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Mar 2017 · 744
March 3, 2017 - Detroit
Joseph Childress Mar 2017
Night falls 'round 3pm nowadays
A yellow moon, cockadoos!
Yelling through the blinds
Singing a tune
For a midnight shifts tillings
Yesterday is still today
And it's tomorrow already
Nov 2014 · 1.0k
Joseph Childress Nov 2014
The talk of the town
Is old school revolvers and revolution
Dusty trails and old wives tales
Dusk colored scene
Discolored clouds hover
The thunder brewing in parlors
After hour spirits
Pitched with the passion
Of melting steel
Strikes from the
Blistering heat
Forms the union of labor
Friction at it's finest
The time is a quarter til already
Sep 2014 · 1.1k
Joseph Childress Sep 2014
In due time
I’ll pay what’s owed
Alone for the load of old moves
Payback for loans to sell dreams for a minute
If it’s crazy to be owned by the past I will be finished
To the choir to acquire what was missing
My soul is tired
Worn like treads of tires
Sneaker soles and old attire
Suited with attributes of a brute
Uncouth in the present of the future forbearing
Telling what’s apparent
Yet no one will listen
Forever imprisoned by debt
Even bankruptcy is too much to afford
Lawyers are costly
Hard to invest in freedom
I’m left
Like the wrong hand
Gambling for the chance
To win
Signing on lines
Next to x’s
Trying to buy back.....
I’m trying to...

I need my ******* soul back!
Sep 2014 · 1.2k
The Axis of Evil
Joseph Childress Sep 2014
I need balance
I’m too extreme like my beliefs
Far too sorry to apologize
Forgiveness would be a lie I couldn’t live with

Balancing under pressure became a crushing defeat
Misfires and misdirection can land the highest man beneath
Untreated wounds breed infection
The lessons learned are easy to remember
Dismembered and off-kilter

Unbalanced drunkards lay wasted like death
Effigies of what used to be
¨**** it¨ attitudes
Added to the frustration
Of falling and failing, my fault
I brought shook hands
Like an addict

Moderation is balance
My mode is moody
******* and impatient
I meditated to medicate anger
¨Endangered species fighting for survival!¨
Was the greatest lie I ever told
I fought a war for peace
More violent than buddha’s
And I won
I won a deadly victory

Balance was not built for chaos
I’m a riot, raunchy
What I want no longer haunts me
I’m not a victim of crime
Im the victor
Missteps led me away from destruction
My mistakes were made
To save me
First poem I wrote in 2 years, I've been adding old poems for a while. Excited to be back in the spirit. Hope you Enjoy!
Jun 2014 · 3.4k
Joseph Childress Jun 2014
Joseph Childress

Some people
Their worth
In the hands of others
Let them

Others fight
With words
Or get
By interruptions
In class

Why reply
With what I believe
Are the makes
Of I
When it’s
Is still
In progress

The finished
Will stand
Before all soon
And no one
Will question
Its greatness.
Jun 2014 · 5.0k
In Decision
Joseph Childress Jun 2014
Joseph Childress

I face
Worst case scenarios
On a day-to-day basis
I basically live it
Though stern and livid
Most of the time
I tend to get timid
Too much decision making
In tumultuous situations
I’ve been waiting for a vacation
Tedious work becomes insidious
To the inside
After a while
And my wild imagination
Becomes destructive
If it doesn’t get to play.
Jun 2014 · 1.0k
Joseph Childress Jun 2014
Joseph Childress

Fold papers
Constructed to float
Like planes

Through the stripes
Along the lines
And take off

Make off
With much more
Than words written
Actual actions
That lift off

Origami ornament’s
Arose from bore

The formal forms
To sheets torn
Without intent to teach

From improper usage
Still fuels
The mind anyway

Away and away
Fly fliers
Beneath the lights
In a way
More motions
Than moving emotions
It coasts
To another plane
Needless of

Much needed
A cruise
For the piece
That used
To be tree
Now used
To set free
The imagination
Jun 2014 · 1.1k
M.T. (The M Theory)
Joseph Childress Jun 2014
Ms. Miss Me
Messes with the mess
Of Me
Messianic Masonic Messiah
Making mountainous modules
Manufactured from the make-shift
Makings of my soul
Which lifts me
Higher than before
Mysterious mysticallity
How you made me
After you met me
The misogynistic misogamist misfit
Meets Ms. Perfect
You misled me
You knew I didn’t want to fall in love
I mistreated you
And now
I miss seeing you
Mr. Missed Her
Mistakenly misunderstood
Her magic
For a trick
My mania must mean
Malevolently maiming my mind
Never mind me
Forever mind me
You’re forever mine
Even if only in the mind
My metal moccasins
Stump through
The mine field
On my quest to find you
Constant explosions
A million
M-80’s to make
A metaphor
Of the fire within
The fireworks
I mean
Hopefully the fire works
I destroyed your
Mint commission
I meant condition
Your mint condition
Was devalued
From my mixed intentions
And messages
Monotonous tasks
To get you back
I get your back
And stay forever
In your past

Mt. Empty

You built me
Just to leave me
Jun 2014 · 1.3k
Healing Me Softly
Joseph Childress Jun 2014
Joseph Childress

