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1.0k · Sep 2013
Im Sorry
joel hansen Sep 2013
I was snorting the snow
I missed you being born
I was smoking the rock
And now your twelve
I slammed last night
Your moving out
I crashed
You married had kids
I woke up foggy
Where are you
I was supposed to be there
I want to tell you how proud I am
I wanted my fix more
Sad alone cold
Today was when I realized
It was to late
989 · Sep 2013
The Bullshit
joel hansen Sep 2013
Does it ever end
Don't you ever get tired
Of the Billshit that is

The flies that circle
the stench that reeks

It suits you I guess
This lifestyle of yours

You must be happy this way
A life in that filth

One day you'll see
All the things you lost

Maybe then you'll see
You chose the ******* over me
787 · Sep 2013
you never
joel hansen Sep 2013
You saw me smile
I hid my pain
You heard me laugh
The tears you never saw
You held me tight
You never knew i wanted to run
You watched me sleep
You never saw the nightmares
You heard me sing
The anger you never felt
You thought i was happy
How wrong you were
You never knew
741 · Sep 2013
i write this to you
joel hansen Sep 2013
i write this for all those who have lost themselves in the pursuit of making someone else happy.  WHY, why do you lose yourselves? Was it worth it? Did you find what you hoped to find?  Or in the end is he happy and you, your alone at 2 AM in the morning, trying to find something, someone to bring you some semblance of love and happiness.
629 · May 2023
joel hansen May 2023
I did the best I could
And all I wanted was your love

And in reply
Your words broke me
“Not good enough “
561 · Dec 2016
its ok
joel hansen Dec 2016
This isn't living
This is you
Pointing a gun in my face
telling me that everything is ok,
You put the bullet in the gun
I pulled the trigger
That's the bullet
Took away my pain
Running from a blind a man
Lost in the known
I'm afraid to be found
If you can love me,
then you must not know me
I just wanted to dream,
so you poisoned me in my sleep
161 · Nov 2019
joel hansen Nov 2019
You said to me,
"Dont throw me away"
You never thought twice
About calling me trash.
103 · Jun 2023
joel hansen Jun 2023
It’s when I wake that my life *****
Waking in a world without you there
So I close my eyes
And I tell myself lies to keep from going nuts
I can’t feel happy in my head
And just one thought is there
What if I let go ,
I’m standing on the edge .
And your not there to pull me back

— The End —