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Jan 2011
How do you sleep, eyes opened or closed? Ears listening or ignoring? Senses awoken or dreaming?

I have slept many times, and I've slept many ways. Dreams can be humorous, distant, terrifying, long, short; even beautiful.

Laying on grass, I can feel every single blade of it and the moist dew, I assume it's morning. I feel a gentle wind roll over my soft skin and hear the susurration of the wind, caressing my ear lobes tenderly in passing. I've yet to open my eyes, yet, I see countless possibilities in the vastness I Feel Surround Me.

Slowly, I stir from what must have been a deep sleep, my eyes open and I squint to assuage the pain caused by blinding sunlight.

It's too much to take in. A beautiful landscape. Mountain ranges that cover miles, rivers that flow with elegance yet viciousness, animals of every kind. It all lays before me. I'm humbled by the pulchritude of every little detail in front of these eyes...

I drift effortlessly to the nearest tree and softly place my palm on it, feeling theΒ Β rough bark against my supple skin, taking note of the fragrance of fresh trees: the boon of mother nature.

Walking slowly down a steep ***** and to the edge of a rather large drop, I think to myself, "I feel close," without warning, feeling the wind whip my face as the ground draws closer in an instant. The earth is hurtling towards me, I'm not scared. Impact is made and I bounce, the softness of my mattress telling me I've arrived, back in the real world; the comforting disappointment envelops me, as I realise....Yet another dream short-lived.
copyright JWG 2011

Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.
Written by
John Wayne Gacy
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