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Three little ducks
Crossing the road yeah
Three little ducks
Making the cars wait yeah
They waddle their bums
As they cross the road
It is like father and child
And mother load
Those three little ducks
In the USA
Waddling on the road
I don’t know where
Those cute little ducks got there
It is totally weird
And very kinda weird yeah
Those three little ducks
Walking across the busy street
I call the first duck
Cute little fella
Second one I call
Wonderful and beautiful
I third one was little
And very very cute
They are the cutest ducks
I have ever seen
As they cross the road
And we have to wait
Those three little ducks
Beautiful and cute
The best
The best
The best
The best ducks I have ever seen
You are a black sheep
A fucken ****** woman’s kid
One opinion two opinion
Shove you up the ***
Then get big saw
And chop off your ****** arm off
One opinion two opinion
Yes that is your ***
You are a black sheep
One opinion two opinion
Shove you up the ***
Oh yeah bow bow
One opinion two opinion
That is the end
Baa baa black sheep
You are a ****** woman’s kid
One opinion two opinion
Yes that is fine
That it takes just one opinion
And then a second opinion
To shove them
Really shove them
Shove them shove them
Up the ***
Baa baa black sheep
I got another woman’s kid
One opinion two opinion
Shove them up the ***
I love the women and my mate pat
Loves the men
He uses his two opinions
To shove them shove them
Right up the ***
Pat is a mans kid
I am a woman’s kid
Because I love the women yeah
I used to like beer mate
Get drunk on it mate
Cause I want women to like me
But I looked like a mans kid
And not a ****** woman’s kid
One opinion two opinion
Yeah mate yeah
I am Santa Claus
Sitting in my house
Seeing if people have been
Naughty or nice
Like helping each other bringing
The groceries in after one member
Buys them
Helping each other do something
Very challenging
Helping each other in looking after each other when they go to a party
This year I am especially looking for people who are social distancing good and whether people ere washing their hands when they can
I am not pleased with some protestors because they are making policemen work harder during these tough times
I am looking at people who have been really kind to one another
I think a lot of people
This year will get good Christmas gifts
I hope they play carols online or social distancing in the park
My father
Mr Barry Allan is now
Betty Campbell

My friend Mark jones is now
Leo Campbell

My grandmother ivy gimbert is now
Annie Leblanc

My nanna Jean Allan is now
John Robert rimel

My uncle ray Pocock is now
Rhett Leroy

Stan Niemec is now
Jackson mecham

Barry Loughton is now
Mitch Ryan

My Aunty Pam Scalley is now
Willow columbo

My friend Scott MacDonald was my cat lucky and now is
Daxton butler

My friend Steve volks is now
Brock butler

My grandfather Alexander gimbert is
Kathryn Rodwell

My grandfather Clarence Allan is now
Ryan Clark

Slim dusty is now
Darci lynne

Murray Flynn is now
David from family fun pack

Ronald Regean is now
Ryan Donnelly

Dean Martin is now
Jack vidgen

Frank Sinatra is now
Ky Baldwin

Bobby Pickett is now
Zack from family fun pack

Don Bradman is now
Xander McGuire

John f Kennedy is now
Stephen Gallagher

Bill woodful is now
My brother Chris Allan

Andy Williams is now
Micheal from family fun pack

Graeme Thorne is now
Me, Brian Allan also I was Albert Waldron John hawker English Blackbeard the pirate Leonardo da Vinci and many more