Soft words
Are usually preferred
During pillow talks
I foolheartledly
Brought hard words
& Disturbed
Hardily makes sense
Your sentiment
Didn't deserve
The sediment
From my concrete heart
I argue
Our argument
Was all my fault
I dumped asphalt
On the sandy beach
You provided
For our sweet retreat
You retrieved
My roughness
And smoothed
The edgy conversation
Tamed my
And soothed
The painful consternation
You could
Ease the temperament
And impatience
Of anger management patients
All the while
The peacefulness in his
War within
Finding righteousness
In his right to yell
You respect
His freedom of speech
But with each
Negative comment
You seek
To find
The positive content
In the layers beneath

You see the beauty
In the mess
Like an abstract painting
Made for the
Artistically elite
My poor sense
Of creativity
Is lifted
From your richness
I dropped
But always
Pick it
Back up
Like bad habits

Rehabilitate me this
Last time
And I promise
I’ll never
Cast a shadow again
I’ll shine
In every way
I direct my attention

Its not too late
But knowing you
My lateness
Will be welcomed
Like a homecoming
You seldom
Look at my faults
And not find
Jun 2014 · 945
Memento Mori
Joseph Childress Jun 2014
Memento Mori
The Momentum
Before I make
My last stop
The brakes screech
As I try to prevent
Moment of descent
Tragic that this happened
All at once
Once upon a time
Rarely ends
Happily ever after
When your not ready
For what’s after
The happiness
Once in time

Memento Mori
Remember this story
Of how a boy
Became a man
Who couldn't backtrack
From this dead end
The tomb stone
Pops up
At the end
Of this book of life
It becomes
The Book of the Dead
A curse
After the gift
After this present
Moment of Content
Is a rarity
While alive
Does the picture
Become clear
Once we're
About to die

Memento Mori
Moments in mourning
Where's the morning
Out of reach
In the dawn
Of bad news
And breaks
The moon breaks the day
The Up rise
Of the final sunset
The sunrise
This morning
Was just a warning
To remember
I must die
May 2014 · 648
Joseph Childress May 2014
Watch out!…


What a close call!
If I answered
The mood swing
Would of left me
Out of line
Without a chance
To be
I call connect
To recollect
The lost connection
Your long distance
From sanity
Is costly
For each instant
It costs more minutes
To make up
For the lost time
The way we once were
To gather
The few good thoughts of you
And converse
Brings the worse
The opposite
The converse
Of what’s expected
As you spew
The **** slew of issues
You’ve had with me
Turning romantic comedy
Into tragedy
I could’ve forgave you
For not forgiving me
But you’re giving me
Too many reasons
To Sprint
Like a ****** Mobile
From his *** drive
My batteries dies
Before I make
My final destination
But when I Boost
I promise to lose
The number
Of times I came back to you
Let it slip my mind
As I find a new
To subdue
Subconsciously I already
Weren’t ready at all
May 2014 · 345
Current Exchange
Joseph Childress May 2014
Midnight cravings
Of food for thought
The hunger for more
What’s in store
I can’t afford
Just need
A little more change
This time
The current
I’ll ride
Until the currents change
I’ll trade my time
For money
The current exchange
Daylight saving’s
To savor the day
Use each moment
Pursuing the suit
Of happiness
Happy is the destination
Is the vehicle
The fuel
Is expensive
Is it probable
To assume my problems
Are perpetuated
By the
Way I think?
After all
I'm educated
Without a degree
Of a teacher
Without the salary
How will I eat??
No calories
No energy
Less casualties
Just a lack of sleep
The combination
Of both
Midnight hungers
Brings hope
Spring me
Out of this heat
Like the fall
Of the summer
How far is
What I seek?
The back of my mind
I wander
To destinations
I can’t reach
Which fuels
The infinite motivation
I need

Don’t read this
Current exchange
Of words
As ink on paper
Read them
Like a new testament
Of the love
I sacrifice
All I ask in return
Is for you to testify in court
As a witness
As I try to appeal
To the layers
Of disbelief
In the jury
As I speak…
May 2014 · 428
Joseph Childress May 2014
Constantly changing
Like constellations
We see son’s
Of our fathers
In the stellar
The reality
Of make-believe

As humans
We strive
To find purpose
I propose
The deposition
Of myths
Are dispositions
In need of disposing
This poses
The belief
That science is all we need

I suppose
Our posture
has change from
To upright
We’re in the right
Such as love
Take a back seat
To concrete evidence
Of necessity

Your conception
Of love
Was simply a misconnection
In the synapses
Of your brain
You truly
See me
As a proper mate
For continuation
Of our primates

Isn’t conceived
As such
With our fellow
Beings in life
Our nonsense
In meeting
After death
Is laughed at
In the kingdom
Of animals

If evil
Is ever
The right decision
I guess
Can be found
In justice

If righteous
Is ever
The solution
To abuse then
I guess
In retrospect
I can respect

Into the final human
Is a slow changing
To survive
In the environment
That becomes
With our further
In the lack of use
For love

The marsh brings
Spewing venom
With split tongues
Full separation
Usurping serpents
Urging the up-rise
Of our final
In love’s insurgence
Drown the
Sounds of kisses
And signals
The sign...
We finally evolved.
May 2014 · 1.1k
Broken Peaces
Joseph Childress May 2014
I love
Don’t care

Isn't paid
Much attention
In my apartment
Isn’t paid
In our
But who cares?

