languishing blues intensify
Awakened by your essence
afar reaching thy maladyl
From sunset
to sunrise
daylight dwindles at dawning break
Love's desperately begiuiles
but oh,Thee's sake justifies
For the beating o ' my heart
Love shines in my eyes for you
as if my passion
 it may disappear
 yet it's unchange
 through hopes and
 cherishes itself like it
Till the end of time
I love you
Till death do us part
Far beyond the scope
O' earth's crust
by galaxy
Be soul's
Evermore waited!
In the midst of thy
dimwitted beauty
o ' earthened
how seriously, I am
at a scrutiny, if what
I want a soul mate thou
is in ameliorate - fashion,
soulest heart's desires mate,
He's my ideal fit to live without
and that’s what I stand in need of,
My true soul mate is my mirror,
the one that shows everything
that is holding me back-
the one who brings me
to my own tender
LOVING care!
So can I invert lifestyles?
into his lest do whatever
it takes- let thee blessing
corset be what I say or do.
There are hundreds of
ways to kneel and
kiss the ground.
Through my cling
for him, I want to
express my
sweet embrace for the
whole cosmos,
the whole of
and all beings
to caress.
By  existing for him,
I want to dig up
For him more,
Just I come
next to him
into loving him,
The way thou art love myself
I will be able to woo everyone
and all sorts o' order, disarray
Aside from unfit for the world
And of the world
[And I am beaming joy..
Yea glad with all my heart
That thus so blithesome
I myself can I be freely ache free]
A real understanding o' amity
What I really starve to do
is what I really aspire to affect to .
Whence doing well
what's purposely longed swell.
Whilst called for,
HOPE aught not get the worst of
Hard times
Nothing but good times
Whether economics
meets waterloo breaks through;
comes to us,
Abundant mammoth o' thine mercy
open for us,
I feel functional,
and molded
in the manner to be fond
of each other.
Discern to versed what I ache for
and if I dare to dream
of joining our heart’s pining
God's entwined love - waiting!
Because, all this time,
I've hankered to love you and you alone!
I don't bewail what I've been
All- throughout at darkest moons-
Just like anyone else has its
Ups and downs,
Moderately high and mostly
Are at the lowest state o' mind.
I've been so blissful
Motions-oomphs so eventful
But can't beat the enivitable
That I could ne'er say,
'I invoke this don't befall me.'
 It's part of life that defines who I am.
There's naught in life
And faces many adversities and
Such as my naysayers
Life as I know it, be farther up.
Bewildering as it may seemed
Into God's eye seeing and accounting
What I have lived for
Intermittently the hardest
Intermingled by far steadfastly
Easing out o' dealing with any difficulty
Perplexity is thine an acknowledgement
Thus a realization on a lala land
I’ve reserved and took it in stride.
Unto find out a painstakingly-tackle
Likely, to procure a maze
Where I will have to do
and redecorate stuffs
That I probably don’t deserve.
Everyone calls it the shots
with thy unwanted troubles;
How I approach with it makes
A lot o' differences
between each one of us;
So whatever there is,
ordeal or misfortunes,
Lonesomeness to a love's eye
Why am looking for love?
Why am keep on searching?
as it may sounds- creepy..
as it may looked like - eerie
Bethink that everything passes;
If grass so withers..
But God ne'er change nor faith
It don't and nothing changed
Just because I couldn't handle the stress.
However, I am proud of all any blossom
I have made what I sow
and I'm here to show
people like me -does get better,
and also able to talk not a hater
on my bad days
and good days
Yea,  I know there are a lots o' longings
Running hours beneath the blues
In struggle or having a hard times
When my head gets locked
 in a downward spiral mode
And I need someone to pull me out of it.
But independennce made me one out of it
I could be the person who I treasured be,
My episodes will give me the infallible anchor To subsist the life I hanker about.
So will I keep on going ?
Whist will I continue to be
The constancy of change
It may be odd to say,
But it will be okay.
Long road sides to trek
Ah! price is steep and pay
But dare I say...
It is worth the leap of faith
For some reason, God hath promise
Instilled in me that everything passes;
Yet nothing stays.
While the world's conflicts
With my standards
I've also made it through a lot.
Believe me when I say it,
I hate liars
And I don't live in a lie either
But still I've got what it takes
And I can't go on believing lies after lies
all throughout stillness- thoroughfares
Deep down inside are really looking like
 questions and doubts
I ne'er took it straight to the heart...
Just thought of it as two worlds apart.