Elvis Presley is now
Shaycarl butler

My friend Paul berenyi is now
My niece Caitlin Allan

Ruth cracknell is now
Gavin butler

Elizabeth Montgomery is now
My niece Susan Allan

Agnes moorehead is now
Melissa Joan hart

Sue Sanderson is now
Baby Olivia from yes they are all ours

Martin Luther king is
George Floyd

My uncle Stan is now
Isaiah from fathering autism

My cat muscles is now
Abbie from fathering autism
I am not perfect
I will never be perfect
I don’t wanna be perfect
I feel fine and there is nothing wrong with me
Stop worrying about me
I wish people will let me live
Rather than push the heaviness on me
There is nothing wrong with me
Nothing nothing nothing
Nothing wrong with me
I have an illness
But I don’t want people to have these dreams about me
And I don’t want people to get me
To sell all my cool stuff for cheaper
When I could sell it for dearer
Don’t mister Glenn try and be creepy with me
I am not perfect
I am not lazy
I am not stupid
I am not a two year old
You are not my father
You have no right to mix with my mother to get rid of kayo
I like watching sport
As I said you are not my father
I am glad you got arrested
Because you were becoming too much like a bully with me
Now you are in gaol I am glad
There is nothing wrong with me
I am not perfect
I am not a two year old
I am an adult
I don’t care if Glenn hates me
I don’t care if anyone hates me
But I think I am cool
I love life
Glenn treated me like an ornament
Something for his pride
He didn’t care about me at all
He just wanted to put my picture
On the wall to say look what I did
But he is crazy
And I don’t want to try so hard to be Perfect because that is the reason I could have problems
I don’t want to walk or day and night to reach an impossible walking goal
And he has no right to get me to do that
Yes I was an ornament on his wall
He wasn’t treating me like a person
I don’t want to get on tv
Or radio or be a famous poet
I just want to work in a job I used to do
I am a family person
I am a hooligan
I am a man
But I am not getting bullied
I just want to live my life
And have fun
Dad isn’t around anymore
But I am I want to love my life
******* GMJ
Sep 2020 · 390
baa baa moo moo meow meow
Baa baa black sheep
Have you any wool
Enough for each sheep
Owner to call
The people who do knitting and stuff
Everyone wants the sheep to look rough
Moo moo brown cow
Have you any milk
Yes sir yes sir
As pure as silk
You see I want my genetals
To bring a lot of milk
For the supermarket
Meow meow tabby cat
Have you got our cuddle
Very close like a famous huddle
Go meow when a burglar comes scares him away that famous cat
Meow meow tabby cat
Good on you
Sep 2020 · 86
bouncing to a party
Bouncing bouncing bouncing
Up and down and around the town
Trying not to **** people off
With my bouncing bouncing bouncing
Celebrate with a glass water
Do it if you really feel you ought to
You could celebrate with a glass of water
Every day and night
Get down on the dance floor with
All the chicks
Tick tick tick tick tick tock tick
Dance to songs like working class man and pour some sugar on me
And run run as fast as I can
Then the next day I will run the block
Even if I feel slow
I will still run the block
I have to put up with the pain
Remembering friends named
Pat and Dave and Wayne
Bouncing bouncing bouncing around
Party up and party down
This is fun but feeling like an elephant is sitting on you is not
You must try and move move move
You must try and move
And that will make you feel really good
Sep 2020 · 42
8 to 3 working day
Working from 8 till 3
In a ****** job mate
It is totally bad
Saying that you want a clean slate
Saying Jesus saves
To everyone around you
Hopefully your boss
Won’t imply that he is out to get you
Everyone in town loves to party
Whether you are dumb or a big fat smarty
You party with bourbon and coke
And then you light up a smoke
And say dude boy am I in trouble
You see this 8 to 3 day means
I will want to party all night
Yes it would make me happy
Yes I want to lift up my hands
And clap clap Clappy
When I do my work
People contradict ya
Saying you are slowing us down
Pushing us around ya
You need to lift ya game
If you don’t want to get sacked yeah
You see all ya want is to drink too much alcohol yeah
Working 8 to 3 only works if ya ready
At the end of the week
You drink and watch the footy
Party on and never ever fail
Party on till the old break of dawn yeah old break of dawn
Daniel is crazy
He lives in the past
He worries that the things he does
Reflects on his family and friends
He worries that me and Phil warren and Paul Andersson drink all that ***** back in our younger years
And not suffer any consequences
But Daniel is crazy cause he isn’t perfect because he used to binge on 4 ruskies and he wasn’t doing it to be social he was doing it to watch the soccer
I watched the footy in the club with a few beers and have a bit of a dance
And the reason Daniel is having consequences is because he is fucken dwelling in every part of his past and I don’t know about Phil and Paul but I am living for today and loving life and I don’t touch a beer but I still am loving life
Daniel needs to stop fucken dwelling in the past stop thinking that god has it in for him because Daniel isn’t perfect nobody is perfect even if Daniel said he is perfect he isn’t
Even if Daniel says that it would great if everybody liked the same thing
It isn’t true, life will be boring if everybody liked the same thing
Because at risk of sounding right wing we wouldn’t have interesting conversations with interesting people
Daniel says we got rewarded in having neices and nephews but that is because we love life and we don’t worry about or dwell in the past while Daniel worries that god caused his family grief but he dwells in the past
My motto is just enjoy yourself and try and forget about the past and don’t dwell in it despite of all the bad stuff you did
You can’t change the past but you can work toward the future
Mentally ill people can make a difference
Don’t listen to Daniel dwelling in the past
But he is an old fogie
Don’t ya think
Sep 2020 · 34
A halloween celebration
Halloween Halloween
Even if it is covid 19
We still can celebrate Halloween
We can party with ghosts
We can party with monsters
We can party with Dracula
Yes it is so much fun
Come on dudes it is October 31st
And kids are trick or treating
Around all the houses in the neighbourhood
The crypt kicker five
Are playing excellent songs
Like monster mash and purple people Eater
And nightmare on my street
And time warp just for fun
Yeah yeah yeah it is October 31st
And we’ll party all night
To celebrate Halloween
Happy Halloween everybody
Sep 2020 · 33
the halloween dancers
Go the Halloween dancers
Up on Jupiter moon
Bringing the Halloween spirit
To this nice round world
We have dancers dressed up as
Ghosts and monsters and goblins too
Witches and wizards and the witch doctor as well
Dracula comes down to celebrate this day
Drinking blood and eating worms
And anything that squirms
Go the Halloween dancers
Kids going from door to door
Playing trick or treat
With loads of yummy lollies and
Chocolates to eat
How about the devil
He is a funny stupid sod
He tries to put evil into everybody
Yes he is like mr plod
Go the Halloween dancers
Dancing all day long
Banging your head to heavy metal
And other music that is morally wrong
Cheer for the walking pumpkins
And carve plenty at your home
Putting a jack o lantern
Right in the middle
To scare away evil spirits
You see Halloween is a fun time
And everybody has a ball
Everybody at the party
Has to jump for joy
Go the Halloween dancers
Get ready to party all night
I told the witch doctor
He was my best friend
I wanted everyone
To have fun and celebrate
Whether it is a party
Or a hostage situation
That mighty witch doctor
Is a very nasty guy
I told the witch doctor
To go out and grab from within
You see he was a party dude
Back when we were bad
You see this nasty witch doctor
Tries to show he is the best
You see he is the type of bloke to put
You to the test
Yes he will without further ado
He will put you to the test
I told the witch doctor
That this party is kind of lame
No alcoholic beverages to share
And no lobsters from Maine
Just party sandwiches
And the bread is moldy as
Yes that this really nasty witch doctor
Is a stupid ***
I told the Witch doctor
That he is a stupid
Fucken ****** old
Stupid ****** ****
Sep 2020 · 177
sadie the crazy lady
Sadie the crazy lady
Who killed her granny to be close to her mummy
She also killed her grandad
Without lifting a finger when the old guy fell made
It look like an accident
it didn’t stop there she was evil
She showed people about
Her version of death
By burning a candle to a piece of paper
Then Ben who is her desk neighbour
Brought action figures for show and tell
Sadie just burnt them and threatened
Ben by putting the burnt action figure in her locker
That really scared him
He thought Sadie the crazy lady
Should be locked away in Gaol
But Sadie the crazy lady
Killed the mental health workers
By accidently on purpose locks them
In a burning room
Sadie the crazy lady
Drew a picture of Ben being hung
By the neck till he was totally head
But the way Sadie the crazy lady
Could do that is killing her teacher
And made it look like an accident
Yes Sadie the crazy lady
Having fun killing everybody
But she wanted her mummy and daddy
To know nothing about what Sadie was up to
Sadie the crazy lady
Started to figure out a way to **** Ben
But this was going to be hard
Because her house was the only
Place she could do it
And Sadie will be going out
So Sadie the crazy lady
Saw a happy man walking by her
She said to him ******* *******
Or I will fucken **** you
You don’t know me
I could really harm you
Make you jitter so *******
Away from me
And let Sadie **** Ben in peace
Sadie the crazy lady
Was killed by Ben in self defence yeah
When her funeral was on
Sadies mother blamed ben
For killing her little girl yeah
And Ben went to court and
Was locked up for 5 years
And Sadie the crazy lady
Was laughing and saying
I am causing earth grief