Always cause pain
And pain
Isn't always
The cause
Of separation

We just
To drift away
Messages in a bottle
Off the coast
With no intent
Of being found
Our lonely islands
Are crowded
With shadows
Of friends

We forget the darkness
Because at least
We no longer
Burn each other
With our angst
And anger

We remember
Except rations
Of ourselves
We left
Like t-shirts
And underwear
In each others

Then throw
Them away
Find them
Another day
in the exact same place
We excavated them
The returnment
Of our undesirables
Show fate’s
Sense of humor
Only a stubbornness
Such as ours
Could devour fate
And disavow
The vows
It set out
To make...


Up the sum
Of each halves
And the total
Is something
The totaled
Can live with...
May 2014 · 610
After World War III
Joseph Childress May 2014
I feel
The rubble under my toes
The lost destiny
Beneath my feet
The past
Portrayed defeat
More work to be done
Than minutes
In the clock's small hands
I bent my knees
To to undue the destruction
I won't finish
Before my seconds
The second
May make it
Just a little weight
From the bolders
Lifted off thier shoulders
The beginning
Has to start somewhere
Why not
Where the apparent
Ending is sitting
Right next to us
Let's use the strength
Of a billion men
To lift the curtains
As they fall

If "happily ever"
Ever wants to happen
We have to accept
It's probably
We're dead

Whose strong enough
To face this truth
This fear
And work through the tears
Of our demise
Will be met
Before our son rises
Don't wipe your eyes!
Let our cries
Form the oceans
That were ****** dry
In our time
So our children
Will view earth
As it once was
Once "was"
Becomes us
We'll be proud of what we were
And maybe
For the first time
History wont repeat itself
May 2014 · 936
Before World War III
Joseph Childress May 2014
Let our collective imagination
Turn to stone
Antique collectibles
For our future
To own

The dissent
In current politics
Tries to prevent
The Third World War…

Earth’s civil war

The third rock
The third world

Third eye
See’s it all
The blind leads us

Illuminati Catholicism

The Popes
False sense of hope
The World holds on
And drags us
Down with it

Withering destiny
In the arms of humanity

Beautiful bibles
Used against
Who know no

The courageous Koran
Has a cordial
Approach to
The New Age Martyr
And ties a noose
Big enough
For two

Jews choose to
The wealth
Money is the root
Of it all
But whose truly to blame
If the claims
To royalty
Are fought by all

Fight for fame
Like nomads
Of a tribe
The top
Is pursued
With the body left behind
Most kings end headless
With their body left behind

The future
Is a faint painting
Blurred from lack of vision
The piece lacks
From those high
Off power
Making the wrong decisions
May 2014 · 640
What Lies Beneath
Joseph Childress May 2014
I’m trapped under earth
The sheet of crust
Is too thick
To pick through
Too tough
For hands
Even as rough as mine
I climb
But reach
The impassible
And pass out
Like faint
Of times
Now I’m under
Stand in
The depths
Of below
Unbeknownst to those
No one to excavate my soul
They don’t know
What lies beneath their feet
They tread on me
I’m responsible
For this
Reverse archeology
I put my future
To fight
With a lack of energy
From digging
To deep

If it’s true
That you’ll sow
What you reap
I hope
These seeds of me
Will grow
Into something deeper
What lies beneath…
May 2014 · 569
Most Wanted
Joseph Childress May 2014
Souls lit
With the intent to
Who wants
The unwanted
Essence of wantings
I've lived long enough
To break
The imaginary chains
Still young
My pains have yet
To grow to scars
The long lasting
Of dishappiness
To compliment
The complex
Ideals of discernment
The hurtment
Lies deep
Forged thoughts
On the cheap beliefs
Of peace
This arrangement
Was made
With an agreement
To never forget
The unminted conditions
Of descent
I fail often
Off ten
Bottles to
The knows
On my lack of progression
It seems to only
Fuel the aggression
By the mistakes
I take
Like second chances
Hoping one day
I can rid
My emotions
By drinking
Cups of defeat
The war is insane
Like me
There’s no where
To retreat
So that’s where
I’ll be going
The same
Is all I have
Until the next time
We meet
Though shallow
My love remains
May 2014 · 1.0k
The Illusion of Ignorance
Joseph Childress May 2014
Titans clashing
In writing classes
To profess progression
Progress to professions
Brought through the lessons
In College
A student as truant
As undeserved triumph
In the form
Of a form
That says what he’s worth
Handed out
To show
You’re on the road
To success
The rest are asked
The ultimate question
Of “Why not?”
Embarking on the quest
When the ultimatum
Is failure

Fail lures in
Those with no ambition
Men *******
About getting papers
To show worth
Working with no
Apparent purpose
Being apparently worthless
Pairing the two
Against the view
Of a *****
Who stares at the moon
And gives a ****
About the bull
The one
Whose wit
Could split
The tightest knit
And undue the sutures
Of skulls
To undue
Their mundane
View of success

