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JMC Aug 2015
August Goodbye

“Take care na” she whispered with her quaint Thai way
As her hand I squeezed whilst tasting her tender lips
Full of grace she tame the hungry wolf
Giddy, helpless the animal had become

Chatting to the plane, ,“Meet me in Bangkok, we go everywhere” she exclaimed
As I entered the gate of no return, “Take care na” she said once again.
A photo she sent, a voice message so intense
Sultry and shy she whispered, “Miss you baby”
Oh she likes me, that's no maybe

My heart seized my legs quivered as I stumbled upon my seat.
A last message in velvet , “Joob joob” kiss kiss she sent
A lady she’ll be forever to me, a lady just not mine to be
For I’ll never taste those lips or feel those hips, as mine she was never meant
JMC Aug 2015
Children are never lonely
Even when they are alone
ever in the present
The trees speak and the flowers beckon
Angels are beside, even when they sleep.
In response to another poem
JMC Aug 2015
I wanna see, what I can be
I’m more than just a guy
doing the things that get one by
Not ‘cos I’m dissatisfied
Nor that I’m gentrified

I just wanna to be
The most that I can be
good, better, best
not mediocre like the rest

Cos I got a gift
just like everyone did
the gift got given
so show some respect and use it else it get replevied
don’t stash it in the corner
and be a abandoner

so be
what you can be
  Aug 2015 JMC
Hannah Rae
The night of stolen kisses
That my lips didn't deserve
Carresses you wanted for her
Touches that would later hurt

The night you held me
In a way I cannot forget
You looked at me like I was everything
But I wasn't what you wanted

The night of mistakes
That will forever haunt me
Sleeping next to you
Was everything and nothing

The night of many things
That turned into losing you..
JMC Aug 2015
There is beauty in everything, see it.
There is good in everyone, feel it.
There is happiness in everyday, seek it.
There is meaning in our daily life, live it.
JMC Aug 2015
Empty inside, unable to cry
Unloved and alone
Life was good but it seemed to have passed me by
But yearn I do for a tender hand

A tender hand to hold
A whisper that takes me from the cold
It seems so distant, so long ago
When I felt happy and whole

I feel a wrench of my heart  to think I may never feel
The caress of arms that say they care
Alone alone i shall ever be
Alone alone i will be to my last breath I breathe

I feel the ache, the pain, and the longing strains
I’ll turn my heart to stone if it could ease the stabbing pain
A gentle caress, a soft touch
But to hope for that I do not dare

Empty, lost and confused
If I should try to fill my void, to ease my pain
Or should I learn to accept my loneliness
My emptiness, my pain.
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