Sent from my iPhone
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Look at crazy Daniel
Reckons the world will be
A whole lot better
If we liked and did all the same things
All the same things oh yeah
You see Daniel likes the soccer
And he would like a mate
To watch and talk about soccer with
But he is crazy because
We are all very very different oh yeah
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Look at crazy Daniel
He is crazy cause
He wants the world
To be the same as everyone else
That will be boring so boring
Come on crazy Daniel
Stop trying to make everyone just like you
Because mate the world will be boring
If everyone was the fucken same
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Look at crazy Daniel
According to him
We should all be the same
Boring so boring oh yeah
Because if everyone liked the same thing
There will be no battles in the world of sport with people supporting the same team
There will be a lot of problems in the streets with everybody wanting to do the same thing
People will become too agreeable and boring
Mind you it is good to pretend to be agreeable with Daniel because he hates the difference in the world
The police will arrest you because they can see you did it because he wants everyone to be the same
You see there won’t be many sports everybody will jump for one and the people who miss out will go to the least popular sports
But if you listen to crazy Daniel
You will be boring to the core
And you won’t have peace
You won’t have debates
No it will be boring if everyone liked the same thing
Sep 2020 · 49
sticky situations
You see it is a sticky situation
In this world today
You see when you just sit there
Doing nothing it is not a good idea
To avoid a sticky situation
Is to get up and have a drink of water
And drink a lot and ***
And eventually it’ll go away
But overall it is bad
Sometimes it feels you have diabetes
Because you feel it is the sugar
But it could be anything
Yes yes yes yes yes forever
You see this sticky situation
Stays in your body real bad
And makes you feel bad
But the best thing to do about
This sticky situation is
Do you exercise
Drink lots of water
Be creative
Have fun
Keep moving
Talk constantly
Just be cool
And hopefully the sticky situation
Which means you are shy
Will drop away from you
Hi my name is Brian Allan and I am still ******* with duct tape with my 2 friends Patrick and Brendan
Last night when I hid my phone so they don’t see it the kidnapper grabbed Brendan and said you are only 10 and you are going to hung bu the neck untill you are dead and nobody will hear you because of the duct tape on your mouth and once I have done with Brendan I will **** you 2 and Patrick was trying to escape and then thought that he figured that he has never been kidnapped before ever in his life, I am struggling trying to get out to save Brendan but I don’t want to hung by the neck myself but I said threw my duct tape gag let me go let me go please save me and the kidnapper said Brian Allan Patrick Enright Brendan Schulz no need to shout threw your gag nobody can hear you and then hung Brendan on the roof and Brian and Patrick said
Put him down he is only a kid and the kidnapper said ok if one of you can replace him and after he untied Brendan he picked up a axe and hit the kidnapper over the head and then untied me and Patrick and suddenly we escaped but we were unaware that where he took us was a lonely place where we just missed the hourly bus by 10 minutes and we had to wait for 50 minutes but we had to hide just in case the kidnapper came through from the whack and it was a boring 50 minutes and with 1 minute to go we saw the kidnapper coming toward us and we couldn’t hide but we got on the bus and the kidnapper followed the bus and got ran over by a car and in about 5 hours he was dead and Brian and Patrick and Brendan cheered so loudly saying
Ding **** the kidnapper is dead
Yes he is the kidnapper is dead
And us 3 young dudes are free
I try and be positive
Positive oh positive
Having fun is what I do
Even if I look like a kid ya know
I joked around with my dad
I joked around with my mum
I watched the the top 59 with my brother and we did other things as well
I went out to places with friends
And we had a lot of fun
But one friend told me
No you are still a little young dude mate
I used to get teased a lot
Like being locked in a storage room
Bullied in the playground
I hated it so much
You see my friends say
No your still a little young dude mate
You need to be protected
But I don’t want to be protected
I am not a negative person
No no not me
I like to have a good time
I want to work and have my fun
I want to just do my work
And occasionslly socialise with my fellow workers
Like Christmas parties
Christmas in July
Kareoke nights
And yes my friend said
No your still a little young dude mate
You are just working
And nothing else
And I said I am cool
I am not negative
I want to have fun
I don’t want people to hate me
No your still a little young dude mate
You are too shy
Too shy
Too shy to be like us
I want to feel cool
And jot fatigued
No way bad man hoze
Sep 2020 · 111
We wish you a happy Halloween
To celebrate Halloween
Party on at Halloween
Yes that sounds so radical dude
Party with the goblins
Party with Dracula
Party with the ghosts
Party with monsters
Party with Godzilla
Oh yeah we will be happy at
Halloween yes we will celebrate it oh yeah
Party with red cordial for blood
Lolly snakes for worms
Black liquorish for the bowerconstricter
Yes that sounds really rad
Kids going trick or treating
Dressed up as characters they like
Some people go as Tim the toolman
And buzz lightyear and mr potato head
Happy Halloween happy Halloween
Happy Halloween everyone
Bevil purnell is living it up
On YouTube named Jackson tracker
He really loving life
On YouTube named Jackson tracker
He helped a lot of refugees
And he was there for all of his kids and grandkids
But now he is on YouTube as
The great Jackson tracker
Bevil purnell is going to theme parks now as well as fancy eating
Bevil purnell is loving his parents
Who take him to see the world as
Little cute Jackson tracker
I know bevil misses his last life
But his new family are living it up
Yes bevil is now a tracker
The famous
The famous
The really famous Jackson tracker
Halloween is coming
Halloween is coming
Monsters and goblins
Ghosts and Dracula
Scaring everybody
Making them scream
It is getting close to Halloween
Enjoying the monster mash
By the late great bobby Pickett
I wonder whereabouts he is now
Oh I know, somewhere, where the monsters hang around
Saying to each other
I scream you scream
We all scream at Halloween
The ghosts running around the home
Scaring everyone
Parades in the streets
With people dressed up in scary costumes
At Halloween Halloween Halloween
** ** **
And I don’t mean it is Santa at Christmas
Just celebrate getting scared
Getting scared getting scared
At Halloween
Oh yeah
Hi this is Brian Allan again
Reporting to you from the basement I am been held in with Patrick Enright and Brendan Schulz and today the kidnapper came in with a big axe, well he was putting it away but he said to Brendan I am coming to get you and I am going to **** you and me and Patrick started to get scared that the kidnapper was going to **** us all and the kidnapper went away saying heh heh heh heh I have those young people right where I want them and me and Patrick and Brendan were struggling trying to escape and the kidnapper came back and whipped us with his garden hose and yelled out you youngens will never escape from me and we all tried to scream but the duct tape was nicely gripped around our mouths we couldn’t be heard
If I didn’t text on the phone nobody will know what is happening to us
Brendan was moving around the garage trying to find a way out of here but it is impossible for us to escape because the tape was on so tight, the kidnapper came back and picked up Brendan and said tonight I will cook you on my barbecue and have fresh tasty young boy for dinner
And I started to struggle my way over there to save Brendan and the kidnapper got the axe and threatened to chop our heads off and me and Patrick and Brendan tried to scream through our duct tape on our mouths
But we found it impossible to be heard
And the kidnapper left saying heh heh heh I have the family people *******
We say to you all
Aug 2020 · 42
a fantasy abduction
Hi my name is Brian Allan
I am 21 years old and I have been kidnapped by a gang of thugs who were interested in taking money off people and my hands are tied together with very strong duct tape but I still can text this but I am finding it hard and with me is my best friend Patrick Enright who also is 21 years old, he is very scared, so scared in fact he doesn’t want to speak because he is afraid he will be murdered by these thugs, at the moment I think we are in this thugs basement with the door padlocked shut, and we have my 10 year old neighbour Brendan Schulz who was playing with his roller blades when me and Patrick were being abducted and because Brendan saw us being dragged into the car the thugs chased Brendan down the road and when Brendan fell down on the road and skinned his knee, the thugs got out of the car and took brendan’s roller blades off and threw them in the nearest garden and tied Brendan up with me and Patrick and now we are in this basement we have no idea of what is going on outside and we can’t speak to each other because the duct tape is tightly around our mouths
Patrick is very scared and said to me to say that he is still alive and don’t stop looking and Brendan said the same thing and then the kidnapper brought some food for us but we had to eat it like dogs because he only took the tape off our mouths and Kept it on the rest of the body just in case their was no funny business because he knows what young dudes like us are like, we will thank him for the meal and then run after stomping on his foot, well he didn’t want to take any chances and that made me and Patrick and Brendan very scared for our safety, we are thinking we are going to die or something and after we finished eating like dogs, the kidnapper came back and duct taped our mouths so we can’t speak or scream or anything else and we were bored because all 3 of us are young and being captured isn’t very much fun
I wish Canberra would be cool
Instead of arguing with each other
They sing songs to make each other laugh
I wish Canberra would be cool
Instead of seeing people sitting
On the grass in a public pathway
Have them sit in a homeless shelter eating a very nice meal
I wish Canberra would be cool
Instead of just having boring events that only idiots like
How about bring the exciting things back like Christmas tree lighting ceremonies etc etc
I wish Canberra would be cool
Instead of people being big rich ******
They should try and figure out ways to help the less fortunate
I wish Canberra would be cool
Instead of people trying to save every tree, support something cool like the light rail and see the value of it in the future
I wish Canberra would be cool
In these times of covid 19
Instead of thinking I wish it was over
They try and figure out what they can do to keep people being cool
I wish Canberra would be cool
They should help support the holidays that makes everyone happy like Halloween instead of just supporting things to make number 1 happy like bake sales
I wish Canberra would be cool
Well they do put on
Music festivals
Christmas carols
New Year’s Eve shows
Park festivals
Family fun days
Sporting events
Christmas tree lighting ceremonies
Art shows
Big concerts by the worlds biggest bands
Street parties
I wish Canberra would be cool
And I think Canberra has been showing signs of being cool
We need to be patient
When a old friend says
The allans aren’t like us
You could say this
We aren’t getting robbed
We aren’t getting bashed
We love life
We sing on the computer with all the dead spirits
We aren’t getting scammed
Nobody can scam the Allan’s
We just say no we are different
To those fools who say
The allans aren’t like us
We don’t fall into traps
When we go out
People are scared to to confront us
We know how to handle cyber bullies
Our relationships turn out well
Even if we aren’t in relationships
We still watch family shows, vlogs, and really good movies
We don’t commit crimes much
Like the evil man that is saying
The allans aren’t like us
We work in jobs and we never get bullied, never get bullied
Yes when they say
The allans aren’t like us
It saying that nothing bad
Is happening to the allans
Cool man eat my shorts
It’s the last day of winter, mate
Celebrate with a drink
The flowers are growing now
In time for the season of spring
The sun is shining
Ready for 3 months till summer
But spring is the season
That brings the gardens to life
Don’t forget to party mate
In your backyard with a wine and then
You talk about the flowers and trees
Oh yeah oh yeah that sounds so cool
This winter was a bit weird
Because of covid 19
It just seemed to go so quickly mate
But who gives a ****
Floriade won’t be on in
It’s usual spot
Except they will have gardens all over
The city
To bring the magic of spring
We are waiting for Halloween
For us it is spring
In America it is fall
But it is good no matter wherever it is
Cool, man it is
You get to see daffodils and roses
And many many more
As they bloom tomorrow onwards
On the last day of winter yeah
The eve of spring
Oh yeah
Little young dude
Sitting there being scared of the world
Trying to love life
But he is getting bullied oh yeah mate yeah
You see this dude just sitting there
With his knife making people
Too scared to walk there
Even if it is daytime mate
He will still just sit there
Wondering why people are too busy for him
You see if he gets bored with his knife
He will read a book about evil
Till it is time to go home
But he is in no rush
He just sits there thinking about
Where his life as gone
But he is a little young dude
I say I wanna help him
Understand that the worlds a good place
Little young dude
You are so lonely
I wish you had a friend
I would be your friend
But you might use me
And dominate my apartment
And I will be the hated guy in town
I am playing cool for yeah mate yeah kids
Cause they act so silly
Putting dresses on washing machines
And singing stupid jingles too
Like making a ballad out of happy little vegemites, sounds so fucken lame
Getting married so young
Even if their babies are cute
They have them at 17, too young
I think adds a terrible
You see when they advertise
Life insurance boating camping fishing and they have fathers who are into that kind of thing but not many
Are into that add, so dumb
People who were fighting over toilet paper and other groceries at the start of the pendemic how fucken stupid
Yes I am playing cool for yeah mate yeah kids who do adds just to pay the rent
They don’t realise that the thing they advertise something only the rich can buy
You see people are showing their old fogies legs as their Hormones is erecting their ***** and the might of their ****** is ******* all day long
People only like people who are doing ****** things and if they don’t they are dumb why can’t people be respected doing family friendly activities
That would be for me
I am playing cool for yeah mate yeah kids
And I am happy
Hi everybody I am Briano alliano
And today I have a few poems and jingles for you
Here they are