The *****
Who calls himself
A *****
With more pride
Than Aryans
Carrying his opinion
Than the mass vision
Just to show
How low
They truly are
Arrogantly ignorant
Ignore rants
Of others
And smother them
With the truth
Of knowing nothing
And understands
They’ll never understand

Overstepping the boundaries
Diplomatic immunity
Yet immune
To the qualities
Of the Hippocratic views
And sees
To seize the future
You must
Tackle the present problems
You must blitz
To get you’re quarter back
If you want
To make a change
And sport all the qualities
That seem to them
In the range
Of misunderstandings

The illusion of progress
For humans
Are usually
Said in words
And never
Set in stone
So I will throw
Sticks and stone
The stupidity that’s grown
Words hurt
But actions hurt worser

For example:
Isn’t a word
Until I worsen the
Worst situation

I’m waiting
For my chance
To blow up

So I can dumb down
Your intelligence
And smarting up
Your ignorance

If you can’t understand
You’re either too smart
Or too **** ignorant

If you’re offended
Then you’re opinion is unneeded
Because the truth
Will tear your *** to pieces
May 2014 · 1.3k
Joseph Childress May 2014
And she said…

I luv you,
Where’s the


we truly

Or just yet
To begin?

Well, *** u

It’s convenient
To shorten words
To speed the converse
But love
Should be handled
With delicacy
You’re lack of concern
“I luv u 2”
In return
You’re more mathematical
Than poetical
And I accept our difference
But your indifference
Once I brought it
To your attention
Is well worth
The “*** you” aforementioned
May 2014 · 1.4k
Joseph Childress May 2014
Copper moons
In the month of June
Can set the mood
Like fireplaces
In December
The embers rise
Like the passion
Of a mad man
Madly in love
The contrast
Of the dark sky
In the background
Can’t last
Long enough
The beauty portrayed
Was made
For portrait
My poor traits
Are accepted
Like eclectic
Like when the sun
Decides to be
I’ll hide today
But in the morrow
I’ll shine
In a way
So my rays
Can raise
And leave you blinded
By arrays

Most guys shy away
From showing emotions
Exposing too much
Leaves them naked
I’m not ashamed
If you see
What should be seen
It’ll only make you
Want me more
What’s in store
Is pain
Hidden in pleasure
To please
Is the least
I can do
To make up
For the
That comes
You come faster
Than seconds can count
As if we
Been away longer
Than years can count
The amount
Needed for this
Leap of faith
Could mount mountains
As I maintain
What’s needed to stay
In the position
Remain uplifted
May 2014 · 543
Joseph Childress May 2014
There will be tears reminiscent to seas
Salt water
Body of lies
Forming to make there way through
Rocks and hard places
Through time they cut
And **** up
The thoughts of tough
I trust
You’ll never trust
But you remain in the picture
The pitcher
Has just enough
Liquor to leave me
Beside myself
I get beside myself
And me and I
Rather I and me
Stand alone
With the unknown
Women eyeing me
I’m trying to see them
For who they are
Your eyes are all I see
Icy hearts are hard to warm
It hardily harms me
And scarcely scars
Or even scares you
Because we are
Emotionless vultures in a cult that preys
On cultures
That cultivate true feelings of love
We contour their beliefs
With our tongue in cheek
Learnt from lessons
We had in adolescence
Will we ever truly grow?
Or will we just
Say **** it
And bring the world down
With us?
May 2014 · 870
We Against the World
Joseph Childress May 2014
Against the world
Whose truly
The underdog
When the power
Once connected
Is strong as
Einstein's intellect is
Atomic Explosions
Can knock
Earth of its axis
As Allies v.s. Axis
World War Two
As the world wars

Two of us, Just the
Justice, Just us
Just is the only reason
For breathing this season
This isn’t even
The way we rise higher
Than the sun in summer
Some are confused
The way we fuse together
Regardless of the weather

Whether autumn falls
In August
Our arduous tasks
Seem to leave
Like leaves
Once we’ve changed hues
Exchange whose
As we climb
Scale mountains
And reach a level
It’s peak
Wished it could reach
The climate change
Doesn’t phase
What it doesn’t know
The snow below
Forms as the wind turns
Looks at us green
With envy
As we exchange hues
Plush meadows
Lay vast across the plain
Simply put
It looks similar
To the vane
Looks as we stare
At each other
To share vanity
And make it fair

The stars
Watch from above
At this pair
That showed the earth
How to love
Regardless of despair
May 2014 · 583
The Different
Joseph Childress May 2014
Each step
In common sense
Makes you more
Like the rest

Moment’s uncommon
Can become commerce
If you’re immersed
In what it’s birthing

Un-earthlike belongings
On your person
Is illegal
Only in the laws of earthlings

Case in point
Anyone can chase and point
The obvious, obscure
Object erected
In what once was a pattern

But to shed a lantern’s light
On each instance
Is a dim-witted decision

The whole picture
Is much larger
Then man made flame’s
Can harbor

Are needed
When Altars
Are constructed
In place of
Church of thought

Irking’s small as these
Have potential to be
Crusades on uncommonalities

The worst casualty in war
Isn’t death
It’s birth
Death ends
Birth has potential
To grow into something worse

