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are you strange ? god i hope so.
we could do this all day and never sell a lollipop.
wouldn't that be larceny, and flop sweat
in spun sugar ? wouldn't we be doing things
differently ? choosing our lovely spines
from old books... that's our tick.
are you strange ?
[ It Is What It Is.]
i'll still be licking toads
with everybody's
shoving rainbows down sewer pipes
and crossword
I'll still have
a thorn in
the pudding.
 Nov 2011 John Ryles
Melissa S
The smell of regret is pungent in the air
Your loss not mine...why should I care
How can I possibly give you anymore
Resentment turned to anger..something never felt before
Did you think I couldn't see the difference in your eyes
and how you never want to kiss me between my thighs
Did the respect for one another just seem to fade
or do we seem to live in the past where the memories were made
A change is very evident here..there is nothing left to gain
But can you tell me when did my pleasure become your pain?
I am an ocean
fierce and untamed
a powerful beauty
unburdened by shame

I am unbounded
exquisite and free
an unstoppable force
unchained; let be

I am a hurricane
wild and unrestrained
a compelling storm
untainted by pains

Because I am a miracle!
Oh! Mercy and grace!
a taste of freedom...
now undaunted in this place!

                                               *Written June 2010
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