I love to party up here on Saturn
Enjoying life, mate pretty ****** cool
I drink methane smoothies
And I really really enjoy it yeah
And I have a few fly burgers to share
They are good enough to eat
Eat eat eat
They are such a tasty treat
Treat treat treat
Covid can be annoying
I wish it would go away
Just imagine no afl grand final
In Melbourne that will be a shame
But we must be fucken careful
Oh yeah mate oh yeah
John Howard is in hospital
How long will he be there for
Well some say it is payback
For all the problems he caused the poor
Hey hey baby oh yeah
We must party on oh yeah
Get down to the ground yeah
Everyone party oh yeah mate
We must party oh yeah
And never stop

Our next song is c’mon Aussie c’mon Aussie c’mon
The virus is causing problems for the afl
And keeping out of Victoria will be a shame
Politicians arguing with each other
Like they normally do yeah
Even Barnaby Joyce has to say his piece
Yes an Aussie killed his victims in Christchurch but there is a lot of hurt
Well, he is the biggest **** you ever see
Yes c’mon Aussie c’mon oh yeah
C’mon Aussie c’mon
We must stay in Australia but what happens if you don’t
You end up getting hemeroids up the ***
And then footballers breaking covid 19 laws they just want to go somewhere to drink their beer
That is Australia for ya
Yes go home and your mama
Yes that is so cool yeseree
C’mon Aussie c’mon
Party on Aussie party
Just c’mon Aussie
C’mon oh yeah let’s crack open a beer

The next song is rock and roll devil

I am the devil incarnate
And his advocate
I tell the devil what to do
I stick up for him every day
I know a lot of people don’t believe in him
And a lot of people think he is evil yeah
But when you say you are the devil
You must think
About what your saying
Think about what you are doing
You must party all night
Some people call that the devils work
But that is a load of crap
Like a tree exploding sap
And the devil is told he doesn’t exist
So he brought out his bible
But that was burnt about 1500 years ago
And that is a sign he doesn’t exist
And that makes me the devils advocate to the Christians eyes