History dictates
The future’s fate
****** masquerades
As bright ideas
While ideal massacres
Take place
In front of our face

Who chooses
To be the flaw
In this perfect picture
Of hell
And shed true light
Like halo’s over
The well

I warn you
Or whomever
Should play womb
For dissent

Society’s mob
Makes martyr’s of those
That fight the current

Portrays an ironic display
Of the punished
Mindless crowd’s “Hurray!”
In the kingdom
Of dumb kings
And followers led astray
May 2014 · 599
The Last Contemptation
Joseph Childress May 2014
I cant wait to show
My contempt of court
Contemplated much more
Thank lord
The latter was chosen
I swear to him
My swears wont be as
As the unmentioned
Of this present contemption

My hand told lies
Like prosthetics
As it handled the bible
Like an oath
It would take
If it weren’t for the one nation
Under god
Dodging the law
Of the land
Biting the hand
That feeds him

Hunger strikes
Like a match
Thirsty for air
The explosion of emptiness
Fills the stomach
The feels
Become more ill with each filling
Like mercury deposits
From molar drilling

A mouthful of ailments
Spewed across the room
For the judges consumption
But the cancerous banter
Spread like foreign bodies
And the jury took injury

The whole world
You’re the most hated
The “not for long” followed
Like the gavel
As it swallowed the courtrooms
A sentence of death was relayed
Without a period
Of contemplation
As my great contempt
Of court
Is overshadowed
By the ******
Committed by a jury of my peers
The passion of Judas
While I’m crucified
In the name of my father
By men who shoot
The messenger

Remember me at my worst
And my best
Will always inspire
Death is not as bad
If you can give a few truths
Before you expire
Apr 2014 · 1.4k
Joseph Childress Apr 2014
Joseph Childress

Absence makes the heart grow
Fonder for most
Somber for some
Odd of others

The presence of love
Is the foremost force
In the divorce
Of reason

Victims of attraction
Then make tractions
That keep the world

Rebels revel
In revolution
The great changing
Like crescent moons
Before the new

Each phase
Relays the latest trend
As love, hate and sin
Blends in a cocktail
Of delusion

Drunkards play martyr
In the extremist
Relentless systems of belief
That leaves relief
For the reliving of death

The children witness it all
And coming up shorter
Than expectations
With each generation
Alternating ideas
For alternatives
Altering native ways of thinking

Beings battle for correction
In facilities
As others rights
In the quelling of dissent
Fighting fear
Is dear
To the hearts of trendsetters
Setting the standard
For the new age
New way of thinking

Off to Walden’s Lake
For the Great Disappearance
Dissing appearance
For the sake of absence
As absentmindedness
Watches from afar
Don’t worry
I’ll return with enough
Civil disobedience
The laws will have to change
In our honor
Apr 2014 · 985
The Ballad of Indecency
Joseph Childress Apr 2014
Bashful *******
Shying in vain
In vanity
A gust full of disgustions
Aiming for the senses
Of the senseless
Since less
Is what fools choose
In abundance
I’ll give enough lessons
Subtract the negative
Added that positivity
Is possible
In the stereotyping
Of our future

If so
Add All the differences
Attractions of the same
Usually end
In repulsion

Whose All
Is more than the rest?

All none
All one

The geniuses
As satire misses
The point
Like dullness

Unafraid to be afraid
Of sameness
Though its comfort
Could conform the most
Rebellious heart
If left unchecked
I choose
To sit on the broken throne
Absurd as blurbs
For the sake of unnervance
Apr 2014 · 771
Theory of a Dream
Joseph Childress Apr 2014
Joseph Childress

Concrete benefits, nature of the jungle
Cities and suburbia, survival of the fortune
The owls growl now, no more asking “Who”
The town runs wild, the eye watches the jungle

Abstract revolution, power of the people
Mafias and militia, conquering division
Rebel of the mind, hands still chaining
Gangs grow larger, conquering the people

Misogamist marriage, fatality of the lovers
Polygamists and virgins, electrically connected
****** innuendo, pushing and pulling
The pace moves quicker, bindings of the lovers

Unthinkable thoughts in the valley of a dream
Inventive venting on impossible creations
Utopian physics,  disavowed in the matrix
The strings vibrate, the theory of a dream
Apr 2014 · 431
Joseph Childress Apr 2014
It hurts
To get pulled
In opposite directions
When your soul
Wants nothing more
Than to remain
In it’s position

The pealing off of suits
An awful truth
Inner me exposed
Like the falling of defenses
Enemy exposed
Like the failing of a friendship

If the lord
Should grant my soul
Enough courage to be shown
I promise
To never be a show
Or entertainer to be owned

Jailhouse blues
Aren’t only sung by caged birds
I’m free
And I sing
I haven’t earned my wings

The unveiling of my secret
Societal mind
Will amplify
The ample voices
Speaking at the same time

It hurts
To get pushed
In one position
When your mind
What’s nothing less
Than to go
In all directions
Apr 2014 · 2.8k
Indefinite Definition
Joseph Childress Apr 2014
By Joseph Childress