So it stands right now, that I feel wholeness...
Regardless of the past grievances
 that lives within my soul
Even I pulled it through
Amidst all paradox
That I have been
My family only
Whom I GOT
So far out many foundation I built
Thine earth much stigma to tear us apart
Thou left me to wonder who really cares
Whom I felt so warmth for which I yearned
Benighted tearless nights and days
Hope and pray for peace of mindsets
Thy thine put my heads up for God sakes!
worthy of me, meeting you
It seems that I have been held in some dreaming state of my mind...
T'is que que of mine
If this search is in vain
Must cease to perish
in this hunt
And I did risk
t'is inquest through hope
and prayers ..
stillness yet subsides
that takes up
trials and errors
till I hit it right ..
ah, cut the chase!
better than a life of lies and phonies
if my beliefs be in disbelief
Till I realized he got me, in grief
under his wings
trying to understand what love craves
sure better than a life of disgrace
No one has reached
this peak of ours
so why whine
whose blindness claims
I sayeth, it is unreal
I'd rather die deceived
by dreams than give it all out...
is it possible to say sorry..
because it's too late now
Perhaps, it's about to blow
my patience to my gentle heart
Ive been and heard so much -
what have  I learned
But fool's am I
for one moment
I gather and rather write
just to release.
have the freedom
to achieve my best soul
can't deny past the vice he must
be double standard to all the crowd considers just.
Oh well, I  understand the Way blindly stray., we errs fast..
If we will to be
such wildly hues
even if this search for hidden glories
Proves blasphemy at last,
be sure thine venture
Is not mere cheap talk
but an exacting test.
The fruit of love's greatly;
Whoever it tolls,
t'is knows passiveness.
When love has pitched hers
tent in someone's *****,
Love pain will **** to death
managing any task just to survive
Love forces her to be his prodigy
He cannot take this till infirmity
That he is floundering in a sea of sins
T'is man desperately insane just to win over priceless love
Nonetheless, all these boils down
when U and I love,
I admit, I am blind or fool.
We just get wiser
and see in crystal clear
what is best and of worth!
Realtionships on the line
You put forth and claim you loved me;
And with a murmur
        who purrs like my cat
    Kindly as sundown to nightfall myself
        in such manner—
O' dazzling days o ' ember
Ye, sayeth now you love but
then thine gloaming lips
You say you are at blitheness
Although mired than silhouetted
         by pouting kisses
But you say,
You love me
While midst sublime to yours
Beguiling passions, abets
Breathtaking verses,
sweats out of me
I'd love for you to open up
A Fire-burning ardent desires
My God,  can you hear me whispering
My amazing Lord!
Please give me my soul mate
to cuddle
and ******
Ahhs of snuggles
Don't let me go this thine nuzzles !
I wanna be entwined unto the shadows
Of blamelessness..
I will fly to you,
so please put a halt for me
But only one thing I doubted about,
Herein hearty Eros of God's love
wherein this immortality is made of,
And die in it,
Yet cherishes was in my
Brain trust, thinking, sweetly,
Oh come to me in my dreams
Whist starring beams
with schisms
Thy butterfly kiss
Thou renew though begotten vow soonest
We can't win 'em all as best
behaviors chronic, in stills
Thou when dost wakes up
As much-needed hopes
our love into the deepest
enchantments of all essence
  Oh me, inquesting questions,
Sowith love never-ending failures
Ne'erland of promised lands
Shying away lessons - learned amass
let alone revisiting sadness,
at hand
        Oh dear Thee, behold, love me truly!
Once more, wish you could be here
   so no more storms to adhere
More so thy moment of September
    deemed Saint Cupid's calls for
Lest my mindset a trendsetter
Let alone sustainable care
You utter
and care
For a favor
In return I can't take it back
But go ahead, come on rays of light
Tough 'love' and found 'lust'
we gonna kiss the disturbed dust
In silence when we must
Unselfishness thoroughfares
and I can't help it but be just..
Oh com'on love me with all thine heart!
We reside in reverie of
a man's company of hast
Grounded esoteric warfare,
All earthened-thoroughfare,
But alike us, all out wearing
multitude hats to some
degree of what is unwise.
To others..
I dare say this..
For a resolution of one's
Dissapointment offers
Us all a foretaste of
Inevitable- forthcomings
Under the mercy of thy-
Onslaught his own sleeves:
Bekonst affaires of the
Wherein notorious lover-
He who doth lies,,,
Polite lies,
Thou guise.
Littlelest white lies,
It's utterly obvious,,,
So cute, naye,to get
ahead of the said ploys,  
Such looks that decieves,
Evenso for personal gains.
Disgraced, preeminently-
-Alas--so stigmatized!
Abide by a fool out of
my comfort zones.
Yet, hiding on a closet-nesting.
Justifying-lies after lies..
With the audacity to be politically correct.
Forthwith, stretching-
Delusion yet so untrue-
Sounds crazy but hear me out so true!
Unbeknownst in disconnect..
Forsworn lurching bare-balistic!
Canst be so in denial-
Oh hush, onto morally
wrong by betrayal.
Unless confronted-be lull,
I tell you, misery loves partying.
When shall a victimeless crime-
Sets forth principles?
Of a reasonable prisoner of one's skin.
Wherefore, cowards can't accept the truth.
When and what not-
Alongside comes with a price tags..
Shall allow statement that  hurts.
Where the finest truth starts,
The art of thee fib begins.
It's written into thy heart's desires,
Commonality of hyped-up cultures,
Anything to trending... Mainstreaming  society at-aghast.
Say, the misunderstood,
Barren disadvantaged-breathe..
Yet naive to the "game-chasm"
Asforth in danger o' thy  being hurt,
As azure gust blurt--controlled by others.
Besides roundabout,
-dumping ones guilt on
someone's shoulder,
Confronted by disguise.
Ye about now, all outcries-
A beacon dreams,
Bearable fears,
Thus, thyself true nature -"selfish self "
Beat a cutthroat belief system,,,
Towards inconvenient truth.
Of what's true-blue,
In realm world, of for reals.
Before we lose any sense.
Surely a bad habit of doing so.
Let alone endure the sustainable
enough to make it good.
Accordingly-keeps sagely,
Sanity once and for all intact,
To my name,  hold - fast-
-to -knowing and learning
To either thine honeyed
indulgences work on it..
until my rapture and sin not.