Thank you everyone
Today will be an interesting day for John Becker, when he was asked by Jake to watch his son Samuel playing basketball for his local school and John was unsure if he really wanted to go but Chris said to him that he needs to go to be there for his friend Jake but John said he left us back then without asking us, and I am not his father so why do I need to go, I thought when I gave up being a doctor I gave up being there for people and Reggie and Chris and Margaret told him he is going and then Reggie said you like sports don’t you, John said yes, and Reggie said well, in the usual Reggie way and Margaret said you are going and so are we, mind you bob and hector wanted to go to see Samuel whip their backs and John said ok but I am not Wearing a tuxedo and bob said I still have the gravy boat you gave me because you missed our get together watching sport and John said ‘good to know’ and Reggie and Margaret said that was a gift for your ex wife’s wedding and you gave it to bob and John said I didn’t want to go right and I got to the station I met a man and he said he was watching the game, so I went home, I didn’t want to go anyway and Margaret said we helped you that day and you lied to us and John said what is the big deal it is in the past and Chris said forget it, let’s go to the court to watch Samuel play
And bob said yes this is going to be fun and hector said I quit my job to go on a road trip with all these people, sounds good and I quit my job to watch kids sport, interesting and bob said I am married but she hates the way I act when something goes wrong, so she refuses to have kids with me and the gang went to the school gym to watch Jakes son Samuel play and the game started and John yelled out as a tall man sat in front of him and he remembered the lousy time he had trying to watch lethal vision and Jake pointed out to Reggie that because of her, his girlfriend through his cane into the traffic and nearly killed him and Reggie said I wanted you to give me that spot for art history and Judy said, really is that what she did, how terrible for you Jake, well me and your kids will never do that to you and after this weird past conversation the tall man left after John coughed all over him and Chris said that wasn’t very nice of you was it, and John said, I had to do that, he was reminding me of the bad time I had that day and I was so stressed I accidentally left Jake in the movie theatre, it was hard
And Chris said really, how did he get home, the next day I rang him to see if he got home alright and he did and Samuel scores a great basket and feels very proud of himself and Judy said to Jake Samuel scored and Jake yelled out well done buddy and Kylie said dad can I have $15 for a hotdog and drink and Judy and Jake said’no’
You can have lunch when you get home and Kylie was starting to ***** saying Samuel gets what he wants all the time, and Jake and Judy said, when we go home you can choose between Mac and cheese and pizza and John said, welcome to the real world Jake and bob said yes that is the real world, blind, wife, kids, junior sports where have you been, we all were out partying and you, Jake were settling down, you even forgot about our planned trip away by aeroplane after Reggie left the diner and Jake said, yeah some trip, they didn’t have peanuts, so we bailed on it, and Reggie said I had to do what I needed to do and Chris said, I took over anyway and it was a rough time but don’t worry especially when I found out you slept with John and Jake said and he tried to hide it by going in the diner with padlock keeping it locked from the outside and then Chris said I threw water on his face but in my defence it wasn’t good and John said, do you want kids Chris and Chris said, maybe one day but it would be hard knowing how hard my parents coped with my sister and John said ok, we are on the same page and then after that conversation was over, Samuel scores the winning basket and Jake and Judy took them out for pizza and the gang went home to talk to each other about where their life was heading and Reggie met up with an old college roommate and they went out partying and Chris and John sat inside watching tv Margaret and hector and bob were remembering old times talking about their 6 years in the Bronx, and everyone was happy
Till next time
As he is trying to relax watching the nba on cable, Chris is annoying John by showing him all the garments she bought at the shopping centre and John said I am going now and Chris said where are you going and when John said he was going to Jakes, Chris be careful of his wife because I don’t think she approves of the people of her past and John said, Jake needs friends and if Judy can’t except that, too bad and then John went to Jakes and watched the nba and John said do you remember when I said give me your big screen tv and a big argument broke out between John and Jake and Samuel walked in and said daddy who is winning, Jake said home and Samuel said YES and Jake said to John I never gave you the tv and nothing has changed and John said yeah that was the past this is the present, now instead of watching **** you watch Sesame Street and maybe cool cartoons, John then said, you are cool now, Jake and then Jake said remember when you put too much sugar in my coffee but I am willing to forgive and forget, I am a family man, you seem to be the lonely doctor I knew you as and john said ***** you jake and Judy said if you are going to say swear words like that you can leave
Jakey isn’t the same man HD was back then he is a father now and meanwhile back in the hotel Linda rang Margaret up from LA talking about her relationship with another man she just met on the Hollywood sign and Margaret reminded her of when me someone on Valentine’s Day and they broke up on the same day and then Margaret said and today isn’t Valentine’s Day and Chris knocked on the door to model her clothes for hector and Margaret because John was too busy watching sport with Jake and meanwhile Judy said we are having dinner now Jake so your friend has to leave and John remembered Chris’s ex, when he pushed his way between them but said no after knowing Chris wasn’t impressed and John went to the local bar and saw bob there watching cable and said to him what are you doing in here, the bar Is a place for retired people or workers you are none of those and bob said remember when we hung around the diner and you invited me to be your super and John said no Linda did and bob said oh Linda how is she and John said in LA and bob said is her parents still alive and John said mother dead and father still alive but doesn’t spend time with her and John brought bob to be reunited with Chris and margaret and Chris and to meet hector and suddenly Chris decided to throw a pizza and coke party much to Johns dismay and everyone is happy and John was regretting his reuniting of bob when Chris asked bob to join the road trip and bob said fancy Jake being the only one to have kids and he’s blind and John said, I thought you would have kids now bob and they all went to sleep
Today former doctor John Becker was loving his life with Chris Connor even if they weren’t married or had kids but they always were very friendly with each other but one day John was getting voices in his head from all the people he yelled at when he was a doctor and John wanted to quit his job and go around the USA to escape his voices but Chris told him that if he did that he would regret it but John wasn’t wanting to listen to her because his head was going crazy
And later that day Reggie rang John saying that bob visited her saying he was happy about being at the hockey with him and hearing that made Reggie mad and she was yelling at John on the phone making John worried about where his life was heading hearing fake voices and getting old friends ringing him up upset with him and this made John want to visit his blind best friend jake in his new home in baltimore but when he rang him up jake said he was married with 2 kids and they know nothing about his old life and that is how Jake wanted to keep it.