“Habeus corpus!!!”
Yelled in court
From some youngin’
In the back row
As he rose
With a roll of parchment
The constitution laid dead in his hold
A gleam seen in the judge’s eyes
As he glances, quickly
Behind glasses
While guards escort
The disrupter of courts
To the unknown

All hail the corpse of freedom!
Warranted from the lack of warnings
All hell: The corporate companies cooperating
In coup d’etats
Disguised as peace keepings
Offering the
Sacrificial kings of Africa
Offing the
Head of state
In a distasteful display of feardom

Fear dominates
The war on terrorism
Military minions pillage the dominions
Of the defenseless

The final blow
Like the Final Call
In the falling of an empire

Protesters test the unrest
And spread
That are read
In the weaving of our future

Sit-ins for those who
Speak during class warfare

Constitutions re-written
To constitute illegal imprisonment
Of free
And believers

Citizens find it harder
To not pay attention
When the war in the Middle East
Is fought in America

Patriotic Acts to enact
Unpatriotic actions
That exact
Hate on the coward-less fraction
As if ***-kissing will ever be in option

They’re warning us
To stay sleep with the rest
Those who awake
Will meet a force
Than the crusades
As they raid the houses
Of our brothers, sisters, and
Controversial, conspiracy contriving cousins

They will come
Like thieves in the night
To undue
The debt due to society

The battle begins,
And the Martyrs are ready.
Apr 2014 · 675
Jaz-Amen (Dedication)
Joseph Childress Apr 2014
By Joseph Childress

I remember when…
I remember, I remember
When I lost my mind….
There was so pleasant about your face
I let all my emotions go,
And gave you space….

When you were out there, without care
I was out of touch,
Not because I didn’t know enough Jaz,
I just knew too much.

But does it make me Crazy!!?!!
If not,
Deny it in front of the doctors
Who document the details
Of my insanity.
Granted that your vanity
Is understood
I forgot my understanding
Beauty is in the eyes of all
That behold you
How could I forget?
I forged the signature smile
You talk so often about
So you’d be happy for me
But how?
So selflessly you loved my selfishness needs….

Now We,
Becomes a testament of what
Once was
Once upon a time
A princess met
A soon to be king
Whose arrogant rant’s
Arose at the time he forgot
His ring

Now you and I
Are forced
To separate like divorce
Of the love
That once filled that empty void

Whose to know
Of what’s to come?
In may we can spring from these
Cold feelings
And blossom like a Jasmine
And turn has-beens
Into have-nows
And complete the vows
We started under covers
Like our first words
We said to each other

Diamonds are forever
If I die with out your three letters
Let this
Be the last
“I do” is all I ever want from you
And all I have in return
Is “I do too.”
Apr 2014 · 2.6k
Joseph Childress Apr 2014
For Love and Destruction
Volatile environments
Whose inhabitants
Distract inhibitions
By enacting emotional exhibitions
Fueled by liquid fire
Fluid spirits
Energize the soul
Chemically reacting to stress
Freeing the hostages
Housed inside the hostile hospice
Of hearts
Nature’s neutrality
Doesn’t do much
For this current
Of Lust and Frustration
Lo and Behold
The solo soul below
Who bellows
In the belly of beasts
Like growls
That grows into speech
As I transform from
Animal to Anomaly
Asking for the one thing
That will keep me
From the answer
Mar 2014 · 474
Catch 23
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
Catchy clichés
Can calm nerves if spoken
At the right moment
Appreciative tokens
Of atonement
Can amend this friendship
For the moment
Leave me left
And I’ll be found
In my attempts at
Tempering your aggression

Either way I win.

Marriage & Children
Divorce & Retirement
The best things
Come to an end
Which leaves room
For a cycle to begin
Recycling my romantic
Of true love

Either way I win.

Misery & Mystery
Of mystic prophets
Who provide
Love potions with ironic twists
Like the iconic wits
Of philosophists
Who admit to know nothing
This concoction
Can con-artist-ically convince
Common sense
To become rare
Drunken affection
With lips that tell lies
As often as the truth
It tries to depict

Either way I win.
Mar 2014 · 559
Holy: Whole, Hole.
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
**** it,
The small hole that lies
In all hearts
Is a larger part
Of my whole,
My arteries hold no
Holy blood, but
Ole faithful spurts
More life then ancient articles.
Art is Gold.
Not folded in papers.
Though, these zig-zags have
Had their fair share
Of wear and tear on my soul
My core
Is iron ore
I wore, and tore
The fabric of space
For us
To meet face to face
Has nothing to do with it
I only ate
The apple
To show the faults
Within me
With sin
I have nothing
But what heaven sent
Next to me.
Where window’s to a soul
Hold enough water
To feel a widows pain.
I see through you
Like sheen stockings
To hide
What you’re trying to show
On purpose
You’re perping
Like the drug
That deceives me
Into believing that I need it
Needless to say
I’ll take needles
Of your love to vein,
In vane of God’s name
As I search
For the rib
I lost in his name
Competing with
My empty heart
For completeness.
Mar 2014 · 2.3k
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
Fantasy maybe. Even still,
It’s far from fact.
I've seen more accurate depictions
Of Love
In abstract pictures.
At least it’s fierce colors
Show so form of passion
Artistic? It can be
But this is trendy
It'll fade as a
True art is timeless
Truth? It can be
But this is candy
Not fruit
This is pop
Not soul
Technically it’s music
Because of it’s movement
But this needed no muse
Only tech
No chords
Piano or vocal
Only vocoder!
Inhumane, alien maybe.
But even the Vulcan
Shows some form of fire  
The misleading smoke
Shows no water
In the vicinity
Only industry
The only esteem
In this engine
Is steam
The closest thing
To nothing
Deflowered. Devoured
By self-expression
Selfish innovators imitating life
Forgetting to live it.
Mar 2014 · 514
Humans For Sale
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
By Joseph Childress

