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There is a hole in the budget
Liberal mate listen
There is more taxes from labor
To help the pensioners
If you don’t want to help them
Get ****** ya fucken ****
There is a hole in the budget
Mainly with liberals
Morrison doesn’t care
For anyone but himself
Albanese will give pensioners
A chance to be wealthy
congrats to anthony albanese
I love iris smith
We knew each other at vinnies
I remember back in 2005
When Sydney played west coast
I was for the east
Iris was for the west
East was then
But next year it was the west
I ribbed her first year
But next it was her time
But enough about footy
Iris was a really nice lady
She made scones
And she loved flowers
She had a giant family
And I am sure they passed
Through the vinnies door
Once in a while
Covid is bad
I have covid
I feel hot flushes
Where I need to turn on the fan
On a cold day
And then I get cold flushes
Where I have to turn it off
Maybe put on Heatre
I find it hard walking to the shop
I need to stop and rest
Every 2 minutes
I want rails on every footpath
Easy for me
I feel someone is poking me
But I want to be tickled
Like my daddy used to do
Now I am siting waiting for
A f..n lift to get out of hospital
And back home again
Can’t wait till covid goes
You see on Saturday night
I heard these voices
That the only reason why
People are nice to me
Is because I am dying
So I have to think
This isn’t true
Instead of sweets have celery
You see they have been pushing me down
Waiting for me to die
I wrote a poem about
Being six feet under wouldn’t bother me
But it does, I said that because
I am cool
But the serious thing is
I ain’t dying
I am putting cream on my cellulitis
As well as a pill
There ain’t no itching
I ain’t dying
I just need to stop eating crap
I got ticks
But I love life
I got ticks
But I love life
You see it looks like
People are bullying me
But it is the ticks you see
I am watching the Sixers
Kick some ***
Showing Melbourne how to show class
I got ticks
But I love life
I am cool as I sit in my chair
As a lasy oathe
****** oathe
I got ticks
But I love life
Watching the parade till Santa comes
** ** ** and a bottle of ***
Sixteen men on a dead man’s chest
Watching Sydney Sixers hit sixes
I got ticks
But I love life
Every single day
Chester might need a sweater
A sweater a sweater
Chester needs a sweater
Because it is too cold
You see it is at the start of winter
So Chester needs a sweater
To keep himself warm
You see there are many floats
To spring out community
Time to say duddity
Chester needs a sweater
To keep
To keep
To keep himself warm
On Christmas he drinks eggnog
Just like a cold Freddo frog
Chester needs a sweater
Just to keep warm
Just to keep warm
Snowmen near the Christmas tree
Having fun oh yeseree
Partying with *** by the Christmas tree
On the GET bus
You see these snowmen really love life
Having fun husband and wife
Snowmen near the Christmas tree
Really loving life
Drinking coke all day long
Forgetting about their eggnog
Drinking coke because they say that’s cool
Oh yeah that sounds rad
Fred Cummings wins a race
On a motor jet ski ( that is ACE)
Having fun eating turkey
That we caught on the buoni family farm
You see he nearly broke his arm
But the snowmen didn’t care
Sixers got 213
Fun for you and fun for me
Having fun is good for me
No I ain’t so bad
Don’t get me wrong
I am alright
When I saw a boy from foothill high school
As they marched in the parade
Cool man
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