John got very angry with jake saying I helped you a lot back in the early 2000s late 1990s and jake said yeah I know but you don’t understand this woman doesn’t understand anyone describing the people I was with back then and John said, come on give me a break I helped you now you can help me and jake said ok come to Baltimore but this isn’t a way to turn back the clock and John said goodbye and hung up the phone and said to Chris that he is going to Baltimore to visit jake and Chris started to get upset saying you just want to turn back the clock to back in Those days and John said I am hearing voices and I need to clear my head and Chris said how about I come with you it would be great to catch up and John said fine I guess and suddenly John planned to quit his job at the doctors office leaving Margaret and Linda who are still working there very much in dismay but after thinking about it Linda wanted to retire anyway and move to Los Angeles to meet a former boyfriend and Margaret was starting to feel lonely despite John not leaving yet because with Lewis dead she felt depressed and asked John and Chris if she can join their road trip much to Johns dismay but after saying no in usual John becker fashion he finally gave in and said I will pick you up tomorrow at 7 am and Chris said Margaret is lonely and depressed and could be too depressed for us but John said, she has been working for me for a long time now and she lost her husband and besides it would be good for Jake to see the old gang again and Chris went into the diner to ask hector if it will be alright if they close the diner or sell the diner and hector said well I was looking for somewhere to go in the future but why now and Chris said me and John and Margaret are going to visit Jake and his kids and hector said Jake has kids now, I would like to see him even if he can’t see me and Chris said maybe just let me John and Margaret go because you know johns car and hector said I will fly there where does he live and Chris said ‘Baltimore’ and hector I was always wanting to go there, so let’s go and I would like to see how the blind father is going anyway and when Chris told John that hector is going to fly there John did his usual Becker rage but after that he said ok as long as he doesn’t want a lift and John was suddenly hearing the voice of the journalist in the diner who accused him for being racist and he said ok let’s go to Baltimore and when they got to Baltimore after nearly crashing into a few cars who flipped him off they made it to Jakes house and Kylie who was 6 and Samuel who was 4 answered the door and Samuel said hi are you the angry man and after hearing that John was hearing the voice of Sandra who wrote that book referring him to the angry man and then Jake came in and said hi john
It has been a long time and then he heard Chris and margaret’s voices and said I didn’t expect a reunion and John said Chris is my friend, we live together and Margaret lost Lewis 2 years ago and hector is coming here soon by plane and Jake introduced his wife to his old friends and he said
Judy, this is my friends from the past and Judy said, hi Jake has told us so much about you, in that I say he told us nothing about you and Jake said there is one more coming by plane but it is good to have a reunion and Judy said maybe for you but not for me and John remembered his first dinner party with the gang when Chris and him first met and after that hector turned up and said, it is a pleasure to see you Jake unfortunately you can’t see me and Judy Samuel and Kylie went off to bed and Judy said I hope you guys have accomodation because this house is too small and John said I used to sleep on the couch in front of the tv
So I am fine but Judy said no find other accomodation and see you tomorrow or tonight for dinner, Jake said and at the end John and Chris were talking to each other loving seeing Jake and his new family for the first time and Margaret and hector were depressed together
Margaret because she misses Lewis
And I have no idea why hector is depressed but he wasn’t having *** so that could be the reason
Aug 2020 · 41
yes canberra is home
I’ve been in Canberra for 40 long years
I had my fair share of friends and enemies oh yeah
A friend was doing tickle torture on me
Yes Canberra is home
I found the waterslide at Jamison was cool
But as I got older it became a fucken hole
No more pool parties no more
Yes Canberra is home
They had good movie theatres there
Like Electric shadows centre cinema and greater union oh yeah
Capitol in Manuka
Cosmopolitan in Woden
But now you still see them
But different names oh yeah
Yes Canberra is home
I went to see the cannons play basketball
It was fun and I got on tv
And I felt famous yeah
We drank coke and chips
And a pie by name
Yes Canberra is home
And cannons won a few titles yeah
I also went to the raiders matches
Even back in the days they played
In Queanbeyan yeah
An afternoon in the mighty struggletown
Watching the green machine play
Then the green machine played in Bruce
We don’t need to catch buses
We can just walk oh yeah
They won championships
They were the best
But from 1995 they lost their touch
Then in 2019 they got to their first
Grand final in a while
They played well but the ref
Robbed them of the match
To give the roosters their second
Premiership in a row
Yes Canberra is home
I am still here despite being mentally ill
I worked hard at north south and the rainbow oh yeah
Wasn’t getting much money
I just helped them out oh yeah
Yes Canberra is home
I started to work CPA
Where I worked hard at ainslie village
And actew and construction sites
I was getting paid $3 to 8-50 an hour oh yeah
Yes Canberra is home
I worked as a volunteer for the Belconnen magpies
I did the barbecue and I loved it for a while everyone was happy with me
Yes Canberra is home
I worked for vinnies in Belconnen oh yeah
When I was there I was more positive oh yeah
And I played Santa Claus at Christmas and I made the kids happy
Yes Canberra is home
Now every place in the world had
The coronavirus Canberra had very few cases but still needs to be careful oh yeah
But sport is still on without much crowd
But I still we still everyone still
Calls Canberra home
I hate professionalism
Adults, today are too professional
In everything they do
Like dancing, they have to be perfect
And singing, they say they can do it without cue cards
And hobbies, they only prefer the Rich Mans lifestyle like going to private parties and country clubs and expensive theatre shows
Adults today are too professional
They think kids variety nights are lame
Even if they have kids who perform in them
Adults are too professional
They only like going to the sports to sit in the corporate box instead of sitting in the stands, people who sit in the stands wish they were in the corporate box
If a poor man comes into an adults concert dressed in clothes that kids dress in they will be thrown out
Because adults are too professional
And unfortunately the only way to be an adult today is to be professional but there is nothing wrong with reading poems from cue cards
Or singing in the back as long as you have fun
That is what the world should be
FUN but adults are too professional
And say they have no time for fun
I like people having fun
But it’s hard to have fun in a professional adult world
The allans and the karlsons
Where very very close
The adults used to gather round
Playing Yahtzee while the kids played
In the rooms
I wasn’t into the games they played
So I just sat in their lounge room
Watching tv
There wasn’t much on till
Really late at night when they put the winners on
I wanted to watch it to see how each team played
But it only lasted for an hour mate
But still it was fun
The kids wanted me to play ****** in the dark but I don’t like that game
You know I hated darkness
I prefer the light
But I used to joke around with my dad
And I used to tease mr Karlson because he went for st kilda
Even though he was big on Swedish
Table tennis yeah cool man yeah mate yeah
We went to Melbourne
To watch the cricket and walk around Carltons home ground back then
I made a few jokes to make these families laugh
I remember they hung around the tv
On the night of the 1983 election
When Hawke beat fraser
That was the best day in the world
When labor took over the leadership
I know I was a tv fernatic
But I joked around with the kids
Just didn’t muck around running around outside the hotel room
Didn’t wanna get in trouble
I joked around making the kids laugh yes it was fun
But now we don’t see the karlsons
They moved to Adelaide
And our family acted as if they never wanted any of that even if they just wanted to move on
Aug 2020 · 49
my mate named lyle
Lyle was a big tough guy
He used to be good at tackling
He used to listen to his fave music
Like air supply and hall and Oates
So cool
He liked to watch neighbours and home and away
He especially liked the *** and wedding scenes where he liked the kissing
We watched a lot of movies together
Like muppets take Manhattan
And witches of eastwick
And beetle juice and Star Wars
And a whole lot more
He got really sunburnt
Attempting to get the Newcastle tan
But he just got the Newcastle burn
He liked the albums I madd for him
From copying onto cassette
He liked going to the raiders matches
Where occasionally he got into fights
I was saying I don’t know this fellow
But we remained good friends
Mind you we had a few fights
That jeopardised the friendship
But it turned out well in the end
We were on the train
And Lyle went to the toilet
And because he was a big guy
He got stuck in the toilet
And as I was guiding him out
The whole carriage heard me
Which was very embarrassing for him
He bowled a fast one in the cricket
I could never hit his *****