Humans For Sale
Our new product
Was produced
By the finest scientist
Rigorous research
Developed over ages
With pages upon pages
On the way's of Man
Which have made it
To this manual
Our manuscript
Comes with a planner
To document
The detailed descriptions
Of the
.Human Revolution.
They carry out
In your manner
For we've finally discovered
How to turn off it's soul!

Our standard package
Is for any industry
We've oiled all it's joints
For maximum mobility
Whenever their overworking
Strings stretch
From their shoulders
To allow shrugs
At your command
So it's hands
Can work for hours
While following your demands
I know you puppeteers
Take offense
To puppet's tears
Report any malfunctions
If the manufactured
Model shows emotion
And we'll threaten
Them with the fire
That they use to own

The titanium's knit tight
Taught enough
For the toughness of man
The silver hooks
Slide through slits
Of flesh
To make value
Of the empty vessel
The heart
Serves as battery
Copper veins
To gain momentum
In it's electric brain

Our premium package
Allows wireless extensions
Of control...
The new televised eyes
Provide hallucinations
In lucrative amounts
Which will prove
To be illustrious
In it's illustrated sight
The special effect
On it's vision
Is our last step
.Human Revision.

Our market
Is uncontrolled
The loopholes show
The puppets inability
To function
The component of soul
As owner
Be satisfied
Of the power
They don't know
Mar 2014 · 353
Falling with Style
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
By Joseph Childress

This isn't coincidence
These predicaments
Don't occur
From compromise
I promise
This instance
Was made from insistence
Need not play a role
Why chase you
When I can stalk truth
And take soul a step further
I sing blues
Off cue
And play keyboards
Off key
To mimmick the mockery
Of clowns that show grief
Or clones that make art to show originality
The irony
Can leave wrinkles
In the corner of a smile
But for me
This comedy
Isn't worth my while
If this tragedy
is but a wrinkle
On the loose leaves of the wild
I don't aim
To tame these emotions
I only aim
For your heart
With arrow's pen-pointed
I always draw my words
The most artistic of weapons
If you listen
This suicide will be assisted
Either save face
Or erase your pencil thin smile
We'll fall from grace
At least
We're falling with style.
Mar 2014 · 579
Fuckin' Grammar Nazis
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
By Joseph Childress

Grammar Nazis
Are politically incorrect!
Their views on beauty
Are unusually unnatural
Usually nature accurately depicts
The perfect harmony
Between structure and chaos

They aim to revoke
.Poetic License.
The responsibility fee
Is irresponsible
In it's response
To viewing mistakes
And expecting compensation
The pennies I've earned
For even thinking
Is an even exchange
For the possible pain
I could've stricken

Lord forbid
I choose a battle of words
To settle this disputation
My concentration
On not giving a ****
Could drive them crazy
I love breaking laws of the English
And creating my own

An explosion of ideas
Could end this war on creation
Free verse
Is more universe
Than university
And Poetry
Bears fruit
For those unafraid
To break their rules
Mar 2014 · 1.6k
The Calm
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
By Joseph Childress

Sometimes, brainstorms
Are calming enough
The flower expected
Doesn't even have to blossom
The muddy water
Is a composition itself
Deep music waves
With Earth to keep you grounded
These wetlands
Can be depressing
Your impression
Becomes obvious
In the form of footprints
Imprints from bare feet
Rare feats are expected
But walking
When the rain storms
Is sometimes, calming enough
Mar 2014 · 384
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
By Joseph Childress

Full of decorated pages
Display graffiti
Like ancient hieroglyphs
On the walls of caves

These scripts
Lay testament
To the inner workings of soul
And expose
The short coming
Of perfection

This came
In the form of a dream
The realm
Where impossible is the norm
Showing it's possibilities
On a night-to-night basis
And the rules of tomorrow
Are re-written
Mar 2014 · 390
Book of Love
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
By Joseph Childress

Help me write this poem
For real
Grab a pen
Yours is customized
From things we remembered
So you know
The amount of energy
And time
That went into creating
This creator of art

I am working
On my greatest masterpiece
And I need your assistance
"The Book of Love"
Is the title I chose
It's more dictionary
Than novel
The definition is long I admit
100 pages
To explain the one thing that
Helped me create it

You helped me create this
How could you forget
The reality we shared
Of course
This book is dedicated to you
The course
I took is worth the degrees
Of the sun
But it took my cold heart
To keep me
From burning these pages
Mar 2014 · 1.1k
Crash Dummy
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
By Joseph Childress