Be on -Ahah-moment
unto full -blown-healthy living
Yea, a better way to do something,
I'm begging you...
Unto benighted babes of the night,
So pleadingly asking for,
And wanting to play it safe,
Herewith, ne'erland of make-believe.
Forth any love deserves a-worthy,
Ought not be in the malady.
Ably a-mighty,
Be a gentle-carrier,
Incorruptible as a splendor,
Be virtous not a pretender.
But submit and surrender.
Ah! what life's blur,
Yeah, are all about:
Oh ye, unfair world to pout!

Hello humankindness,
Goodbye unfaithfulness!
Sojourns - endurance

Please, don't mess up
Because whomever
in avoidance of pain
Only to find out
More pain
Is at stake.
That's out and about..
Thine game-play abound.
Beaming a smile all-heart.
As good as it get,
[God in my heart]
Whilst things can't wait,
It stands out like blueprint;
Difficulties and joys aren't
exclusive icons,
[ but mutually friends! ]
Meet you halfway,
[Eternally glorified,
by far, outweighs them all! ]
Oh, sweet mercy,
Ah, all joy,someday,
So common, lover boy...
Forthwith,  seen, thou transitory
But, what's unseen- ageless-provisory
So keep it real-for me baby!
<3 but through my lines of my poems
our love for each other is always dear
a loving family is thy indeed a priority to me
nor even thousand utterances that could nail it down
who we are and what we do
and how we were taught
carried on
passed it on
as heritage
as a  treasure of love
en-caste in circles
of affection connected
in time we make amends
a traditional family like mine
is the jewels up in the sky at night
stars that twinkles all night
as my late loving parents
up in heaven watches us over
somehow ,,,
Angels as can be-They're always there to protect,
guide and unrelenting blessings
to end our day as beautiful as ever!
families are those who help one another
with great foundation to remember
and foreboding  joy with care
just to let someone recognize it
but let us not be bored,-admit it
even though we are separated
but continue Your nearness
and Your faithfulness
for ourselves sakes
thine journey to be
a dream cone true

we have faith and trust
wisdom and wit
if we crushed and  get disappointment  
or if through tough times we disintegrate
or be so worn-out
families aren't perfect
we go through motions
in roller coaster rides
but each time we do
ours will be..
will surely be
the great test to be as strong as a brick be,
help our being morally refined
-us to redefine
each time we stumble
fighting temptations
of the worldly cause
just who we are
be merciful, my Lord,
shower us ty o be
meek, kind,, loving
and humble down
to one another
till the end of time
will be as part eternally
and everlastingly
so help us God! <3
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