And I think he was Douglas jardine
In his previous life oh yeah
We went to red tape and the singles party night
And we danced all night
And we played basketball
And when he stole the ball
And I wouldn’t stop defending him
We would break into a fight
He had this girl named Carla
Who was nice but she died when
We were 21
But she had a lovely singing voice
She is now miley Cyrus in her next life
Lyle was a funny fellow
And we had a lot of fun together
Police are bullies
Police are bullies
You see what they did to that lady
Who didn’t want to wear a mask
They tackled her like she murdered
Someone or something
I know it is the time of the coronavirus
But police have to learn that what they are doing is a form of bullying
Police are bullies
Police are bullies
I know I don’t know the whole story
But she was just refusing to wear a mask
Yes I find the police behaviour was dispickable totally unawesome dude
I know they should be wearing masks there because the virus is at a high
But jumping on her like she was a cold blooded killer for not wearing a mask
Isn’t right at all
It seems the police are using the virus
To be big bad bullies
And if people should take offense to this really understand this
They try and get the woman to wear a mask in a calm way and if they don’t
They just tell her nicely to do it
I don’t believe they tried to be nice
I just believe they are bullies
Big giant bullies
I feel for that poor young lady
Over a stupid ****** mask
It leaves me to just say
That policemen are bullies
Yes they are
Aug 2020 · 40
a poem about shit happens
**** happens
If you have a friend who goes through life in a negative way
**** happens
The prime minister you have ***** you around
**** happens
If your friend becomes jealous of you because nothing goes right for him when he didn’t do much to deserve it
**** happens
When you favourite sports team loses when the referee is cheating
**** happens
When you have a sister who always puts you down by calling you a negative hypercondriac
**** happens
when your dad doesn’t understand you even if you were working for 3 days a week
**** happens
When your hot water system explodes and nobody helps you straight away
**** happens
When they get rid of your favourite talk show for strange reasons
Just say just say
**** happens
Because there is nothing much you could do about it
**** **** ****
**** happens mate
Move on and get over it
Aug 2020 · 45
sue, now a boy in fishfam
My friends mother sue
Who killed herself last year
Tragic, well oh well she has finally been reborn into the fishfam YouTube vlogs
She told me she wanted to be
In a happy family where she gets plenty of love and attention
She re entered this planet
Just a few days ago
And now she is about to have fun
Hopefully she or now it is a he
Will do as many things as he can
Whether he plays sport
Of theatre or school or church choirs
Or maybe even march in a parade
You are going to have a wonderful
Life in fishfam and I hope
Your family respect you
And you won’t need to commit suicide
There is a lot of things in this great big world
The world doesn’t revolve around the family you departed from
So please enjoy your next current life
Hopefully you will have fun
I will say the song you sang on Jupiter as soon as you died
My name is sue
How do you do
I wanted to end my life
But whoever looks after me in my next life please make me have fun
My name is sue
How do you do
Thanks Johnny cash
Aug 2020 · 77
enjoy yourself, dudes
Yeah man enjoy yourself
Is what Patrick said to me
He meant don’t worry about
What people think or say about you
Just enjoy yourself oh yeah
I do enjoy myself
Watching vlogs watching footy
Doing art
Making everyone happy, man
I want to enjoy myself oh yeah
Yeah man enjoy yourself
And be in the party mood
You need to enjoy yourself
Who cares what people think
Going to a outdoor festival concert
Dancing to the music oh yeah
Going to a New Year’s Eve party
And dance the dance floor gone
Going to the Tamworth country music festival or watching it at home on YouTube
Either way you still can enjoy yourself
Party on dudes get down
I know we are in tough times but
You can still enjoy yourself oh yeah
Even if this virus is wiping out the world think of the luck you have
Stay the **** at home
And party all flaming night
Listening to Sam and Sam
Travis Collins and concerts that were uploaded oh yeah
The best thing to do is enjoy yourself
And have a lot of fun
Don’t worry about the problems of the past
Just keep happy in a positive way
Everyone is enjoying themselves
On social media and so am I
Yeah man enjoy yourself have a lot of fun
Party party party
Get down and get off ya ***
Aug 2020 · 33
daniel lost his powers
Daniel lost his powers
His powers
His powers
You see I took his powers
Which he said he had
You see I am showing
The universe how to party
And in the process
Take Daniels powers away
And when he kills himself
The forces of the universe
Will reach into his body
And take his negative powers away
Daniel lost his powers
His powers
His powers
You see I am the man
Of the universe mate
I can’t control the world
And either can Daniel
So let me muck around up in the cosmos
Daniel lost his powers
His powers
His powers
Because he is a boring fellow
Never having fun
You see god took Daniels
Daniels oh Daniels
God took Daniels powers away
You see I wanted Daniel to build cities in Saturn he refused to
Saying he just wants to do it on earth
You see he masturbated over Chris bath and Natasha belling and Justine Schofield as well
He loved Elle macpherson
Yes he was *****
But because of his powers
He caused havoc for friends and family and if anyone ****** him off
He will put lines and grey hairs on their body
Daniel lost his powers
Powers oh powers
Yes he lost his powers
Because he knocked people over
And he knocked restaurants plates
I’m the floor man
When they did things to his food
Daniel lost his powers
Oh yeah let’s party mate
My friend is negative now
But his next life is not going to be negative
Even if he might not want to do anything
He will be doing something
He can’t expect a more perfect life
If he kills himself
Because I find it is totally stupid
To hang around a negative **** like that
No he is going to be great
He will be positive
He will have friends
He will do things he doesn’t want to do in this life
If he lives in New York
Even if he doesn’t want to
He will attempt to go on Broadway
And perform great
He will be the star of his city
If he lives in London
He will be a part of London city voices
And the New Year’s Day parade
If he lives in Amsterdam
He will be doing things like
Performances at school
Like concerts and choirs and plays
He will be doing theatre
To make him positive mate
I can’t do this in this life for him
But there is no way he is going to be LAZY
Even if he lives in the USA
He will try baseball
Even if his negative life finds it boring
If he lives in Australia
He will try AFL even if his negative life
Doesn’t like it
I would like him to live in New York
But there is no way his negative life
Will have a say what he does
He will try broadway
He will try baseball
He will try church
He will try basketball
He will try ice hockey
He will try water polo
Maybe an Olympic position could happen for him
I want the day he dies to be the end of his negative soul leaving
You will live with your family
I will make sure you are in a loving family
And a family that realises your next life’s full potential
If you get asked to perform in a parade you will do it and ignore your last life’s negative mind even if he hated that city
Because I don’t want this negative life to die to be a cat
No he needs to learn people are nice to each other
And yes make his next life’s family
Keep him away from the news
The source of his negativity
Help make his life good till he dies
To come back to be more positive
You see when I told my trainer that I was on drugs,well that is what he thought and what I was saying is
That if you feel like taking drugs
You write the problem in your brain out of you as opposed to taking them
Because taking drugs is wrong
You see I want to work
So I must take the negative energy from my brain and be positive about
Getting work
I must talk about working the 8 hour week and try and negotiate with the boss and if o can’t do that I negotiate with the people I see on the days where they want me to work
You see I don’t want to give up my art
And I don’t want to give up bowling
And I don’t want to tell him
That I am writing my problems out of me especially if I want them to help me find work
I need to answer the questions good
And professionally especially if I want to go to the next step in my life
I have to make myself look respectable
And I have to look well-groomed
I can’t slurl my speech
I need to be heard
I ain’t really into being like that
Well, I want to look nice
But if the job is a cleaner or a gardener I can’t see the point
But I don’t really want to be a gardener just a cleaner or bus boy
