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John Ryles Mar 2020

I like Ivy when it's very small
Growing on the garden wall
Under control in the right place
Covering up a barren space

Walking in our beautiful dene
Or down beside the brook
I suddenly became aware
Of alien growth arboreal look

Trees that once looked beautiful
Are all changed beyond repair
From root right  up to canopy
A green devil hanging there

The hedera's climbing everywhere
Growing all year round
Covering beautiful foliage
Its ugliness so profound

Obscuring silver birch and native yew
Not a parasite they say
It does not damage our trees
But it certainly looks that way
John Ryles Mar 2020
We're constantly being reminded
Technology disrupts  our lives
Breaking essential communication
Between family friend and wife's

I don't let my phone distract me
In fact I barely look
I'm usually watching telly
Or reading my ebook

Sometimes my computer
Needs me to update
This can take a while
Keeping me up late

But I always have time for family
If my facebook page is down
Then Instagram and snapchat
Give news within  my town

Once things went really bad
my screens were all blank
Now I've got my life back
A  Power Pack  to thank
John Ryles Mar 2020
It's not the way they looked at me
That really hurt the most
It's that they never saw me
Even when I was standing close

I simply lacked in confidence
Words I could not say
So I lived in silence
Every single day

No one actually hurt me
But something kept me down
Hiding behind a mask
Like a silent clown

Then I began to notice
Others wore masks like me
The pain they could not share
No one else could see

Slowly I held out my hand
To see just  how it felt
As the masks were removed
Years on silence began to melt

Then I met this person
Who understood so well
Blessing me with confidence
As if by magic spell
John Ryles Mar 2020
You may not have noticed,
When you begin to lose control.
Feelings and emotions,
Lost without a goal.

While everyone one seemed happy,
Taking life in their stride.
Most people will not notice,
The pain you had to hide.

With a feeling that you're falling,
Spiraling into a darkened space.
Not until you reach the bottom,
You'll begin to feel disgrace.

Now you must take a look up,
For we are waiting here for you.
To accept and understand,
But first  hold out your hand.
John Ryles Feb 2020
My Seaside

Walking on the beach,
With a troubled mind.
Looking for an answer,
That I may not find.

Could it be just nothing,
I imagined it all day.
Maybe if I stop thinking,
It will go away.

I feel salty air upon my face,
A calming tide that sings.
Sand and shells a carpet,
Happier thoughts it brings.

Then in amongst the pebbles,
I see little bits of glass.
Stooping to pick some,
My problem starts to pass.

How can I feel so negative,
In my hand a great display.
Memories of my childhood,
   Collecting gems all  day.

The tide is on the turn,
I must leave the peaceful sea.
Returning very soon,
I take a clear mind with me.
John Ryles Jan 2020
A stranger looked at me one day,
I asked him for his name.
Taking another look,
I saw  we are both the same.
Then noticing the mirror,
I made a quick retreat.
I will recognise that face,
Next time that we meet.
John Ryles Jan 2020
When did you see me last as I passed by,
Were you really looking at the sky.
I saw you glancing straight through me,
Pretending casually no to see.
Did I offend, I don’t recall,
I treated you as I do all.
Maybe it’s just most memories fade,
Some friends are lost and  new are made.
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