This is practice
The climatic ending
We've been reliving
Since we've been passing
Bottles of passion

They explode like champagne
Or the breaking of glasses
When we let go

This abuse
Is useless
The pain is duller
Than the point I made
When I said
We were mad for each other

I meant
Made for each other
But we've mistaken each other
For designated driver's
Our destination
We'll never make
But, you're smarter than me

You'll get another ride
And me
I'll take another shot
Before I leave
Mar 2014 · 1.0k
The Thirst
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
By Joseph Childress

****** expressions
Are greater than words
But I
Want the liquid truth!

Lips don't only talk
They also kiss
Tears can be more deceptive
Than tongues
And yours is persuasive
The ability to sway
From your salt water
Body of lies
Can form dead seas
And these scrolls
Wouldn't be here
Without this excess of ink

Shedding blood
Shows only a lack of control
And care
Shedding my own
Would only show
My lack of understanding

The thirst I have
Is for liquid truth
The friction we cause
When we tell it
Is more than enough fire
To make it pure
Mar 2014 · 2.3k
The Instrument
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
By Joseph Childress

I'm composing
A symphony with this typewriter
I'm not writing musical notes
For the sake
Of typing on pianos
This is music itself

This is what soul sounds like
To me
Of course,
The raw strokes of pencils
Are classic
But this new age music
Is of my time

I've learned
How to play this instrument
To showcase
My ability as a musician
And these notes
Are loudest
When read alone
Mar 2014 · 510
Hot as Hell
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
By Joseph Childress

You're hot as Hell
Not a more accurate metaphor
For what your heart stores
Vicious love
What sin did I commit
Where apologies aren't accepted
When I repent
You have
The tongue of a serpent
And I mean that
In more ways than one
You earned the deed to my soul
And buried it
In the deepest hole
Maritime trenches
For the unforgiven
At least Adam
Was warned of what was forbidden
My lack of knowledge
Of Love
Occurred at the same time
I tried to show it
My father knows
I asked, "Momma What's Love?"
And God knows
She showed it
Better than she could explain
My missteps
When I stepped to my future "Mrs."
Missed the whole point
I stumbled on the stairs
To Heaven
And I fell straight into Hell.
Mar 2014 · 729
Dream Sex
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
By Joseph Childress

Red letters
Wrapped in velvet
With heartfelt sentiment
Passion uncovered
Enveloped in naked truth
Special attention
Opening up
On birth and holidays
Old age wine
Or brand spirits
Breaking seals
To spill emotion
Untying ribbons
Expose love
In it's barest form
Intimate gift giving
Sharing time
For soul's mate
Our body of work
For playing outside
The rejoining
Of missing pieces
And coming full circle
Mar 2014 · 692
The Mirror's Secret
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
By Joseph Childress

Beautiful woman in the mirror
You are the fairest
Of them all
More fairy
Than tales
Long and tall
The truth you seek
Can be found
Without reflection
Someone paid
Extra care
In designing
Your cover
The silk fabric
Of your skin
Was created only
To showcase
The beauty within
Like decorative boxes
Housing diamond rings
Open up
And give the world
The gift
It's been waiting for
Ask the mirror no more
As much as it reflects on life
Only you have
The power to live it
Mar 2014 · 699
Brown, Withers, Marley
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
By Joseph Childress

James was correct
This is
A Man's World
Man made his story
And left
Out the picture
Even after the labor
She suffered
To create him....

They call us son
Yet it ain't no shine
When she's gone
No woman
No warmth
No womb
No cry,
'Cause poppa's around
And grandpa
Taught him to shed blood
Not tears

No rain
During droughts
The fruit of life
For artificial desserts
Man made
And through blind loyalty
I'll continue their instructions...

No cry.
Mar 2014 · 584
Make Believe
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
By Joseph Childress

Let's make believe
Let's make each other believe
We don't want to be bothered
We know
What's best for us
We showed the best of us
And couldn't
Make the best of it
Let's call it quits
We're stubborn
Stubbing are toes
Pretending we're walking
Like pimps
Kinda hard in your pumps
But it's harder
For me to pumpfake
Without actually jumping
The shot I'll take
Is for the both of us
The fall you'll take
Will hurt us both
We'll boast and brag
Like it was apart of a plan
Let's fake the funk
With our ******* lies
As we leave
And show those who don't believe us
How to make believe
Mar 2014 · 547
Air Force One
Joseph Childress Mar 2014
By Joseph Childress

I'm not afraid of heights
I'll get high
Just to prove it
My wreck-less-ness
Should let you know
What's expected
Resting miles above danger
Enjoying the unexpected
My lack of uncontrol
Is enough to annoy
Those aiming for control
I own
A random nature
Mixed with structures
Of my choosing
I'm losing
The laws of physics
Being lifted
In the physical
Living on a plane
That lands on open lanes
Yet prone
To being blown
From pressure on it's propellers
The dwellers of trenches
Are perched on their benches
The field of clouds
Are for those out
Making yards out of inches
Taking chances
On top of storms
To dodge the lightning
And living above the norm
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