I do want to work
And I want to tell them I do art
But not if people are forcing me to
Sell it for profit at a low paid booth
No I do want to hold a solo exhibition
Where if I sold something it’ll be cool
But not at trash and treasure
My art is not my trash
I want to make good money for them
If I are to get rid of them
I have to be professional when I talk to the personnel group
Because I want to work
Jul 2020 · 54
good to be with my mate
I am getting anxious
But that is because I think
The medication will completely
Cure me but I have adult feelings
I have worries
I have qualities
But my head is starting to open
And let our the slow me
The old and grey me
The mr who hates life
Is heading straight out the door
I know people here me seeing Daniel
But we have history together
We used to go to
Brumbies matches
Playing pool at the lighthouse Belconnen
Going to a university music festival
Sure Daniel walked in and out
While I danced to the groovy music
We went to the rainbow together
In fact we met there
He wanted me to go the circus
When I wasn’t really that interested
But I enjoyed doing that with him
We went to batemans bay
I bought an ice cream
He complained about a man
Who wore a hat like Garth brooks
We watched the Melbourne comedy festival together and we laughed
It was funny
We watched californicstion it was weird
We cooked pizza together
As well as order a pizza together
We watched sport
And he winged because they were changing the score of the opposition
We talked before I went to bed
He stayed on the internet all night
Checking the soccer scores
He watched the fa cup
UEFA cup and champions league
He tried to make his team win
Even if his team played my team
It was anxiety but I need to take my meds to go to the next phase of my life
Come on Daniel
Come on Daniel
Why aren’t you answering your phone
Please Buddha let me know
Why Daniel isn’t answering his phone
It isn’t going to voicemail like usual
It just stops like he is deceased or something
What the **** is going on Daniel
Are you alright
I know you have problems
But why aren’t you answering your phone
I don’t know if your dead or alive
I am sitting listening to hip hop
Thinking about your past
If you are deceased I want closure
If you are alive why aren’t to fucken answering your phone
You just stopped calling suddenly
Is Daniel alright
My head is muddled
My head feels weird
So why Daniel why Daniel
Aren’t you answering your phone
I know you say that the liberals
Are playing with your phone
But normally it doesn’t do this
Why oh why Daniel
Aren’t you answering your phone
Come on Daniel
Come on Daniel
Are you dead
Are you alive
Are you in the psych ward
Or are you in hospital
I said Daniel
I said Daniel
Why aren’t you answering your phone
It has been fun talking to you
I don’t agree with everything you say
But it has been fun
It would be a terrible world
If we all liked the same thing
Daniel Daniel
Just answer your phone
I have given up ringing you
But I still am thinking of you
I ain’t gay but I still want you
To be ok
Daniel Daniel
What is wrong
I have a friend named Daniel
He is a bit negative but
That is because his family
Treat him like ****
Daniel was born in 1979
Over ten years after me
After his last life which was
Soccer player from Italy
The players name was renarto curi
You see when Daniel was a baby
His family turned the soccer off
Daniel cried really loudly
Till they turned it back on
Daniel has always been good at soccer
Despite him being mentally ill
He played soccer for a lot of clubs
As well as kicking the ball with mates
He says he can control soccer
And other sports as well
But that was renarto curi’s spirit
Getting into his body
You see in the 1950s renarto curi
Was just a little kid
About the same time as my past life
Graeme Thorne and when renarto died he wanted to meet that poor kid
Who was thrown to the sharks
But renarto curi has to
Put up with somebody who says
He is the messiah
But that is because of his ****** life
And ****** family that goes with it
I want renarto curi to make sure
That Daniel who is dying doesn’t have those powers in his next life
Yes Daniel needs to be positive
Not the negative **** he could be
It’s my life
My life
My life
It’s my life
Don’t tell me lies
I don’t want you to boss me around
******* *******
I want to celebrate Christmas
Easter and hallo ballo ween
Yes it is cool oh yeah it is
Party on dude
Don’t knock me down
Me down
Me down
Jesus Christ our lord
Is the soul you must pray to oh yeah
If you want to be happy oh yeah mate yeah
At the club spread the virus
Why don’t they party at home
With their own families oh yeah mate yeah
Party on dudes
We must find a way to party yeah
And every day I will wish you a happy day
Celebrate my life with me
Please don’t boss me around
Come on
Come on
Come on parramatta
Come on
Come on
Come on parramatta
Come on parra you need to win this match for me oh yeah
Just beat the knights in their home oh yeah
Come on
Come on
Come on parramatta
Come on
Come on
Come on parramatta
Come on parra we must win
Or I will ****** spew
Go the eels show the knights who’s boss
We must win this match
To keep on the top place
But if we lose we will be under pressure
Come on parramatta we must beat the knights today
Oh yeah if we don’t I will spew away
When I say I am positive
I don’t mean to covid
But I really don’t know that
I mean I love life
But I could have Covid
But really it would be so awful yeah
I dream of playing concerts in the sky
And I don’t want people to give
The virus to me
Cause I want to be positive
In a loving life kind of way
Not not not to covid oh no
I want to live my life
Talking to my friends
Giving high fives oh yeah
But because of covid 19
You can’t do that
It could drive you fucken insane
I don’t like this virus
Cause it ***** up footy
I don’t like this virus
Cause you can’t watch movies
If you were out of work
Before it came
You have buckleys of ever getting
A job right now
Especially if you ain’t young oh yeah
And you have no chance of being
In an essential service job
When I say I am positive
I don’t mean to covid
At least that it is I hope I hope I hope not
I prefer to be positive in loving life
I am glad that movies and theatre
Is online but you still have to pay
Oh yeah you pay
You can watch concerts and footy games
Having fun guessing players names
If you are old and you can’t go to church
You have to stay home and pray pray pray
To keep being positive
But not to covid
Oh yeah you need to be careful
If you party at all
You have to do it on your computer
At home
And if you are singing loudly
Your neighbours will be upset
So you say to them
Fucken live your life
We can’t party in our clubs
Or festivals so let us party at home
It shows that I am positive
But not to covid
Even if I am it won’t **** me
Well I hope I am right
I won’t go at it without a fight
I haven’t got covid yet
But I can assure you mate
It won’t silence me
Nothing can silence me
Jul 2020 · 140
Wash your hands wash your hands
Wash your hands
Get rid of the coronavirus
Get rid get rid of it now
Make sure we wash our hands
Use hand soap
And hand sanitizer
As we work our way
Of beating coronavirus
Wash your hands wash your hands
Wash your hands
And keep your house ****** clean
You see it is hard to beat this bug
And we need to not do high fives
Or shaking hands in the clubs
There is no dancing or social distancing no
Because if we do we will catch it
The coronavirus is made by the evil trapper so the way to stop is to
Wash your hands wash your hands wash your hands
And stop trapper from winning
Enjoy the sports and tv shows
Relax and have fun yeah
Just just just
Wash your hands ya mug
To stop Corona
****** oathe ****** oathe
That I am a man
I love life just like a really cool man
I don’t do bad stuff cause that is
For the kids
I am a cool man
****** oathe ****** oathe
I am a man cool oh cool
I am a man
The coolest man in Canberra
Might even be Australia
****** oathe I am a really cool man
Loving life footy etc
Really makes me happy
Loving family life and family shows
Really really neat
Yes that is so cool
****** oathe I am a man
Who loves the footy no matter who is playing and watching other cool sports really makes me cheer
****** oathe mate I am a man
The coolest in Australia
And Canberra too
I have memories of me partying on the dance floor in the club
Yes I am a family man
I will watch the voice to see the up and coming stars pounding out their songs
To win big money and a recording contract
I don’t get drunk no more
But I am still a cool man
I get high on life
As I get older and as I have fun
I hate people committing crimes
Because it is quite bad
But I say mate ****** oathe I am a man
Keep your nonsense out of my life
I am a family man who loves life
I will enjoy partying at home on a Saturday night
But if somebody wants me too
I will go to a family event
Where everybody parties
****** oathe ****** oathe
I am a cool man
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